A Way of Life Is Dying. Light Changing Form

Ascending Earth LifeAfter the sun sets there is still an emanating light we see. It is exquisitely beautiful often, as in this photo. We also know that the light of so many stars is actually coming from fields long dead and yet in our experience, continuing to shine. 

There's a parallel in life right now as a lot of expiring ways of being and systems and belief structures, thought-forms and patterns, still have a charge. They're alluring but they also feel like they don't fit anymore. Have you had this experience?

Life is changing quickly right now, for many. I've noticed a sense of grief in some, myself included, despite also feeling very joyful. When I tune it to understand more about this, I see how a way of life is dying. Light and the energy of my life are changing forms. Some of it still has a kind of treasured familiarity and so many memories and yet, is based on a way of being rooted in separation. There are things we're used to that are full of memories with people we love and ways of being that are so familiar and yet they don't fit with who we're becoming.

In order to freely and fully take on new ways of being we need more then the capacity to developing new habits. It also means making peace with the emotional and psychological attachments we have to what is/was. And finding a way to maintain a sense of connection while the forms in life, the structures and patterns are upgraded.

To elevate our choices and our life to reflect the growing love within our hearts, will call us to change and how we live to be different. Remember that you're creating multiple lifetimes within a singular life. Awakening more and more and expanding in ways that entirely eclipse who you used to be in so many ways.

The attainment of homeostasis in our new, emerging frequencies can be a foundation for amazing happiness. The completion of big themes is underway for so many of us. If we allow ourselves to flow with what is emerging for us, without fear of losing what we love, we can ride the ascending energy arc, vibrationally, and shift into a new state of consciousness.

All your are, is within you and I, as memory and experience. Remembering this and appreciating it all, while allowing ourselves to flow and grow, to change and evolve into newness, is one of the biggest challenges to embodying our true divine nature.

You have chosen human life and this particularly epic time as your vehicle to ascended consciousness. The challenge is to integrate the eternal and limitless being you are with the distinctness of your emerging energy in form. To be here now and understand that even, is a major milestone. But it's more than that, it's also a threshold. Now you and I must harness our inner strength and carry ride the wave into the unknown newness of our future selves. This is who we are. 

Now, be gentle with yourself. Honor your feelings and allow yourself the fullness of your humanness.

Turn inward, ask and listen:

What can I do today, to make the choice to unfold my true divine being, easier for me? More graceful?

Please share your observations in the comments. And any other reflections on your own emerging experience. This helps us to know our collective wholeness and also validate our Oneness.

Then of course, honor yourself and follow your own inner knowing about supporting your path of unfolding. As in -- do it!

Love yourself enough to care for all that you are, on this journey and attend to the parts within that feel challenged by the immense and beautiful change you are creating.

In celebration of all you are and all you are becoming.





Rubye 2nd December 2015 8:56 am

What's been most helpful to me is to always move toward radically accepting my life exactly how it is. This helps me realize I don't need to go looking for my purpose, it's right here. My life has provided it for me. Chaos happens, and I want to turn away and shut doors, then realize that's all part of it and sooner or later, hopefully, I choose to open again and be present to life exactly as it is. Thank-you for your invitation to share. Even writing this has helped me to shift into opening again.


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