Time To Heal - July 2017 Energy Forecast

Hi My Friend, 

It’s such an honor for me to connect with you in this way. Thank you for choosing to consciously align with a path of love and expansion, and for allowing your heart to be open. 

There are many new changes happening right now, so let’s get right to them! 

Expressing Ourselves 

The first few weeks of July are all about coming out of our energetic shell. There will be a strong desire to step out of our regular routine, to try something different. 

If we have a naturally outgoing personally, this will only be enhanced. If we tend to be a bit more shy and introverted, these next few weeks will open up something within us, giving us the opportunity to let go of much of the armor we’ve built around ourselves. 

This armor had the purpose of protecting us in the old paradigm. However, it is no longer needed, because our mind is expanding to a point where it fully understands that our Spirit is and has always been taking care of us, every step of the way. 

That armor can be set aside now. 

Being Seen 

We came into this world to been seen. 

Being seen starts with consciously choosing to “see” ourselves first. 

If we are not seeing ourselves fully for the magnificence that we are, we will keep searching outside of ourselves for approval, love, and acceptance. 

Doing this will keep us in “chase” mode, where we are constantly seeking something, and never feeling truly happy and fulfilled. 

When I mentioned that we came into this world to be seen, did that feel true for you? Or did you feel some resistance come up? 

If you felt resistance, know that that is absolutely normal. Often, the reason we are resistant to anything that helps us make ourselves a priority, or that allows us to shine brightly, is that we have conditioned ourselves to believe the opposite is preferable. 

Most of us taught ourselves early on to “blend in” with the majority of society. 

We made up our mind that it was not safe or OK for us to fully be ourselves. And when we were being ourselves,

we seemed to get punished for it, because the world didn’t seem ready for what we had to offer. 

Of course, we know that this is not what was really happening, when we look at it from an expanded perspective. But to the mind, these experiences were very important, and shaped how we started showing up in the world. 

The way to move beyond the need to identify with the old patterns of remaining “safely invisible” is to understand that it was never about anyone else seeing us. 

It was us about seeing ourselves. 

Every experience we have ever had brought us the gift of this awareness. The awareness of seeing, loving, and honoring ourselves fully. 

During the first half of July, we may find ourselves desiring to connect and communicate with others more. This might happen face to face, over the phone, online, or in some other way. 

However it shows up, it’s important to honor that moment by not holding in whatever we truly desire to say. 

We may also find ourselves trying new things. It could be anything from trying a new class or hobby to getting a completely new hairstyle, and everything in between.

 Whatever presents itself to us, as long as it feels positive and exciting ... now is the time to try it! 

Expressing our thoughts, feelings, ideas, and heart in the early parts of July will set the foundation for the second part of July, which is all about taking action, especially with the things we are most passionate about creating and experiencing. 

A Time to Heal 

During the past few weeks and continuing well into July, many of us will notice and experience big changes, especially when it comes to our healing journey. 

The paradigm we have expanded into now is allowing for quick changes in healing to happen in our physical, emotional, mental, and financial bodies. 

Healing used to be more about “doing,” which required more of an “effort” energy. Now it is more about simply “being,” where we operate from a space of allowance. 

When we allow things to unfold as they are naturally meant to—when we move out of the way—the healing occurs on its own. 

Those who serve as a holistic/wellness practitioner or spiritual teacher, and those who are in the creative arts, may have noticed their gifts have evolved quickly over the past few months. 

It takes a certain kind of practice to reach a state of pure allowance, where we no longer exert as much energy as we may have in the past, especially when it comes to reaching a desired outcome. 

One of the main reasons for this, is that the need for or attachment to reaching a particular outcome is itself actually falling away. That opens us up to even greater outcomes the mind may not have consciously thought of yet.

This is where that saying, “Let go and let God/the Universe take care of everything” finally begins to make a lot of sense. 

When we operate from this space of complete nonattachment, we become witness to instantaneous physical, emotional, mental, and financial healing, within ourselves, others, and the world around us. 

If you feel you have not been able to receive or notice the healings taking place within and around you, now is your opportunity to be willing to let go of your expectations for specific outcomes. 

Those expectations may be holding you back from experiencing the ultimate, much higher reality available to you. 

One of my favorite morning intentions is to affirm: “I choose to let go, and let love.” 

This reminds me that whatever burdens and attachments I’m still carrying, I can lovingly hand them over to my Higher Self / Spirit Self so that I can make space for new blessings to enter my life. 

The attachments the mind often creates to keep it operating in the “doing” energy actually serve as fillers or placeholders in our inner vision that prevent us from noticing and being open to new, unexpected blessings in our lives. 

As simple as the intention “I choose to let go and let love” may sound, to the mind it can present a real struggle. 

This is because when the mind tries to let go of something it thinks it still needs, it fears that it’s losing something important. 

In reality, by letting go of what no longer serves our highest good, such as attachments to specific outcomes that keep the mind in fear, worry, lack, judgment, etc., we’re not losing anything. 

Instead, we are gaining everything. 

How? The mind may ask. 

When we let go, we are letting go of the illusion. We can also call it “the chase.” 

The illusion or “the chase” is simply another way of saying “expecting a limited reality.” 

So when we let go of our belief in the limitations around a reality, what happens? 

We step into a reality of Infinite Possibilities. expanding into our greatest potential, and no longer keeping ourselves small. 

We are then opening up to Life in the fullest sense. 

Ending the Chase 

Society has taught us to look outside of ourselves for anything we want to create and experience.

This conditioning has created the illusion known as “the chase.”

This occurs when the mind has decided that it has to pursue and attain something, exerting lots of energy and time and moving through challenges, in order for it to get what it thinks it really wants.

Doesn’t that sound exhausting? Yet we all know this process very well, don’t we?

Choosing to live in chase mode does at times satisfy the left brain, which is all about order, structure, and organization. It satisfies that part of the mind, because it feeds its ability to operate in linear time, which is where mental structure and survival patterns thrive.

It's important to honor the structured aspect of ourselves.

Yet if we are always operating from this space, especially when it comes to living the life we truly desire, it creates many limitations, and exhausts us on all levels.

The key to attracting well-being, joy, abundance, and all of the fun blessings life has to offer, is to recognize that the world around us is a direct result of the internal awareness, thoughts, and actions we are choosing daily.

It's about understanding that we are the magnet that is bringing to us all of the experiences we are having.

So with this awareness that we are the magnet, and not our actions, we can then pay attention to whether we are creating from a space of being in the illusion/the chase, or creating from a space of being fully aware.

We attract to us everything we are experiencing as a result of what we project out into the world.

So if our desire is to receive more love, we can then become love. If our desire is to become more financially wealthy, then we can share and give from a place of joy and nonattachment.

The big difference here is that one reality exerts a lot of energy through forcing things to happen, while the other allows us to simply attract and bring in the things we desire with ease and grace.

If we are ready to heal, we are being given the opportunity to do so now, in a very real and lasting way. If we are not fully willing and ready to heal, that’s OK too ... there will be more opportunities to do so in the future.

Everyone is exactly where they are meant to be on their journey.

If you are being called to learn and enhance your natural healing and/or creative gifts, trust your inner guidance. You might choose to enrich your gifts by taking a class or a workshop that resonates with you, or to read a book that feels empowering.

Receiving support from a compassionate wellness or spiritual practitioner would be another way to contribute to your healing. Being a practitioner myself, I find that it can be easy for me to forget to ask for support.

In fact, asking for support used to be quite challenging for me. But once I decided to move out of my comfort zone and ask for help, many doors that were once closed opened up for me. I even became a better practitioner as a result.

Finding an opportunity to give back and to be of service to humanity is also something that will greatly support our own expansion and healing. This allows the mind to move out of the pattern of being self-involved, and redirects its awareness to the betterment of all humanity.

The Universe LOVES acts of service that come from a place of our simply wanting to experience the joy of helping others.

Taking Inspired Action

As mentioned earlier in the forecast, during the second half of July, beginning around July 17, we will experience a newfound confidence that will help us take inspired action when it comes to creating and aligning with the things we are most passionate about.

Inspired action is about taking action from a place of complete flow and awareness. It is not forced. It doesn’t require a lot of effort.

A big part of taking inspired action is about allowing ourselves to be seen. Rather than staying home most of the time, this will be the time to get out of the house and have some fun.

With this kind of “being out and about,” all that is required of us is simply to be ourselves.

Everything else will take care of itself, as long as we are present and in the moment, and noticing the opportunities as they come in.

For those of us who are ready to expand and heal, the temperature is perfect for all of that to happen now.

As always, it’s such a gift for me to get to share with you in this way. If you enjoyed or benefited from reading this forecast, please pass it on to someone you love and care about.

With so much love,

Miraculously yours,




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