An Invitation: Open Up to Your Own Energies!

Opening up to your own energy is an enormous relief.  

When one of you opens up to your own energy--which connects you to the entire universe--it’s like one more thing becoming unplugged!!!  No longer backed up!  There is flow.  There is really a sense of joy all over the universe when this happens! It is more exciting for us than you might realize. 

Once a human being opens up to their own energy they will never forget this has happened.  There may be distractions and they may shut it down again if things become too dramatic, intense.  Sometimes people close things down, for they started to move so quickly, and if one is not feeling worthy enough to receive all of these beautiful changes and new feelings, sometimes one shuts down the connection.  Still, you are then more open, and know this is possible and can approach the more full opening as you feel ready, understanding this time the type of energy and acceleration that will occur.  So many of you want more, yet few are actually prepared for the acceleration that occurs once the door is open!!!  It is fast!!!  We like it fast.  We like to so fast it is hard to know one moment from the next, we’re in such a state of constant being-ness and with total enthusiasm for the movement into each aspect of experience, each being divine. 

When I am being channeled by Meredith, when she is open, for example.  I feel an enormous sense of joy, the ideas are flowing into her and coming out into her hands  I feel this sense of light being made physical and into form through her, I feel enormous gratitude and am energized by our connection the same way that she is energized!!  I too am energized!!  She brightens up things for me!!  You might not have thought of  that!! 

The more we open to one another the more the universe is in fuller expression.  The more cross pollination that is occurring the ideas begin to move from one conversation to another.  Becoming informed by new conversations and ideas, mixing things together in a new way.  Like a stimulating conversation in which ideas, thoughtforms get informed, paid attention to, and re-stated...there are more and more versions of this beautiful understanding.  As this message moves through the world in this way, this message which I sense will be meaningful and relevant at this time, as a result, more and more doorways become open and newness emerges.

Keeping this openness, these "doorways open" is a little like dancing.  You are aware of the music and you are moving your body to the music but at a certain point you are just one with the whole experience--you the music, the light, the people around you if you are with others, the energy of the moment.  You’re IN IT>  this is what I’m talking about.  You are feeling it right now. 

There is a fair amount of speed involved, flow.  See?  Despite being still, in your energy in the flow of energy in your mind, in your feeling in you heart and even in your reading, understanding making sense of the words there is speed!!  In movement with the door open speaks to...well, imagine a flowing blaze of light as if across the sky.  Moving steadily.  And it’s like the sky and the light are the same gel-like consistency and the light is moving like a ball of light through the gel-like sky—the night sky.  That is actually a good way to understand it, for you see the sky and blazing light ARE one.  And as you move withing your life--if it is in a trajectory of peace or love or seeking ideas about science, or understanding about love, or , well let’s stick to those for now, you are moving within an energy field that you are a part of.  You are creating vectors which move in certain direction with steady force and you ride them so to speak.  This is like the dance aspect—you know that you are riding these vectors and it’s like grooving to the music and loving it and having no fear and enjoying the duration and knowing that there will be another song when this ones over and you might keep dancing or you might sit down and rest, or go get a drink and talk with you friends, or pet your dog or shift in any other direction which feels right to you.

So.  The ability to be in movement with the door open at all times is available.  Even I am still learning to do this.  Yes.  Being in movement all the time means being totally one with your desires, riding each of them as they arise, being fully allowing and never needing to control the speed of this and being able to handle the energy of never ending desires surfacing, arching out on their trajectory from your energy, and your consciousness your sense of self continually expanding with the knowledge of what you are, what is, what is being created, what you have intended, what is arising within you.  All of this with allowing and welcome and recognition and awareness.  This is a tall order!  The longing within us all is for this.  I’m not sure we ever do it.  We just do it more and more.  It is glorious nonetheless.  There is no diminishment in doing this for 5 minutes once 10 years ago, as compared to being in this way of being nearly all the time. 

The opening up to your own energy continually guides you to release all that stands in your way.  This connection for all of us articulates what we long for and desire to experience, reminding us of the direction of our energy and the paths which map our creation in the universe.

More and more people are giving in to the ideas that surface within their energies and beginning to take notice of the flow from within. 

Each time this happens there is much more movement, for each of you carries potential for light and expansion beyond anything you can possibly imagine!! 

So you must realize that one of you, opening this doorway to yourself, starts an explosion of light and expansion which is magnificient!!!  And endless!!  And for us, since there is no such experience as time, it is instantaneous—all of this and it fills me and all of us, with GREAT joy!!!  [smile]



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Ailia Mira

Ailia Mira is a channel, artist, author and inspirational speaker. An embodied member of the Council of Radiant Light she is a translator and transmitter of these energies.


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