Reality-Shifting Surprises - July 2015

Beautiful Friend,

It’s an honor for me to connect with you in this way. On behalf of all humanity, thank you for choosing to be dedicated to a spiritual path that is quickly aligning the consciousness of the world with higher states of existence. It’s because of you that we are seeing things change so quickly!

The Summer Solstice of June 20/21, 2015 was monumental! It was almost as if a light switch had been turned on everywhere. There was an energetic sigh of relief that could be felt in the hearts of many.

Up until the recent Solstice, there was a great deal of overwhelm and anxiety among the collective. To many, it felt like a pressure cooker that was in need of a great release. Emotions were all over the place, and finding a sense of peace and grounding during the downpour of light we were receiving from the Sun and other celestial bodies felt distant, and fleeting.

The Summer Solstice doorway has been one that has and is helping many of us come back to our familiar self, though in a more refined way. The upgrades we’ve been showered with in the past several months are now in full integration mode.

At the beginning of July, the planets Venus and Jupiter appeared closer to one another than they have in a very long time. This is usually called a conjunction, and creates a powerful portal for extraordinary change to occur.

The Venus-Jupiter conjunction was able to redirect us back through divine inner guidance and synchronicity, toward the fulfillment of our deepest and most authentic desires.

Our path is being made fully clear; the energies are helping us know what direction we’d like to move in next. The Venus-Jupiter conjunction gave us a preview to the upcoming Venus retrograde of July 25 to September 6, 2015. Venus refines and restores the true values of life when it is in retrograde, so those six weeks will be an amazing time of beautiful expansion!

Confirmations of the Next Wave of Awakening

Back in April, a series of energetic upgrades and celestial alignments occurred that have created some of the most powerful waves of awakening we’ve ever experienced in this lifetime. It was one of those “Holy Moly” moments! But always remember, our Spirit does not give us more than it knows we can handle.

But can you imagine how those not aware of what’s going on energetically must have felt?

During an awakening cycle, every person on the planet has the opportunity to let go of old patterns that have run their course, and which may still be limiting them from expanding into a state of grace, flow, joy, and Universal abundance.

For some, lifetimes of old patterns are being released, while for others, baby steps are being taken. Whatever the size of clearings that take place, it’s all perfect.

We are now seeing concrete confirmation that the next wave of awakening is in full throttle. Whether it’s in our personal lives or on the world stage, everything is changing at the speed of lightning! Even us!

This next wave of awakening is showing up in our personal lives in a number of ways:

  • We are feeling a strong desire to align with all things that strengthen our connection to Spirit.
  • Deeply rooted memories and belief systems we’ve carried from the past are now resurfacing. (This happens whenever big clearings are underway.)
  • We are experiencing daily synchronicities and moments of déjà vu.
  • Our Inner Seeing/Feeling/Hearing and Knowing are laser sharp!
  • We are becoming highly aware/mindful of our surroundings.
  • We’re having lucid dreams that feel very real, almost as if we’re living in other worlds simultaneous to being in this one.
  • New ideas are blossoming that may impact the direction of our personal and professional lives.
  • We’re increasingly living out loud more, by expressing ourselves more fully, and no longer hiding who we are.
  • We’re building new soul friendships and connections, while releasing those that may not be aligned with the love and mutual support we desire.
  • We’re sometimes feeling a bit more moody and irritable than usual.
  • We’re experiencing vertigo and/or inner ear ringing.
  • We’re seeing a shift in our eating habits.
  • We have a desire to look up at the stars more often.

On the world stage, we’ve seen massive shifts occur in what it means for humanity to have respect for ALL people, no matter what their race, gender, sexual orientation, culture, or background might be.

Yes, we definitely have a ways to go yet. But big leaps have been made in how we treat one another. The collective is beginning to see that at our core, we are all the same.

More Surprises Ahead

In the coming months, many more empowering surprises will make their way into our lives and onto the world stage. Specifically, many of the seeds that are being planted now will come to fruition in October and November.

The key to receiving a surprise is to align with the flow of life. This just means that we allow ourselves to remain mentally, physically, and emotionally flexible.

The mind tends to gravitate towards structure, and can often be a bit more rigid in nature. It’s important to have a routine, but it’s also important to change things up often, to keep the mind, body, and emotions flexible and in a state of adapting to the natural flow of life.

Creating an Abundant Reality  

When things change so quickly, many free-floating thought-forms start to make their rounds in the world. Because the mind isn’t very comfortable with so much change happening at once, many of these free-floating thoughts usually highlight ideas based on fear and belief in lack, which are then circulated among the collective. This is because those are the two energies the mind has been accustomed to running on, to keep itself feeling safe.

A free-floating thought-form is simply a learned pattern that circles around in the collective consciousness, and attaches itself to those who vibrate at a similar frequency.

As many of us know, lessons can be learned from patterns of lack, but those lessons usually happen in a challenging and uncomfortable way. I have a feeling that you, just like many who have been on a journey to personal healing and expansion, are ready to let go of the discomfort and challenges that go with learning lessons, especially those having to do with lack of abundance. The amazing thing about being in the energies we are in right now, is that we can learn our lessons quickly, and in an easier and more enjoyable way. This usually entails not overreacting to life’s occurrences, but rather living as the observer, where less judgment and more discernment is involved. We deserve to prosper, and experience life to its fullest! If you find your mind going into patterns of the expectation of lack, just be willing to observe what it does, instead of reacting to it. Then, find an opportunity to do something kind or generous for at least one person (preferably someone who is not very close to you, so that expectations are not created between you). You can do this at the local cafe, with a volunteer group, or wherever you’re able offer a kindness to someone.

Then watch how quickly the Universe begins to open up doors for you. The first pattern many people go to when they get into a lack mindset is, “Where can I cut back on some of my expenses, especially on the things I don’t really need?” Then the first things to go are the things that are probably nourishing them the most. This pattern only perpetuates more lack, rather than shifting it.

So when “lack” comes up, instead of letting go of something that nourishes us, let’s immediately find an opportunity to be of service in our local community through our time, gifts, and energy.

You’ll see how quickly the energy of lack will dissolve!

With all of that said, we are living in the time we’ve all been waiting for, the one our ancestors spoke of thousands of years ago.

A higher consciousness is kissing the mind and heart of everyone on the planet! Yes, even those who may appear to still be operating in the old energy of separation are being impacted by it in some way.

It will be just a matter of time before they too soften into the wave of awakening that is now sweeping the world.

Till next time,



stepaniehlmt 7th July 2015 11:30 am

felt a beautiful wave of peace after reading this. It resonated deeply. Thank you

Emmanuel Dagher 7th July 2015 8:24 pm

Thank you my friend!

chloe 7th July 2015 9:47 pm

You radiate such a loving, pure and gentle energy. Thank you for sharing it with all of us!

evgrenamyer 12th July 2015 8:56 am

I really love the way you write and express with such a positive spin.. Like you're excited about the beautiful changes and believe we are headed in the right direction.. Enough doom and gloom! On with Emmanuel


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