Fire and Gold - April 2018

Hi my friend,

It’s an honor to connect with you in this way again. We have so much to catch up, so let’s get right to it!

For most of the month of April, it will feel like powerful forces are working behind the scenes, offering empowering energies that can lift us to higher levels of joy, love, well-being, and prosperity.

The only thing asked of us, is that we pay attention to the opportunities, inner nudges, and outer signs asking us to take the gentle inspired action that can lead us into those higher levels.

A Welcome Change

The month of April is all about experiencing greater success through positive change.

These changes will not come from us forcing or pushing anything into being, but easily and naturally, from a place of inspiration.

They will be the result of previous seeds we had planted and nurtured, that finally have the opportunity to blossom and thrive.

This can apply to any area of our lives, including personal development, health, wealth, career, relationships, and more.

Some of the seeds we planted a while ago we may have forgotten about. That just means we will be pleasantly surprised when we see them come back into our experience, fully blossomed.

Turning Our Fire into Gold

In April, there will be a great deal of fire energy in the air. If we tend to be more of an emotionally reactive person, this could manifest itself as energies of anger and resentment in the body and mind.

Yet anger and resentment can be gifts in disguise—here’s how:

When we feel anger or resentment come up, rather than trying to “get rid” of those feelings or judge ourselves for experiencing them, we can see them as creative energies that simply need the right outlet.

Anger and resentment are just that—creative energy that has not yet found a productive outlet. That energy simply needs our guidance to move in the right direction.

So the very energies that have felt uncomfortable and often painful for us in the past can now actually become energetic gold, once they are given a healthy outlet.

Here are some suggestions for how we can transform the energies of anger and resentment into the energies of passion, peace, and fulfillment:

Engage in physical activity and move our body – When we channel anger and resentment into a high-impact physical activity such as speed-walking, dancing, cycling, or sports, any anger energy we are holding in our body starts to unlock, move through channels of release, and resolve itself. Once the body starts to feel more at ease and at peace, the mind often follows, and vice versa. Moving our body opens up a space for the mind to become more neutral towards the anger, allowing the anger to shift into something more productive, such as passion and determination.

Listen to what the anger and resentment are saying – When these energies come up, it’s often your mind’s way of saying that it needs something from you.

If we are in a reactive space, we are usually not fully able to hear what the mind is saying it really wants. So the mind will look for satisfaction by wanting something outside us.

It may think it wants more money, more attention from a friend or partner, more confidence, a better job, or for us to become successful or work harder—the list goes on.

All of these stories the mind creates are actually just its way of saying it needs something from you.

At the core, your mind just wants to receive love, compassion, acceptance, and acknowledgment from you. When it receives these things, you will notice that it creates less resistance for you, and actually begins to feel safe enough to let your Spirit/True Self lead the way.

So when anger and resentment come up, ask your mind what it needs from you, then be willing to give it that.

If you are unable to get a clear message about what your mind needs, just be a compassionate, nonjudgmental presence for it, the way an unconditionally loving mother would be towards her child.

This will help the mind to feel heard and acknowledged, and the anger and resentment it was using to get your attention will soften and dissolve.

Channel the anger and resentment into a hobby you love – A hobby is something we do because we love it. We usually place no pressure on ourselves to “make money” or “get something” out of it, except pure enjoyment.

When we channel anger and resentment into doing something we love, those energies are transformed into a passion. As we pour that passion into a hobby, we become more dedicated to it, which can lead to us becoming an expert in that area.

Once we become an expert at something, the next natural progression can be that our expertise meets with a high demand from others, leading to a new career and business.

There are no limits to the magic we can create when we move in this direction!

As we take up at least some of the above actions, the fiery energies of April can serve as the blessings we are ready to receive.

They can now be channeled in a direction that feels expansive and exciting to us!

A Renewed Strength and Resilience

Towards mid to late April, we will notice a renewed sense of strength and resilience.

We will feel bold and courageous. This will be the perfect time to address and complete any tasks that have felt challenging.

The energies will be highly supportive of the highest resolutions and outcomes to occur. So whatever the task may be, know that everything will be OK.

This will also be an excellent time to begin new projects, relationships, and creative endeavors. There will be a great deal of focus on “building” during this time, so make sure not to lose sight of the important things in life.

It’s wonderful to be ambitious and to be in creative mode. Yet that energy can be even more fulfilling and sustained when we take time out daily to enjoy the simple pleasures in life.

Things like your connection to Spirit, the sound of a bird singing, the calm of a peaceful lake or ocean, the awareness of how your sacred breath connects you to everything, a hug from a loved one …

These are the most important things in life, and feed our Soul the most.

When our Soul is fed completely, our energy operates at 100%. We are peace. We are open, clear, inspired, and available for all the blessings the Universe has in store for us. 

Intimacy and Love

By mid to late April, an intimate and sensual love will also awaken within us.

It all begins with an intimate love for ourselves. We’re not speaking about an egoic love, but a reverent love in which we acknowledge the power and beauty of the Universe within ourselves.

Once this self-love is fully anchored and embraced, it will begin to call in a sacred and intimate union with a soul partner whose vibration is aligned with ours.

It’s important to note that when our love for ourselves is complete, the love we experience for others no longer needs to have drama and pain around it. Challenges become far easier to move around.

This form of love is pure, easy, joyous, and flexible.

In April, your sensuality and self-love will either reignite a love you have with a current partner, or if you are not currently in a relationship, it will reveal potential new suitors in your life.

The only thing that’s asked of you, is to be open and remain fully anchored in making self-love your priority. Everything else will take care of itself.

Overall, April will be a fast-paced, powerful, action-filled month that will shower us with new gifts that will inspire and empower us in extraordinary ways!

Till next time,

Miraculously yours,



Fatema 6th April 2018 11:26 pm

Dear Emmanuel,

I regularly read your messages since a couple of years. I came across one of them and the sheer warmth and love of your energy spoke directly to me, it was very comforting. Since then I make it a point to soak in some of it every time I find one of your posts here. Wanted to take the opportunity to tell you that but more importantly to thank you immensely for it all. Thank you Emmanuel :)

Love and hugs

lauriealice 7th April 2018 10:05 am

So funny-had quite an anger moment today when I was awakened in the wee hours of the morning as my son crawled into the house yet again. I could feel it rising against my wishes (to go back to sleep) but I knew I was done for. Came downstairs to try and find something to help redirect me back to myself-a happy person. I found your article and it was right on-thank you -I think my mind is telling me enough is enough. I laughed at your example of a mother and her child-all the unconditional love in the world sometimes just isn't enough.

Ros3mary 8th April 2018 12:27 pm

Thanks for this inspirational information!


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