11:11 Multidimensionality, Sacred Geometry and New Beginnings

Many of us have been seeing this number combination for some time now.  We know it means something.  We feel the energy of it in a magical way; it's captivating, this sense of meaning hidden in the geometry of these numbers.

For many, 11:11 has served as a wakeup call.  Nothing is, after all, random; the world and our lives are FULL of signs and symbols.  Order IS.  Seeing this number repeatedly to the point where one begins to seek understanding and wonder about the meaning of it, has led many to consider the reality of their true nature: as spiritual beings having a human experience, and to begin consciously participating in their own evolution.

As we understand the multidimensional import of such patterns, it becomes easier to see how this has taken place.

We are energy.  Numbers and sequences of numbers have an energetic quality and essence, like music or sounds--all of which are vibration; which when organized and coherent are beautiful and transmit meaning through experience and through content/information.  This information comes directly through the "melody" of such "music" and also our cells receive overtones we cannot even comprehend with our physical senses.  We internalize the intelligence and structure of this energetic transmission holographically. 

All-That-Is transmits waves of energy in wholeness; expanding and changing wholeness. 

These waves exist in a completeness that is received and then revealed in alignment with divine timing.  Many of us have had this experience of only understanding things later, or in hindsight, or with further information and/or change.  Or from a different perspective!

The symmetry and structure, the "song" of 11:11 is affected in part by it's own contained blueprint and also by the spiral return to this configuration in different locations in time and space.  We approach 11:11 this year in a particular collective version of the unified field, and for each of us--unfolding our own expanded lineage as is perfect and appropriate--we receive the specific messages and it's overtones, as our "hearing" allows.  Our expectations, beliefs and focus also create and influence the unified field; thus altering instantaneously the wholeness which is transmitted and continuously known.

The numeric pattern of 11:11 is a sequence of codes.  These energetic structure communicates directly to our DNA.  At a cellular level we receive these incoming energies that are more available and affected, in particular, because of the timeline shift of the 10-10-10 triple Stargate.

1 is a magical number: a number of wholeness, unity, and new beginnings.  1 tends to primarily be associated with pure, positive energy!  Consider what 1111 means in terms of the amplification of this energy!

In addition, for those Lightworkers participating in the collective movement toward expanded consciousness and the creation of a civilization based on unity and love, 11:11 cannot help but create within us an anticipation and hope for the triple date Stargate of 11:11:11.  This date, along with the 10-10-10 Stargate we just experienced, and the 12:12:12 Stargate two years from now, are enormously powerful points at which our cultural and energetic templates may jump to new, more expansive and love filled versions; tipping points in reality!

Recently I channeled a message from Archangel Michael while completing the Monthly Infusions, and he speaks to this unfolding:

55 ... The Crystalline Earth Grid 88 is infusing you with waves of Divine Knowing flowing since the 10-10-10 Stargate.  All resistance to self-love and identifying with your expanded state of being are arising, which is challenging to all in different ways.

2 We are already preparing and progressing toward the December Solstice Alignment 333 and preparations are underway to elevate your body structure as fully as possible to receive the powerful energies that will come forth at that time, and in the month of December in general.  33 There is a need to continually integrate the specific transmissions of light for they build upon one another and as your Lightbody is stretched it is increasingly tempered in its ability to hold more light and to shift to a crystalline form

The 11:11 Stargate will find us having a clearer sense of our Divine I AM Presence.  More and more we are becoming familiar with this newly expanded aspect of our energy. 

We are moving into a continually expanding experience of our nature; multidimensional.  We have become more aware of the elemental earth energies, and have moved into a perspective that allows us to see the duality of the 3rd dimension.  The fourth dimension initiates us to Unity Consciousness, the fifth dimension to our own divinity.  The sixth?  Sacred geometry.  All of these dimensions exist simultaneously and becoming a conscious multidimensional being is about learning the qualities and cultivating the frequency that allows access to the creative energies within these dimensions.  As a planet we are aspiring to shift to a 5th dimensional home base frequency.  As individuals, we can explore many of these dimensions as we continue in our ascension journey of expanding consciousness.

11:11 is a powerful stargate in which our focus influences the potential shift of the Earth's timeline and the dominant experience of reality may be refined and further transformed by collective focus.

The New Reality Transmission taking place on 11:11 is an inspiring manifestation reflecting the expanded focus on collective co-creation and the belief in the value of such an endeavor. 

More and more as each of us claim our Divine I AM Presence, we will be drawn to collective co-creation; for collaboration is powerful and a lot of great change and learning is accomplished when we come together.

Whether you are new to considering such things as powerful days of alignment, transformation and collaboration, or familiar and full of anticipation for these amazing moments of converging energy and focus, you and your choices upon that date, matter.

Each of us carry divine unique energy within our physical body.  We each came to Earth with particular mixes of DNA in our lineage; specifically chosen--planetary, cosmic, and personal--for participation in this legendary moment of Earth's collective move toward a new dimensional level and the reinvention of our civilization and culture to reflect our new ideals and informed by wholeness.

Honor yourself on 11:11 by taking seriously and with dignity, your own presence. 

Choose in some way to pause and contemplate the things you value most, and how you would create a New Beginning or a New Earth based on the highest ideals you have for beauty, order, love, unity, balance, harmony, oneness and in recognition of the divinity of each other being sharing this planet with you, as well as the planet our home, herself.

Your own vibration, the geometry and sensibility of your "song" and how you choose to focus it have more impact on this day than you may realize.   Claim what is yours to create. 

Likewise, if you're willing to receive the infusion of this new beginning; this holus-bolus transmission from the Unified Field on this particular spiral point revisiting the 11:11 energies, then say so: declare you're open and willing and wish to receive and integrate and with ease.

New Beginnings.  We're creating one right here, together.  Awareness is collective; we all draw from a common unified field.  The direction of life is flowing from duality toward Unity and Wholeness.  Be aware what direction you're looking in, thinking about and thereby creating.

At this intersection of the known and the unknown, is the essence of every NOW.  As you evolve so does the Universe evolve.  As we identify more and more with our collective awareness we move increasingly into freedom!  Love!  The more you act knowing your influence, your "song" is heard everywhere and affects everything, the more alignment, inspiration and ease you experience.  Ironic but true.  It's a bonus!

Assume today is going to feel new.  Be unique.  That you will feel at peace.  That you will know harmony, that love will show up in a surprising way.  That something amazing is taking place that YOU are an important part of.  That you will discover something beautiful about yourself.  That you will feel profoundly whole and connected.  And that all of this could be the start of something entirely new.  And big.


P.S.  If you find this message, or learn about all this AFTER 11:11?  Guess what?  Time is just a construct of our dominant reality.  You can access this point just by intending to.  Everybody's in.



Expansion 11th November 2010 11:02 am

Hi Meredith,

Thank you so much for this message!

I so loved your comment at the end about time being dominant in our reality because I was thinking that I started my 11:11 alignment visualisation between my 8th chakra and my feet chakras and mother earth at 11am, which lasted for 20 minutes. Later I realised 11:11 meant eleven minutes after 11am, which would be 11:11am. However, I thought the intent was more important and trust that my chakras were aligned and activated.

Love and light and all things bright
Joanne xxxx

Indigo Joanne you don't have worry lol!!! (Note to self!!)

COBALT 11th November 2010 12:05 pm


kay 11th November 2010 12:32 pm

I like how you've combined "New Beginnings. We're creating one right here, together" with the idea that it doesn't matter WHEN anyone reads the article (or, really, IF they do or if we simply experience the 11:11 energy without reading any articles at all). It's all the eternal now. We're all in this together. Intention is powerful. We're master creators. Thanks, Meredith

Anne333 11th November 2010 5:42 pm

We are energy. Numbers and sequences of numbers have an energetic quality and essence, like music or sounds--all of which are vibration; which when organized and coherent are beautiful and transmit meaning through experience and through content/information. This information comes directly through the "melody" of such "music" and also our cells receive overtones we cannot even comprehend with our physical senses. We internalize the intelligence and structure of this energetic transmission holographically.

I LOVE this message. It resonates with things I'm feeling about my experience! I love when that happens. Thank you for such a thoughtful and beautiful explanation of ways to look at this day.

Love to you Meredith! :smitten:

Anne333 11th November 2010 5:45 pm

Oh! And I love the numbers in the section from Archangel Michael! I looked them up in Shekina and Doreen's number messages and the meaning is so beautiful and makes so much sense! Amazing this new world we're living in! :angel:

I cannot even imagine what messages and transmissions will be like in the future...I love what is coming into my experience.

IC2ITUC 11th November 2010 9:44 pm

EXPANSION, I understood that the 11:11 meditation was in the PM not the AM, but again, as this message mentions, there is no REAL time, so "do it" when you want! :)


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