Arrival: Beyond the 10-10-10 Stargate

To YOU Who Have Re-membered Your Beauty!

From beyond knowing you emerge into being.  Having released all that you were before you enter this new domain of life shimmering!  Luminous.  Transparent.  Radiant, crystalline—carrying codes and knowledge and your own cosmic blueprint—and find yourself newly formed by gravity, heat, light and willingness upon a new frontier.

In this land of emerging potentials, the Law of One is the law of the land.  Inter-IS-ness is experientially valued and love is abundantly available!  Now, let us commence the work at hand.

Very little exists in form here.  In order for the entire system which is YOU which is EARTH to tip, in one spontaneous moment into residency here, we will need, together and individually to get about the business of creating.

There are three things which you must do in order to fulfill your new role as a renegade settler of the new earth:

1.    Protect Your Energy

2.    Listen to your Divine Light within for Inspiration

3.    Affirm and celebrate one another.

That’s it!

That’s actually a lot.

Let’s open up and enter into a new relationship with BE-ing which is coming forth and is online for you to tap into, download and commence upon completion of the key aspects of prior phases: integration of BE-ing rather than DO-ing (choose more do less); integration with the Unified Field and re-connection with your divine soul blueprint.

Protecting your energy is increasingly important

As the dynamics on Earth become increasingly dynamic you will find those who exist on the energy of others finding it more and more difficult and their experience will intensify.  As individual focus points of light become fully resourced from within and sovereign in nature, you will not be as available to others in terms of donating and actually “leaking” your energy to them through being triggered and excited by their usual and truthfully—unconscious—antics deeply embedded to provide them with access to life energy.

They would only experience a deepening of shame to realize they are doing so; let them discover this on their own.  But for YOU, Lightworkers, having awoken in this new, spacious land, it is time to realize that you will indeed want to be a source of energy flowing from the Great Central Sun and into form without distraction.  There is much to be done!

A civilization is evaluated by its wholeness.  You have participated many times in the Earth’s civilization and as such this is in part why you are here now and why you did so, all rolled up in one!  You came many times to prepare for now, you are here now because you have so many ideas and observations from your other experiences here that you see great opportunity for creativity, innovation, harmonizing…for flavoring the Earth soup exquisitely and subtly, such that it is nourishing and palatable for all!

This civilization you will shape and extend into structure, process, networks of connectivity and patterns of communication, alignment, BE-ing and co-creation is but a single celled organism now.  As with all life, it exists holus-bolus!  In its entirety, and yet the diversification the specificity of this wholeness depends on the uniqueness and the cosmic blueprint which is you.

Begin to consider the elemental qualities of experience one might see in the New Earth from a distance.  The peaceful qualities of a beautiful blue and green planet, flowing into culture and civilization that amplify, diversify and yet maintain this amazing beauty of life, abundance, balance, movement—which are visible from afar—this is the orienting vision for you to play with.

Listen to Your Divine Light from Within

You can confidently trust yourself!  Having become profoundly aligned with the Zero-Point you are increasingly in great if not full alignment with the Unified Field.  Your Divine Soul Presence communicates to you in dreams, meditation and in simple urgings arising as desires and inspiration.  Trust your light flowing from within and BE as a force of the Universe; activate potential and energy to initiate the process of convergence into form and human experience.  Bring forth that which makes your heart soar!  Trust that what is glorious for you is indeed a blissful experience for many others and give life to new forms and consciousness; pave the way for happiness and well-being in our New Earth!

We, your beloved friends, your soul family, the Ascended Masters—all who watch rapt with love and idealism have not been disappointed with anything which is taking place!  We are AWED by you!  You have often turned to us for clarity, direction, love, support, guidance.  We are happy to be of service.  Now though we are really on the sidelines as the act of creativity in your new world although we may encourage, or help you to clarify your own inner direction, we are unable to create in your sphere; that magic is yours.

And so Magicians of the New Earth: take out your wands!

Give birth to all that makes sense to you.  Do not doubt!  Do not hesitate!  Light loves speed…so flow and be fed more energy!  If you make “mistakes” re-create and re-vise!  Commence the creation of the New Earth templates for civilization and culture.

Affirm and Celebrate one another

There are many more Earth angels coming to join you.  Some are still deeply resting.  Some are deep in intensity which will be the catalyst to their awakening.  Some look and long to be where you are.  Some know where you are is merely an arm’s length away and within no time, they will join you.  But YOU, you know who you are.

You for whom ease, abundance, clarity and light are flowing consistently into your experience and for whom this 10-10-10 portal found you awakening to see an entirely new person in the mirror, YOU have work to do.  The stuff you came here for!  So get on with it my dear ones.

The show must go on, and we, in the peanut gallery, are squealing with delight at all that is already and will take place.  For we too jump in time and read the end of the story sometimes…and part of what is SO exciting about this one, is how much it changes, all the time!

Realize that each of you is experiencing this process perfectly as you chose and continue to choose.  Celebrate and affirm one another.  Play your part to the hilt.  Love all the others in the game with you and realize the beauty of their performance. 

The Law of One, which liberates so much, including the emergence of completion, informs all that you are, sense, wish to act upon and enjoy.

You have rewired your body, mind and emotional nature and aligned all of this with Spirit.  For you matter will start to open up and reveal it’s inner essence as energy!  As you begin to know matter directly as consciousness, this consciousness and energy flows into your body cells carrying explicit information and loads of energy.  Your life will be somewhat incomprehensible to others, as you elevate different rule apply to your entire experience.

Do not become too enamored with all of this.  Embrace and appreciate the role you have chosen in preparing and laying the groundwork for the New Earth.  Do not become distracted by those who cannot relate to your experience or who question it.  Know that your presence, your clarity creates a momentary restoration of order, of wholeness in anyone who is lost or at the time of your encounter confused.  Rest in this.  You will be living from a place of great security and personal power.  You are beyond external validation; trust your inner knowing and commence the creation of the new culture reflecting here on Earth your sense of love, unity and beauty.  Order longs to converge with energy; you are the missing dancer in the dance!

The music has started.  Join together and as Ashira would do herself…sing the future into being, with the harmonic qualities of your focus here and now.

I AM Naeshira.  Envying your form and celebrating joyously your outrageous new beginning!



nancicunha 11th October 2010 11:13 am

This message is totally awesome, and is wonderful to be part of your family. Have a great day full of L.O.V.E
your sister


Satya 11th October 2010 12:13 pm

No words to describe my joy here. THANK YOU!

k 11th October 2010 3:20 pm

I think I remember now where I left my ruby slippers. Thanks for this message. :).

johneblums 12th October 2010 12:46 am

"Protect Your Energy" Fooooooy ? God-I-am Being !! Does Mother-Father God-dess "protect" their Energy ????? I Am a Child of Divine Light and I am here to share that divine light, which is beyond any human understanding of duality and cannot be diminished or manipulated by human thoughts or action, for it is my shining Etern-el El-luminescent Spirit.
Those who use such words do not yet truly possess the knowldege and wisdom or unity with their Logos.


ExpectWonderful 12th October 2010 1:53 am


Thank you for your observation! "Protect Your Energy" Fooooooy ? God-I-am Being !! Does Mother-Father God-dess "protect" their Energy ?????

What I received from Naeshira was a sense to care for our energy, build it, understand it and yes--protect it. Not as in suggesting we're vulnerable, as in reminding us to consciously consider how where we place our focus affects our energy level.

Your note reminds me that certain words, like "protect" have so many associations with them its hard to hear them differently. Thank you.

Love to all of you and thank you for the sharing here!:)

Peaceful Path 12th October 2010 12:40 pm

What an amazing celebration! :smitten:
I love "Realize that each of you is experiencing this process perfectly as you chose and continue to choose. Celebrate and affirm one another. Play your part to the hilt. Love all the others in the game with you and realize the beauty of their performance."
I am so ready to come to this party!
much love

k 12th October 2010 9:48 pm

JohnBlums, I feel like I do have to protect my energy. Some of us are very sensitive to the energy of people around us and can be drained. Initially, I thought this was just my imagination, but I have learned that the phenomenon for me is real. I know that I can not spend a great deal of time in crowds. The last time I did, I slept for two weeks afterward and dealt with some depression. I do not understand this, but I do know, I have to protect myself. I recall being in a group of people who were watching a video of gloom and doom, I left the room for a considerable amount of time, but again convinced myself the tension I felt was my imagination. I focused on pleasant thoughts and reentered the room and was overwhelmed by the tension while the video continued to talk about the destruction of the earth from global warming. I have noticed that my dogs actually seem to protect me from undesirable energies. There is more to a dog than meets the eyes or that we understand. I sense the energy of the people in my auric field, and I am senstive enough that I do have to protect myself.

k 12th October 2010 10:25 pm

Subsequently, I have found peace and contentment in a secluded place in a forest with my three dogs and a wonderful, playful, puppy. For the first time since I can remember, I am content. I frequently go for 10 days or more without seeing another person. So, today when I checked my mail I had a bundle that had collected over the past three weeks. I am almost prepared for the winter here, it will be a long hibernation, where I will, like all the other animals in the forest around me depend on Mother Nature and my good sense to keep me and my buddies comfortable. Do I worry about the latest fashion or what star is having an affair, or what the neighbors think about me? I worry about my fellow creatures in the forest and pray that they are content and do not suffer if the weather becomes sever. It is amazing that a small spot of bird seed on the ground, can be found in this vast forest that I frequently get lost in. I do not need protection from these wonderful creatures, but from some people I really do.

k 12th October 2010 10:57 pm

Johneblums, I bet you are thinking that I am a weak pansy who is not able to take life on. But, I went into a General Surgical Residency, when women in that field were considered inferior and not up to the task. I worked in emergiency rooms for 23 years and I have faced some hard people and situations. I have had a hard shell and I can really be a bitch when I have to be, but I still find that some people can drain me in a way I do not understand.


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