Activating Transmission from the Pure Land

Transcript from Live Channeling on 29 January 2015

Introduction from Meredith

Hi everyone. Welcome.

Today we are to receive a transmission. Let me just tune in. I feel like I am to give you a little guidance before we do the transmission so let me just understand.

I’m being told that what I want to explain to you is that you will move into a state of greater knowing as a result of the transmission that will be given today. It’s a transmission of templates of perception that will give you the capacity to relate to life more directly and more clearly. As a result of this you will experience expanded capacities to know things. Your sense of innate knowledge will open up more.

We’re talking about this before it’s given because as it begins to open up within you, you may experience this new way of perceiving which gives you access to expanded knowing and you may have a tendency to doubt this. Ashira, who is the transmitter of the energy that we will be receiving today wants it to be clear that you’ll experience an expansion of awareness and an increase in clarity. Because that is a different way of perceiving, you may doubt it simply because it’s new and enlarged. Don’t interpret the self-doubt which may arise from this experience as meaning you are not accomplishing a tremendous amount in learning to trust yourself. Realize that you have actually created an expansion and that the expansion can trigger self-doubt simply because of the newness.

I hope that makes sense. I’m a little altered already. We’ll open to connect with Ashira, the Council of the Golden Dawn Temple and Archangel Michael so that we can welcome this transmission.

(For those of you reading this transmission via transcript, if you wish to receive this transmission, intend to connect directly with Ashira and state that as your intention. Then open to receive. You can receive this activating transmission regardless of when you read this or invite that transmission.)

Activating Transmission from Ashira

Hello beautiful souls,

It’s such a privilege to be with you in this way. I commend you and I thank you for your openness and the way in which you endeavor to upgrade your life expression. It’s very inspiring.

The life within you is one that we share, all of us. We all arise from this very same most loving, most creative energy. We are blessed this way in that we all have an incredible knowing at the core of our being of this most incredible and reliable love, this most incredible and reliable awareness.

What you call love is the emotional experience of awareness. It is awareness which in pure expression unconditionally welcomes all, appreciates all, sees all, amplifies all. We all have at the core of our being this pure, reliable most incredible awareness.

As you endeavor to change your life experience in this particular program by increasing your self-love, I want to remind you that you can draw upon this wellspring of awareness. This wellspring of infinite awareness can consistently, reliably, reconnect you to your inherent place in creation and your innate value. Feeling your place and your value while in an embodied human experience is extremely empowering.

Within all that is, there is great awareness and gratitude for your presence here and now. Your presence is informing the fullness of all that we are in ways that expand the energy of all that is. As we are aware of your presence, as your presence becomes increasingly, clearly expressed in the material, what occurs is a profound increase in order and coherence is generated.

As any of us elaborate into new realms of focus and turn ourselves toward a clear expression we contribute to the expansion of the energy of all that we are, of creation. The expansion occurs because as awareness grows through the embodied or otherwise elaborated expressions, and as these elaborated expressions are increasingly effective and clear in elaborated focus, awareness itself expands.

We know it is a mystery to human beings -- those of us who have chosen to embody in human focus – we know that it is a mystery in that mode of perception and translation that anything at all could simply continually expand without setback, without “the other shoe dropping,” as you say on earth. It is a mystery. It is hard to even fathom that there could simply be pure awareness and then, even more pure awareness yet it is so. Life is endlessly expanding through awareness which is infinite in possibilities and potential.

It is this infinite capacity to expand that is within each and every one of us and every point in which we are focused. It drives, inspires us to experience. It compels us to create. It is our inherent nature as sparks of creation to be this way. To stunt this in anyway takes you out of alignment with the deepest truth of your being. You and I were each made to create and expand in awareness.

The teachings we are sharing with you in this Soar Fest are beyond bold and incredibly powerful. If you truly dare to live by your own self defined meaning, should you learn through devotion and commitment to yourself to step beyond outer definitions and criteria of success or value, you will begin to tap into your inherent resonance and move into a connection with the Pure Land. The Pure Land is an energy field which is resplendent with joy and radiant with light. It is a field of awareness or love, vibrating with pure potential and pure expression. It is a space in which you and I and all who consciously connect to this field, dwell in immense, continuous flow and connection, experience clarity and decisive knowing, expansion and expression. It is the natural domain of your presence as consciousness.

We together, the Council of the Golden Dawn Temple, express to you today from this Pure Land transmitting to you as one and creating with you a grounded, earth based field expanding this connection to this elevated sphere of existence on your planet.

This sphere exists in many different ways and can be perceived and tapped into from many realms of focus. It is a multifaceted field of brilliant reflection and impervious clarity. It is pure directness, timeless, a place in which inspiration and manifestation occur simultaneously. When you are connected to this space you will thus feel confident and powerful. Although the domain in which you dwell is not yet one of simultaneous manifestation, the directness of this field can facilitate accelerated manifestation.

Learning to tap into the Pure Land energies which are accessed as your frequencies of self-love and unity of spirit begin to move into greater harmony and elevated frequency is the next step in your evolution in human form.

We from the Galactic Center anticipate with great joy you beginning to collaborate with us and all of creation in this new and most ascended revolutionary way.

I am Ashira, a Guardian of Light and Keeper of the Golden Dawn.    


zorro 26th March 2015 11:54 am

“The Tao does not act, yet it is the root of all action. The Tao does not move yet it is the source of all creation.”- Lao Tzu

In the unified field all potentials already exist. It is consciousness that is expanding and contracting, expanding and collapsing.

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality that you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy, this is physics.”
Albert Einstein

What do you desire at this time from your Highest vision?

What views of your world are you willing to relinquish into the recycle bin?

What Pure Land shall we now bring into form together and individually?

Thank you, Meredith.

zorro 26th March 2015 1:28 pm

More on this topic from Awakening Times article by Branden West, April 2014 edition.

I think it correlates to your topic.

FresnoHye 26th March 2015 10:27 pm

Thank You Meredith. :angel:
:thumbs: :smitten:


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