Energy Forecast - The Great Cosmic Balance Begins

Hi my amazing friend,

We have now collectively arrived to a monumental point of cosmic balance that is changing the landscape of how we co-create and live as a society forever. It is because of our continued willingness, effort, and dedication to doing our inner-work that such transformation is manifesting so quickly. The personal and global breakthroughs we are now co-creating is a cause for celebration!

Many of us have come to the understanding that if we want change to happen externally, we must start by going within ourselves first. Millions have now reached the awareness that each one of us IS in fact that Omni Universal Source/Creator Energy expressing more of its Divinity in physical form, literally meaning we are the micro of the macro. Wow, could it really be? Could it be that what we have been searching for has been us all along? Yes, yes, yes! It IS us, it has always been us, even though for so very long we were conditioned to believe otherwise!

Although many have yet to feel comfortable with the concept that we ARE all Source Energy, due to old out-dated fear based programming, they too will soon come to a similar realization. When this revelation becomes an innate knowing within a person, that's when the veil lifts and a new world is birthed. With the knowledge that we are all indeed Divine Source Energy, it becomes much easier to understand that we have the power to change the world by going within ourselves. We also no longer feel obligated to 'fight' to 'make' change happen.

The Great Cosmic Balance Begins

We are now experiencing a great cosmic balance between the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine.

For millennia we have experienced a prominent patriarchal society, which through the forgetfulness of our Divinity manifested itself as a world with a heavy focus on control and fear. This is not what the true energy of the Divine Masculine represents. The patriarchal society we've lived in for so long is a manifestation of the forgetting process we chose to experience. Many of us now know that even though we chose to forget and experience the illusion of separation, our Soul would always remember and would lead us back to our original Divine Blueprint of the fully awakened beings we've always been.

The great cosmic balance between the Divine Feminine and Masculine is showing up in extraordinary ways. The most obvious manifestation is that any system or way of being still motivated by greed, control, or fear simply is unable to survive in our current progressive climate.

A great balance between Eastern/Western philosophy, the heart/mind, and science/spirituality are taking center stage, and are becoming a major focus in our consciousness. It will become even easier to see the shifting of balance in these areas, especially evident from now until March 2011.

The Divine Feminine is gently opening our heart and higher heart. Her growing presence is strengthening our ability to feel, trust, nurture, love, and connect with our intuition. Our intuition is the way our spirit (truest self) communicates with us. When we are following our intuition, we move back into the powerful Creators that we have always been, where nothing can ever hurt or harm us in anyway.

Intuition is not to be mistaken with Instinct. Instinct, although beneficial at times, is more about survival. If we are always in survival mode (for the most part motivated by a pattern of fear or lack), we usually feel a disconnection to the Source Energy inside and all around us. Being in survival mode at all times also puts a great deal of stress on the emotional and physical body, which leads to an imbalance in a person's state of wellbeing. That’s why meditation, breathing, creativity, music, and relaxation among many other processes are so important at this time, because strengthen the connection with our intuition and restore balance within our core being. Allowing ourselves to consistently be guided by our intuition ultimately means we are operating as Co-creators.

On a personal level, if you notice some old emotions come up to the surface during this time, there's no need to analyze or judge what's going on. In fact, I would invite you to be grateful that every last drop of energy that no longer serves your greatest good is coming up to the surface to be released. All we have to do is allow the process to unfold on its own. Most of the processing happens during our sleep state, so you'll probably notice your dreams are more vivid. Any other lessons we were meant to learn from any imbalances we personally and globally chose to experience are all being learned at lightning speed. No more dallying, we have a New Earth Consciousness to ground in and experience!


The balance entering our mass consciousness at this time is creating a solid foundation for the energy of Oneness to flourish as the default setting of our world. From this new yet eternal space of Oneness, creating the greatest vision of our individual and collective lives will become a joyous, easy, and miraculous daily experience: Many are already there. They have been holding the sacred space of Oneness for the world to step into for decades.

The Great Cosmic Balance has begun. The time is now.

Till next time,

Miraculously Yours,




Crystal38 12th November 2010 8:54 pm

Thank you, Emmanuel!! a very encouraging message, you're such a wonderful friend!! Love to you :)

Emmanuel Dagher 12th November 2010 11:16 pm

You are so welcome!

spring 13th November 2010 9:08 am

Powerful and inspiring.....thank you Emmanuel sooo much.
Your friend, frances :smitten:

maniktwin 13th November 2010 10:08 am


I always look so forward to hearing from you. You are such a lovely, youthful example of the very energies you are speaking of, blending!

Thank you!


Emmanuel Dagher 13th November 2010 12:55 pm



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