Energy Forecast - The Fog Clears

Hi my beautiful friend,

I'm so excited to connect with you as we have a great deal to catch up on!

Are you noticing the textures, colors, sights, and sounds around you? Does something seem different about it all, as though you are in a completely foreign place, even though geographically everything still looks the same?

Something amazing is happening right now that can best be described as a lifting of dense fog-like energy that has been with many of us (especially those who have been on a diligent path of self-expansion and self-awareness) for years. Although this fog has been quite draining for many, it too has provided us with many gifts and blessings that have brought us to a higher state of consciousness and understanding.

During this fog-like dream, on occasion we were given the opportunity to experience a few bright sunshine-filled days where everything seemed to align Divinely, allowing us to catch a few glimpses of the bliss awaiting us in the near times ahead. Days like these re-ignited just enough motivation and faith within us to continue focusing on our personal expansion and progressive movement forward. The exciting thing about where we are at now energetically is that the fog-like dream is quickly dissolving and the sunshine-filled days will soon be taking center stage full time.

During the Summer (Winter in the Southern Hemisphere), many of us started receiving clearer insights and ideas to the progressive direction we are heading in personally and globally, and began to set our intentions as we planted the seeds to the next chapters of our lives. In these coming months, our intentions will rapidly begin to manifest into physical form, showing up in our daily lives as though out of thin air. It's important to continue being mindful of all the opportunities and synchronicities that continually present themselves to us, no matter how small or large they seem. One of the most prominent manifestations we'll see in the coming year is the coming together of millions of people from all walks of life, religions, and cultures with the intention to create a more peaceful world as we put aside our differences.

At this point, many of us have realized that our transformation process has massively been upgraded literally rocking each one of us to the core, clearing every last drop of disillusionment and anything else keeping us from embodying our most authentic selves. Have you noticed how difficult it is to be anything other than your most authentic self at this time? If you are someone who is still experiencing a great deal of difficulty in your life, just use that as feedback to see if you are allowing the most authentic part of yourself to be expressed fully. For the most part, when we reflect back at who we were being at the beginning of this year and who we are being right now, we will immediately notice how far we've really come and how much we've grown and transformed.

In these few months leading up to the new year, we will find ourselves experiencing more comfort and ease in our transformation process. A sense of peace, calm, and balance will become more prominent in our daily experience, far different than the crazy roller-coaster ride we've experienced pretty much since the beginning of the year. This is a wonderful time to make it our priority to do what brings us the most joy, because frankly we deserve it as it's long overdue! Taking some time to relax and rest as we enjoy ourselves, our loved ones, and our surroundings will gracefully glide us into the next magical chapter of our lives!

Till next time,

Miraculously Yours,



COBALT 14th September 2010 2:03 pm


Sue Krebs 15th September 2010 4:06 pm


Thanks for these encouraging words - they're much needed today.

Blessings to you, my friend.

Crystal38 15th September 2010 10:51 pm

Thank you, Emmanuel, I'm so happy to hear that the "crazy rollercoaster ride" will end soon, I can't wait to have a peaceful life again!!! Love to you :)

Emmanuel Dagher 17th September 2010 12:34 am

Thanks everyone! Hug

bettina 17th September 2010 4:49 am

I appreciate reading this. You do so well putting the same experiences I've been having for a few months into words. (very hard for me to write, let alone explain to people, when you don't have a point of reference other than Dorothy's house landing after the hurricane with a thud and she says 'OH' :) )

Thank you. I've enjoyed reading your messages of late and look forward to more.


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