A New Platform is Emerging

"It is really the dawn of a new age. Your sense of not knowing, your sense of not knowing how to begin, your sense of feeling all the old things don't make sense, your knowing that you cannot plan, must live in the moment, your feeling of your own fullness, all of these are indicators. They are indicators that your old life is over." - Archangel Michael

Hello Beautiful,

There is a very big rearranging going on in the ascension experience for those on the leading edge. It's part of a real and profound shift. A new platform is emerging.

By platform, what I mean is a new, elevated state of collective experience that presents in new ways. This new level of experience is resonant with a state of awareness that is more Universal. In essence, it's an expanded experience of Unity or wholeness and the shared experience of life on Earth with others resonant too, with those frequencies.

For some time now, we've been growing our capacity to know our wholeness, not just conceptually, but experientially. Now there has been a substantial concentration of alignment in those on the leading edge; which is creating a new, collective platform of human experience. Some are calling it a new wave of ascension, and that's true in a sense, for the territory of collective experience just got expanded and thus is more influential and drawing more into a state of awakening.

Given the many violent uprisings in the world, it's beneficial that you know this new platform is emerging, even if you're not experiencing it yet. Knowing this is happening, is liken to a preview and can be energizing and reassuring. I'd like to share what I've been shown about the changes that shift one into this new experience.

First, I am asked to share that the violence and difficulties in our world that we're all too aware of lately, are manifestations of the inner conflicts within humanity playing out in the flow of life unfolding.

The pressure is increasing in our world for energy in form to become clear in expression, and this is creating greater flow and more transparency. Blocked energy is being unblocked. Wounds long buried are being brought to the surface. All of this is beneficial and entirely neutral. How it plays out for individual humans is a matter of consciousness. In those who still see the world through the lens of duality, inner experiences are still being projected out, onto other people and systems and organizations.

Many people still have a mindset of separation and idea of right vs. wrong. As long as these misunderstandings exist, there is an inner conflict, and with this, the potential for aggression, violence, and suffering.

Each of us can do one thing about this -- the work of living sovereignly, creating more unity within our field and harmonizing the inner conflicts that we contribute to the world's shared experience.

The self-love and healing so many awakening beings have achieved has created this next phase in the ascending energy arc for humanity. The New Platform for the Golden Age of Light is a luminous field emanating waves that to us, feel like an inner call to truth and integrity. The inner experience of this new platform is a sense of expansion and clarity that punctuates awareness with nudges such as:

:: Am I ready to care more about all life on Earth?

:: Am I willing to see where I have been co-dependent? Where I have used other sentient beings, or tried to control people or the circumstances in my world instead of being sovereign and treating all as sacred?

:: Do I take full responsibility for my experience and realize I create my reality?

:: Is it possible I'm somewhat numb to suffering because I don't want to feel, fearing it will overwhelm me or be too intense?

:: Do I choose to see the divine light in all beings, forgiving myself and all others, making an effort to be in unity with all life and continually create a state of peace and openness?

:: Am I ready to consider how my life impacts all life -- other people, lifeforms, and the Earth, and put this first, acknowledging our Oneness and taking action to live in integrity with this truth?

In essence, am I willing to use my life as the vehicle to bring about my version of the Golden Age of Light?

These questions are arising because energetically we're ready. As awakening ones, we have the courage and inner knowing to bring our life into alignment with the truth of Oneness.

Archangel Michael recently shared with us, that the speed of conscious awakening and evolution on Earth is created dynamically by the degree of alignment we have in our lives.

Life is calling us to a deeper and expanded state of integrity with who we truly are. This momentum toward clear, coherent, integrity and unity of spirit will grow throughout 2016. Many of us are already feeling the sense of needing to clear out of our lives that which no longer belongs, and a desire to rearrange things to fit who we've become and who we choose to be, now.

The Golden Age of Light is within us. It's up to us to choose to live and create in ways that give form and manifest expression to that inner experience. Now is a time not just of awakening, but of revising and recreating our lives from the inside out.

We are being propelled from within and drawn forth by our future, more coherent and whole selves, to become One World.

The world will change as we change, allowing ourselves to create a way of life that is harmonious and open, loving and creative, sovereign and free.

The paradigm shift begins in our awareness, and then it transforms our emotional state and our understanding of our emotions. Then our bodies. Next we live what we know to be true; Oneness.

Earth is moving toward a realization of our Oneness. Waves of individual beings are awakening from within to the Divine Plan and become spiritually aware of this evolutionary arc and the sacredness of all.

The Divine Plan anchors with awakening, and takes form, as we embrace our true divine nature and the divine essence of all life.

You shift to the threshold of the emerging, New Platform as you choose -- freely -- to align your free will with the Divine Plan and create a life in harmony and that benefits, All that is.

Archangel Michael recently shared that "You experience and achieve Oneness in your embodiment when you learn to give and receive love unconditionally." As One begins to live as Oneness, choosing to create and express in ways that honor, celebrate and further all of life, the new Golden Age of Light manifests.

We're each presented with these eternal principles in different ways in our lives, but the themes remain the same.

To participate in the light coming forth into new forms and expressions of love, on Earth, you can:

:: Choose to live in accord with the highest standards for life -- asking, listening and discovering how to bring your life into alignment with Oneness and taking action to change your way of life to reflect and honor all life;

:: Look within for patterns of aggression, violence, prejudice, co-dependence, hatred, holding a grudge, victimhood and shame and heal and transform yourself creating greater peace and unity within you;

:: Realize you create your life and each day choose to live in ways that feed your soul and facilitate your openness, kindness, and connection to your higher self and Oneness.

Each day we are either creating more momentum toward the realization of Oneness or creating resistance with our presence.

Those of us choosing to align with the Divine Plan and transforming our lives to reflect and align with Oneness are clearing the Earth's atmosphere through transmuting and refining our energy. A great deal of light has been anchored, activated and integrated, creating new potentials for human experience and expression. This next step is one of the most challenging yet because it requires reinstating the Divine Flow. Letting the inner experience of Unity and Love to flow and inform, the material.

How much and how quickly this occurs, has to with our willingness and determination to bring our lives into spiritual alignment with All that is.

Earth is on a pathway to become home to Cities of Light, and home to Light Beings, who have gone through embodiment and achieved enlightenment, expressing authentically and purely.

We are here to create this ourselves, supported by Great Beings of Light and All of Creation.

Let no one tell you they will do your work for you, or save you. It is just what you do in your life, and I do in mine, that will create the Golden Age of Light.

A new platform is emerging that supports of a different way of being here together. There are signs of it everywhere, if you're looking for loving, life-giving, life-honoring ways of being.

The more we each choose to pay attention and participate in the light increasing, the more joy we experience and create. Living this way opens us to a wave of fresh, enthusiastic energy. Ride it boldly and with confidence.

The impetus to expand is available. Call it to you, embrace this opportunity here and now. As we master the challenges of this phase of ascension, we will expand even further -- beyond anything we can conceive of now.

Life is bliss. May you know it this way!

Please share your observations in the comments.  Are you feeling the inner movement toward a different level of integrity and purity in your life? Do you feel a need to de-clutter on the inside and out, to make your life more clear...so it feels more like the order and harmony you know within as your true being? What are you feeling in your own experience?

In celebration of all you are and all you are becoming.




Peter fox 4th December 2015 2:26 pm

Dear Meredith- Thank you for this wonderful posting! My observation,which is principally felt,is that we are well on the way to creating the "golden age"
of heaven on earth and everything is unfolding in much the way you describe it. Whilst it seems "unbelievable" it is TRULY happening! We will all need
to continue to persevere but the results are now so tangible that we WILL achieve what we came here to do! Lots of Love....Peter

kitegirlcoach 5th December 2015 11:53 pm

Hi Meredith,

"This next step is one of the most challenging yet because it requires reinstating the Divine Flow. Letting the inner experience of Unity and Love to flow and inform, the material."

There has been much discussion over the past few years about the Utopian idea of sharing basic resources around the world in terms of food, water, shelter, power etc. Do you think that is what this quote above means? We seem to talk about it a lot and yet I don't see much change. Supplies are sent to those most in need such as refugees or survivors of natural catastrophes, yet, there are so many struggling to pay bills and homeless in each of our rich countries who are still on the street.

I can easily see that once each human has their basic needs met, the stress drops dramatically which will have massive affects. Less accidents, less violence, less crime, less illness, more innovation, more inventions, more creativity, dramatic progress in all areas of life. Great theory. Will take a brave person to get it started.


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