Are You Discouraged by Conflicting Guidance About Ascension?

Well, if you're feeling this, congratuations.  Your feedback system, your amazingly perfect inner compass is attuned and working well.  This kind of feeling is the emotional equivalent of a siren, or a flashing red light: it's a alert!  It's USEFUL.  It's telling you something like: you're disoriented.  You're out of sync with you.  Like maybe you've let THE authority on all this slip into the background and are listening to other people's guidance and advice?

Realize my lovely ones, there are many paths.

It's increasingly important that we learn to use our heart--to drop out of mental/thinking modes of "figuring things out" and use our heart and a sense of knowing that we feel in our whole energy body to discern what's true and useful for each of us.

And to do this as the ultimate authority on everything.  EVERYTHING.

Got it?  NO ONE knows more about what's right for you than YOU.  I think that bears repeating...


Now I'm not knocking the great gift of encouragement, validation, or even using a guide or a person you trust to help you connect with expanded knowing.  These are all useful and valid tools on your path.  I use them.  Many of us do.  But again, you would use your own sense of what's right for you to choose this person and to evaluate what you experience when working with them.  That is discernment.  And if you agree with what guidance or insight comes forth, and any ideas for healing or growth you're offered, then you apply them again, with discernment.  Do they work?  Do you see a difference?  Does life get better?  More joyful?  More clear?  It ought to. Guidance is supposed to work and improve your experience.  To support you in feeling great and becoming more empowered.

And it's becoming more and more important as the diverse paths to ascension become articulated and sometimes are talked about with such wording and seeming authority as to make you wonder, "OMG--I'm not doing it this way?  Did I miss something?  Am I on the wrong path?  This isn't what I'm experiencing, am I out of it somehow?  Did I miss the chance to be part of this."


All of this is tough to feel, but again, it points to a fundamental mistake in orientation.  YOU have within you everything you need to find your way.  This is true for everyone, and actually so much of this path is about realizing this and then growing our own capacity to find what we need within.  So if you're listening and following your heart, using your focus and energy to grow in this inward clarity and connection, asking for inner guidance and listening, choosing experiences and people who amplify your inner clarity, expand your perspective in ways that feel right and useful to you, and support you believing in yourself, you are perfectly fine and actually doing and being exactly as you need to be to wake up and not just join, but help CREATE the party!

I wrote this today, because once again, I have gotten a lot of emails from readers asking questions about stuff being published and shared.  I too have noticed some pretty wild stuff being circulated following 11-11-11. Emails messages that say they're all about the new Earth but are still speaking duality talk as though some things are bad for us and we cannot possibly kid ourselves thinking we will ascend if we participate in them. Nothing is inherently bad. These are just labels and judgements. Please follow your inner guidance. It may validate what you're reading or hearing, but it may not.  It may be true in this moment, but not in another.  Life is dynamic and changing as are you, and what you need evolves and cycles, is fluid and changing in perfect harmony with the leading edge of you!

Trust that what uplifts and inspires you is perfect for you. It's about our own unique energy field and what will support us moving into wholeness and embodied divinity. There is not one path. So if you're wondering what's "good for you" and "what might get in the way of your ascension," ask yourself and listen.  Pay attention to how things make you feel.  THAT is your answer.

Things and activities are not good/bad...they're just different options.

Choose what makes you feel expansive, filled with love, hopeful, harmonious, balanced and gives you more joy. Listen to your heart. And if you find that challenging, make time to be in silence. Nature is so helpful in aligning me energetically...but what works for you?  Use what works for you. Be YOU.  You are the authority for everything, for you. Do not be distracted by what feels right for others, or what other Lightworkers even advocate passionately.

Bless everyone on their own perfect and wonderful path.  But live your own life.  That's how you eliminate the conflicting feelings about what's true and what's right for you.  You become your own authority on everything.  And amazingly, life from this inner orientation becomes increasingly clear. 

Trust yourself.   Claim what you know.


Traveler 7th December 2011 9:47 am

Meredith, Thank you so much for the incredibly perfect advice. We are all on our own paths together, ascending at different speeds in all directions. You are so right, find what feels right to YOU and follow the signs. I'm moving along at a snails pace it seems, but the view is wonderful! Peace and love to you my friend!

Peaceful Path 7th December 2011 10:44 am

Oh Meredith - thank you for the perfect message at the perfect time. My friend Ann and I just had a phone conversation about these very questions and now the Universe has sent these lovely answers to our questions. Deep Breath!

Starfast 7th December 2011 12:26 pm

Hi Meredith: Okay, you may call me grumpy, but it seems to me that the whole idea of the huge amount of work that Starseeds/Lightworkers, etc, have put into the ascension process needs to have some concrete recognition from our galactic friends. Somehow, oh, well, continue to love yourself and everyone else unconditionally just doesn't cut it anymore, at least not for this Starseed who has been, oh, about 50 years on a path that has left me exhausted, physically/emotionally whipped, with an occasional whiff of bliss to keep me going. Yes, it is fair to say discouraged is the right word. If this is what a "void" feels like, I am in it. Any suggestions on how to overcome the disappointments, other than, gee, work some more on yourself because you're it! Thanks for listening, Starfast

Sululon 7th December 2011 12:58 pm

Thank you!

A message of pure Love and Intelligence!

Incredible advice for anyone and everyone who visits this site or read 'channeled' information.

Thanks again!

Shinzarae 7th December 2011 1:07 pm

Thank you for your heartfelt message. Post 11/11/11, many are playing "Monday morning quarterback" and sharing their noble truths. Prior to 11/11/11, everyone was very hopeful about our "collective" joining together and radiating our consciousness so that we all could raise ourselves "collectively" by ourSelves. It was not about "looking outside of ourselves" as a solution, but rather creating Unity within through our GodSelves.

Certainly, there was anticipation as this was only natural. We had over one million of us in radiance together. The outcome was not as any of us had anticipated and of course there was disappointment - our human condition (optimism) ...and a lesson learned.

Our energy, credibility, faith was in fact diminished. We are picking ourselves up and yet we still do not know what occurred because there has not been a reputable source to share. Sort of hard to believe...

Thus, we are regaining our sovereignty and are now standing on our own two feet (still a bit shakey). We will trust ourSelves because of who we are.

No more dates...It is only "I AM"!

ExpectWonderful 7th December 2011 2:57 pm

Dear Starfast,

Here are my own reflections on what you've shared...
Do I actually do my "lightwork" for acknowledgement? To receive recognition for what I'm doing, for acknowledgement from Galactic Sources? No. I do what I do because it is the most fulfilling expression of who I am. Life gives me an opportunity to explore what kind of presence I wish to create. I choose how I wish to be and emanate in the world, how I wish to express and relate. I do not "make effort" in a transactional way expecting returns or acknowledgement, I am as I am because it is an expression of who I am and what gives me joy, what I love being and doing and what feels right to me.

I am a deeply happy person, generally clear & feeling good. This allows me to share this feeling, to offer it to others. I create this experience on an ongoing basis. I pay attention to what contributes to my happiness and ease as well as to my tension and stress. I continue to learn how to live well for my own fulfillment and happiness. THAT is what I suggest: do what makes you happy. Get happy.

Love, Meredith 7th December 2011 4:38 pm

I guess I'm lucky because I've always taken the long view. This Transition thing is a long journey of potentially hundreds of years, and we are making it taking baby steps. Do I ever get discouraged? Sure. When I am focusing on myself and my mundane surroundings. Is that why I came to Earth at this time? - Honestly. No. I came to be part of the process. Do I see any progress being made? Absolutely. Just look around and acknowledge it. Do I expect "rewards" for the 64 years of work I've put in? - The "work" is its own reward. I do it because it's the right thing for me to do- not because I expect any bonus points in return. At the same time I am very aware of living out of more than one level of consciousness at a time. They alternate or interpenetrate each other. It's why I can be happy and sad at the same time; why I can look at what is happening on the Earth and understand that, no matter how chaotic or negative some of it looks, it's just the Universe seeking to grow and balance itself, and as long as there is growth, there will never be perfect balance, and that's OK.

Asager 7th December 2011 5:18 pm

I feel what starfast means by rewards or acknowledgement, is the gifts of the spirit. When you work on yourself for so many years, you are told you will receive your spiritual gifts, like 3rd eye activation, healing etc.. You are told to Expect, ask and it shall be given, and knock and the door will be opened. After all these years, and bleeding knuckles, to be told to keep working on yourself is very disappointing. So Starfast is only asking for what is promised. Just my opinion

zorro 7th December 2011 6:30 pm

Faith precedes any miracle. The miracle is complete awakening. It does not come from Meredith’s posts or prophecies, but we love them, and they have their place in the acceleration process. The ignition for that occurrence does not take place outside of us, and does not come from watching for a sign that a certain point in the process has arrived. No sign shall be given. Because no sign will be given, it is then possible for individual awareness, faith, and love strengthen to a point of dynamic individual awakenings, “rapture”, or “internal combustion”. When individual internal combustion occurs, there is no further need of reassurances about anything from anyone. At that point “Seth Speaks”, or, the master and wisdom within us blossoms spontaneously. You speak. When this happens across many hearts collectively, because we let it, it is indeed wondrous. Then we see the power of unity. Therefore, let us not “leak” lest we lose our compression. Spiritual compression is needed for ignition where the “gifts of the spirit” manifest. Then you will see flow that runs over the top.

ExpectWonderful 7th December 2011 7:04 pm

What a beautiful description... :smitten:

Starfast 7th December 2011 8:12 pm

Asager, thank you from my heart/mind for your comment. Perhaps you will understand when I say that I have such a deep and abiding love for Planet Earth that it breaks my heart to have knocked on so many doors and not to have had some sort of recognition of my knocking for the good of All That Is, that like your own, my knuckles are bleeding.

Meredith, there was a song that was very popular some time ago about "Don't Worry, Be Happy!" Okay, good one, fine, and as I watched so many people trying so very hard to believe the words of that song, my heart broke again.

It is good to "be happy", but I think you do not realize that before you and those of your generation, that there were many of us working hard to bring to you, and to those who follow you, that very ability. When you walk in nature, you see the beauty. Some of us see the suffering. That does not make us blind.

If I have not expressed myself to your understanding, okay, but please, Meredith, do not talk down to those Starseeds who have brought you the happiness that you claim to now possess.


anthony s 8th December 2011 10:32 am

i to see the suffering that life gos through and strive to be happy and lift my vibration i guess when all of life is no longer suffering we will finally have our rewards of a world free from it starsead you are a beautiful empath who cares about life that's your treasure as is mine our broken hearts are there to be savoured as when you witness such suffering and atrocities who could stand unshaken by it meredith's treasure is what she gives to the world she brings different gifts of beauty lets lift each others spirits the best we can we are fighting the same fight from different branches both are needed xxx

ExpectWonderful 8th December 2011 1:41 pm


Yes, it is good to be happy. Even when the guilt, shame, blame game gets tossed at you!

I am very appreciative of what I've cultivated and for everyone and everything that has created our shared earthly experience, all of it. My happiness and gratitude is not dependent on others noticing it, it just is. I see all of it as useful and reflecting and thus enabling us to choose what we wish to pay attention to and what we wish to create.

I wish you peace and ease.

ExpectWonderful 8th December 2011 1:48 pm

P.S. I truly believe I am an eternal divine being--so there's no rush! No hurry. All good. All for my exploration and expansion. And I trust in the inherent capacity of Gaia and of each of us, to discover our path, and find our bliss. So I allow this. I celebrate the freedom which allows us to all choose and create our own journey. I choose joy!!!

Starfast 8th December 2011 4:34 pm

Hi Meredith:

Thank you for your response. And I choose love and in the full awareness of that choosing I take responsibility for the fact that sometimes I need to be a warrior and thus experience the wounds that come from that choice. May joy and love meet as One.


Loki 26th December 2011 11:50 am

Meredith, your message really hits home with me and I feel very resonant with your attitude. I totally understand how Starfast is feeling as well. I've been there too. But my guides kindly coax me along and remind me to be patient. We are beyond the test, and yet we have hidden the truth so we can find it once again. We have agreed to surf the waves of duality. At times I have given myself a day off from all hope, all effort to change anything, or even understand anything. No meditation, no breathing techniques, not much talking it over with God. Just be my human self, with nowhere to go. But then I HAVE TO resume my path. I don't seem to have a choice because it's a permanent part of me to make the swim upstream, like a salmon. This is how I remind myself that I'm under no obligation to improve from any "outside" force, or entity. (Take a break)I don't care how long it takes. I have been rewarded in ways that I constantly discover. I remind myself that God has lived through every experience with me. I am gently guided home to the knowledge of mySelf.


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