2017: The Energies of One

Happy New Year!

2017 as a year, is a ONE numerologically and my sources say that cosmically the leading edge energy is most definitely aligned with the qualities of a ONE YEAR. We've just completed a 9 year cycle and this new year is energetically a very NEW beginning. It feels fitting that we're focused on this shift OUT of limitation and into a NEW WAY OF BEING as we enter this year.

The energy of "ONE" is strong, positive, creative and pure. It is definitely a number which indicates the energy of new beginnings and aligning with that we can use the energy of a One-Year, in both new thought and new action.  In fact, you may feel a strong inner drive to reinvent yourself in this kind of energy, so there's no rush, but realize the drive to expand and recreate may be stronger than it's been before. 

ONE as a cosmic quality, relative to our embodiment speaks to the convergence point of the non-physical and the physical; that leading edge of unity and harmony, where we live. We can tune to this by intentionally acknowledging our All-That-Is-ness and create with the vastness we are, while in this individuated focus, with knowing.

2017 to me, feels so beautiful and clear. There is an accelerated flow to it when I tune in and I was not surprised to realize the Eclipse Cycle comes in February this year!

I encourage you to take time and feel how you will let yourself step into newness now.

Give yourself permission to reboot any dream you've shelved or to step into any vision that you feel called to. Let your choices reflect your heart's pure desires and don't let "what is" deter you from what is wanting to flow into expression.

We're here to take life into new territory which is only possible when we're able to flow and allow what is new, to arise and be born through us.

What is feeling like it wants to express and flow as you, through you?

How are you most wanting to live, be and know yourself?

Let your life align and flow into what feels right to you now, and who you wish to be now.

Be present to who you are, now.

Let yourself be free to embrace the total newness of this moment, generously and openly, knowing you are profoundly supported and capable. You are soul! Infused into this humanity for the joy of it.

Here's to embracing our freedom and sovereign alignment! Love and happiness in 2017~! and beyond.

Blessings in abundance!




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Ailia Mira

Ailia Mira is a channel, artist, author and inspirational speaker. An embodied member of the Council of Radiant Light she is a translator and transmitter of these energies.


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