Arrival: Newness and Flowing the I AM

Remaining aligned with what is within you is what’s on tap for today.  Drink into your being all that arises in your inner knowing.  Allow it to cross-inform all of your BE-ing and realize you are continually being elevated and clarified.

You have asked to embody your entire I AM presence in this point of experience! The transformation is profound!  You will awaken to ideas and influences within your life that you never anticipated…and yet!  There will be a sense of rightness to them.  A knowing that you are indeed, divinely guided.

Within your I AM connection there are no agendas other than the expressive preferences of YOU; the unique energetic signature through which infinite resources flow.  As such, the ideals of the ego and the thinking process that have contributed to your decision making and choices in the past will be by-passed for your greater good!

Instead you will be innately and divinely guided to that which will deeply satisfy and nourish you.  That which will flood your life with well-being.

Try not to bring old fears and concerns about responding to life from now on as you have in the past.  Do not carry forward an expectation that you are capable of disappointing yourself in these new ventures!  You are refined and new in this moment, and completely able to experience the wisdom and oneness which you are without interference from the past that you were.

The way to do this is to yield fully to your inner guidance and love yourself immensely!  Realize that you have gifted your Self with this opportunity for fulfillment, but even more than fulfillment—for in non-physical expression you are entirely fulfilled—the newness here is what is so delicious!  The newness is the particular moment in time/space in which you choose to locate this focus reading this page and experiencing this Earth timeline and within this—harmonizing and making beauty more abundant and more richly complex and more radiant, and more light...All-That-Is.  Contributing this and making it visible to ALL.

This newness is what you came here for.

This is ascension.  Ascension is endless.  It is elevation of consciousness and expansion of the experience of dimensions.  You are BE-ing this.  It is the eternal, diverse, and here, beautifully collective arc of consciousness.

I AM Naeshira.



Anne333 18th October 2010 10:58 pm

Yes! I can see more and more that I am one with everything and to realize where I am limiting myself. I am flowing more and more with the guidance within me and giving myself the freedom to choose something different when I don't like how things are happening in my experience. Thank you for the reminder to be gentle with me.


Ron Laswell 19th October 2010 8:31 pm

So, here I am reading, when all of sudden, I realize, 'go back, go back, read that again.' What caught my deeper attention, focus, and awareness was your wonderful statement that we limit our progress by bringing our past reactions into our present realities. Even now I struggle with this one, but fortunately, a re-newed sense of myself says I'm not giving up, not giving in, and in spite of any setbacks, I am going to make it this time, no matter how many attempts it requires that I make to finally get it right! Thanks, Meredith.