Integration – July 2020

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We have so much to catch up on, so let’s get right to it!

The month of June was filled with some of the most powerful celestial alignments of the year, which left many feeling physically and emotionally exhausted.

July will serve as a time of integration, helping to create the space for all of us to breathe, recalibrate, and come back to our center.

This time of integration will help us re-energize as we prepare for all the changes yet to come. 


This month of integration will also help create a space of support for many newly awakened hearts and minds. People are waking up at an accelerated speed right now, and are looking to connect with and learn from those who have been on a spiritual path for a while.

During times of integration, it’s important to align with practices that can help us connect with our authentic inner state of peace. Meditation is a practice that can facilitate wonders during these ever-changing times, as we align with our peacefulness.

Because the mind has previously learned it must try to “figure everything out,” especially during times of great change, it’s easy to find ourselves reattaching to old coping behaviors that keep us stuck in vibrations of fear, worry, and lack.

This is why meditation or any other personal practice that can help us align with our true inner peacefulness is pivotal at this time.

The “trying to figure everything out” response is a sign of resistance. The mind is trying to be in control to keep itself feeling safe and protected.

Yet when resistance comes up, it is a clear confirmation that big breakthroughs are just around the corner, if we open ourselves up to them.

Times of Integration often lead to big breakthroughs.

Many breakthroughs in our path of growth begin with what many perceive to be a breakdown of mind, body, or emotions.

Breakthroughs happen when the mind feels it has reached a tipping point—the uncomfortable realization that the old thoughts and methods are no longer serving us.

The breakdown comes from the shock of realizing that change must happen, even though that feels very uncomfortable to the mind.

It resents the internal shifts that come with growth, because it has been trained to think of change as something that will take away the identity it has created for itself.

It fears no longer being needed in the way it usually functions.

Yet there always seem to be people who know how to embrace change, who aren’t troubled by the shifts the mind must make. They seem able to reinvent themselves, to evolve to an even greater version of who they are.

How are they able to grow without the struggle so many experience, and to embrace change happily?

Think of someone you know who takes on shifts and changes easily, letting things flow without resistance or fear. These “free spirits” aren’t attached to the old familiar ways, so they can allow change without feeling threatened by it.

Notice how you feel when you are around someone like this. You probably relax more, as you experience the easy flow of this person’s energy. You see them viewing life more through their heart than through their mind.

Unlike the mind, our Spirit isn’t put off by change. It’s fueled and excited by it. In fact, it thrives on change!

Yet it’s not unusual for most of us to feel butterflies in our stomachs as we consider a big change, or deal with a new situation. This isn’t actually fear, or a warning about some upcoming event.

It’s our Spirit dancing with excitement, letting us know that we are moving forward in new and empowering ways.

Yet the mind interprets the butterflies to mean nervousness or fear, because in its limited way, it doesn’t really grasp what’s happening.

When that happens, just speak quietly to your mind, to let it know that those feelings are a sign from your Spirit that it’s creating a wonderful new experience for you.

Let it know it can release all fear. That just isn’t needed anymore.

The energies that came in during June have been nudging us to go well beyond our comfort zone. If we didn’t understand that this was happening, we may have had times of feeling lost, confused, and at a point of experiencing some sort of emotional, mental, or physical breakdown.

Yet breakdowns can lead us into amazing moments of growth. In fact, a breakdown really just means “a dismantling of limiting patterns that no longer serve our higher good.”

We are now at the point where we are no longer able to find comfort in limiting patterns.

This may feel like a crisis, but it is the kind of crisis that births a whole new outlook.

It can be one of the most spiritual experiences we can have. Because in that crisis moment, we have a chance to reassess our lives, and to create a new and higher reality for ourselves.

If we’re ready to learn from the breakdown, the next chapter of our lives can look much brighter as we experience more of our spirit’s power and our own higher selves.

Awakening the Sleeping Masculine

Among the many amazing shifts we are seeing now, one of the biggest is the balancing of masculine and feminine energies.

For eons of time in our third dimensional reality, humanity has been influenced primarily by the “sleeping masculine” archetype, which has believed it is separate from Divine Source.

This is the aspect of masculine energy that represents the illusions of fear, greed, suffering, lack, and survival.

It is quite clear that this aspect of masculine energy, which long ago forgot its divinity, is trying its hardest now to exert a big push to keep its controlling grip on humanity.

This can be seen easily in many branches and sects of religious organizations, governments, ways of thinking, society, and corporations that rely heavily on using fear and separation to promote their agenda.

It’s only through the Divine Feminine that the divine aspect of masculine energy will awaken, and return to its original patterns of pure perfection.

It’s through the Divine Feminine that the Divine Masculine will return as part of the New Earth.

The Divine Feminine represents Divine Love.

The Divine Masculine represents Divine Action. 

Divine Love is the most powerful energy in all of existence. It’s where everything comes from. It’s the sacred heart and womb from which everything is birthed.

Divine Love knows no judgment. It only knows wholeness and completion.

Divine Love expressed, is compassion.

For eons of time, humanity was led to believe (through the teachings of a form of masculine energy that had released all connection to its divinity) that the Source of all existence was a man—a powerful male energy that lived up in the sky somewhere.

This type of conditioning lent itself perfectly to fueling the fear and survival-based patterns that led humanity to give its power away to a select few.

But now, something tremendous is happening.

The fear bubble of humanity has popped, and the collective mind (though scrambling a bit) is waking up more quickly than ever.

This is helping the aspect of the sleeping masculine that has ignored its divinity to heal, and to remember its divinity once again, within all of humanity.

For many who were steeped in the fear and survival patterns, there is a learning curve taking place, as they adjust to a new way of being that is in line with their I AM presence/Spirit self—the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine aspects of themselves.

It’s important for us to give those who are finding it challenging to transcend their old fear and survival patterns the space to integrate and to heal.

When fear no longer has a hold over the consciousness of humanity, freedom follows.

We can contribute to the healing of the masculine, so we can set ourselves free from its old paradigms.

We can do this by choosing to be a compassionate presence for ourselves and for humanity as a whole, as we all adjust to the changes that are shifting us out of the old, fear-based patterns.

Compassion is the ability to observe humanity’s resistance to change without judging that stance, or trying to fix or save it.

From this space of compassion, we can embody and express unconditional love for ourselves and humanity.

When we and humanity receive deep and nourishing love through compassion, we see that the collective mind and our own minds are much less likely to resist the healing and transformation now occurring in our world.

Through compassion, we can support the Divine Feminine as She works to heal the masculine energy that has forsaken its own divinity.

The Merging of Two Worlds

As the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine continue to fully awaken in the heart of every being across all time and space, a merging of two worlds is happening.

To better understand the significance of the merging between these two worlds, and what will happen when they do, it’s important to understand what these two worlds actually are.

The Old Earth

The Old Earth is a collective creation of thoughts, actions, and ideas that reflect the part of masculine energy that has forgotten its Divine nature.

The Old Earth foundations stem from the lower form of the patriarchal archetype. That belief structure has long used forms of fear, control, greed, and chaos to manipulate the mind through survival patterns.

Those survival patterns promote separation of the mind from our Spirit/I AM presence.

When the mind “thinks” it is separating itself from our Spirit/I AM presence, it becomes vulnerable to thoughts, beliefs, and deeds that convince it that its main priority is self-protection and self-preservation.

The mind then believes it must create a separate world for itself, reinforcing the belief that the only way to stay safe and protected is to remain in fear, control, and chaos.

This then becomes a stream of consciousness that plays on auto-pilot. It places humanity on a looped outer reality of continued fear, unhealthy forms of control, and chaos.

The Old Earth was created eons ago, when we as a collective entered the time of the Great Forgetfulness.

This was originally intended as an experiment, so we could experience different aspects of ourselves in the third dimension. We would receive all of the rich blessings the third dimension has to offer, through the gift of sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell, and then continue up the spiral of evolution.

The idea was that we would materialize ourselves into physical form, and experience our multifaceted spirits through third dimensional feeling, thought, and action.

However, somewhere along the way, the mind simply forgot about all of this. It began to believe that the physical realm is the end-all, and that at all costs, it must try to keep itself in that realm for as long as possible.

The mind then moved from being the observer and co-creator of third dimensional reality, to the survivor and victim of it.

The New Earth

The awesome news now, is that this timeline is quickly approaching its expiration date, as a New Earth begins to anchor itself.

The New Earth is a collective creation of thoughts, feelings, actions, and ideas that reflect the parts of the Feminine and Masculine energies that have always remembered their Divine nature.

The New Earth is the reality that is anchoring itself as a direct result of the increasing balance between the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine—a balance that is awakening within the heart of every woman, man, and child across all of time and space.

The center point where the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine meet represents the Source of all life.

It’s there that a new reality can thrive—one of Unconditional Love, oneness, freedom, peace, ease, community, creativity, purity, abundance, compassion, communication, nourishment, fairness/balance, beauty, Divine power, reverence, Divine action, and sacred communion.

As the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine continue to immerse themselves into every molecule of our third, fourth, and fifth dimensional realities, they are breathing all of these sacred experiences back into the heart, mind, and psyche of all existence.

This is creating what our mind will come to know as the New Earth.

The New Earth is manifesting itself in our third dimensional reality now, even though it was always available, whenever we connected with the fifth dimension. It’s all around us. The only refinement that’s taking place is our conscious awareness of it.

As our consciousness continues to evolve and become more refined, the gap between the Old and New Earth will narrow.

That is what is happening now.

Many empaths, way-showers, and others who are sensitive to energy have been observing the current wave of awakening taking place for humanity. It is a splendor to witness.

However, at the same time there’s a sense of “loss” in the collective that those of us who are sensitive can easily feel. And if we are unaware of what’s happening, it can be easy to internalize this sense of loss as our own.

That’s why so many empaths are feeling the call to grieve and mourn at this time. They are saying goodbye to the Old Earth on behalf of humanity.

What we are really experiencing is the collective grievance of the Old Earth dissolving, as it is fully alchemized into light—the transmutation that is the birth of a New Earth.

If you are experiencing a sense of loss, or feeling that something is “missing” at this time, be gentle with yourself and know that this too shall pass.

Once the dust settles, we will understand that the mind was only doing what it was conditioned to do since forgetting its divinity all those years ago. Of course, when we realize this, it becomes easier to have compassion for our mind, for having chosen such a survival-based reality.

With this clarity, it becomes much easier to understand what’s really happening, so that we no longer find ourselves getting caught up in the details of why things are happening as they are.

Instead, we can focus on the bigger picture, which offers us a clear knowing as to what’s really going on.

The 2020 Harmonic Convergence

Many can still recall the Harmonic Convergence of August 16 – 17, 1987, when many thousands around the world joined together for the world’s first global peace meditation.

The event celebrated the energetic shifts brought in by an amazing a set of planetary alignments that only happen once every 10,000 years.

People around the world were invited to gather near sacred sites at dawn for those two days in August 1987, to (as organizers described it) “open the doors to the final 26 years of the 5,125-year Mayan Great Cycle.” They knew this would be a time of unprecedented shifts, as we prepared for a whole new era in Earth’s evolvement. And they were right!

Because of the energies evoked by those planetary alignments, many believe those two days in 1987 opened the door to Earth’s beginning Her ascension into the fifth dimension.

Both the planet and humanity’s consciousness then began receiving an ongoing flow of higher energies that are now forming the New Earth—all of it intensified and supported by that global Peace meditation in 1987, and many others that have occurred since.

Now in 2020, we have the opportunity to do it again! Millions around the world will gather to co-create the next Harmonic Convergence through worldwide meditation. 

Various Lightworker groups are offering information and a livestream of this global event, which will take place from July 5 – 14 and July 25 – 26, 2020. Just do a search for “2020 Harmonic Convergence” to find these.

The most important thing is to actually connect energetically to the intention of bringing humanity into higher states of consciousness, so the world can heal.

What an extraordinary time to be fully together on this journey!

Please take good care of yourself, and know that I am profoundly grateful for you.

Until next time,

Miraculously yours,



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