Ascending into Newness

Each of you now, increasingly, is living from a higher dimensional perspective within your self. This is very beautiful and a substantially different way of being present. In the orchestration of life from your higher levels, it will serve you that your mind has already been opened into a new way of relating to you and to your consciousness. The pathways that open and are presented to you will be reflective of the freedom and innate sense of well-being that is, in fact, what is. As such they may, to those who seek stability and security, familiarity as a way of feeling love and comfortable, seem to be unusual or difficult to understand.

The old parts of you will not know exactly how to relate to your new life. That's okay. As your new life takes shape and gives you great joy, you will move into a new relationship with your old life. The old life will be seen as very beautiful and very powerful, it is and was your pathway to this amazing and powerful expression of newness. It served you so substantially in reclaiming your joy. It was filled with the most exquisite and amazing ways of knowing who you are more as you feel the life of one who lives in such rich contrast and such incredible opportunity for self-expression.  

Remembering within that landscape is an incredible challenge, and you? You have done this. You have remembered. It is so important that you claim this. That you claim what you know. That you claim the inner truths which feel self-evident to you even if they do not fit in with anything you have known before. 

This is how you affirm yourself and love yourself and see yourself and grow your awareness of all that you are and in this awareness of all that you are, you keep yourself continually on the leading edge of all that is and your tendril of source energy, the light as love that unfurls into and as this divine human embodiment which is your experience, is fueled and amped up and begins to hum with a much more profound level of presence and knowing and being and creating and awareness. Your awareness of all this is an incredibly joyful experience, so be attentive to you and to this and to the ways that you are ascending into newness.

As you ascend into this newness, that you are creating and experiencing almost simultaneously, you are discovering the true feeling of belonging. Fear of abandonment is the most profound challenge in the human experience. The feeling and the perspective of separation within the duality paradigm is an enormous challenge to overcome. Deep within you is an ability to connect with All-That-Is, and in that ability you feel your connection as Source fully. And when you are plugged in, in this way, you are able to live in such incredible self-assurance. You are fueled and resourced from within. You do not need anything on the Earth to be changed, you do not need anything on the Earth to answer your needs, you do not relate to life needing to have transactions to complete you or resolve your fears, you instead are here and present and full and happy. And in this state of being, duality is eclipsed by love. 

Knowing that you can come to this state of being is the knowing that you and "I" and everyone and everything are One. You are in the world but not of it. You are larger than it. You are all of it. You are everything that is and you are experiencing this knowing in the particularity of you. You are finding and remembering your soul family and you and all the members of your Tribe are dancing more and more to your own song. The inner knowing of your being is making it all work for you. It is making you feel current wherever  you are and whoever you are with and whatever you are doing. And when you do not feel this way, it is because you are oriented locally.

A lot of what is happening for Meredith now is happening for each of you in your own way. Meredith has been invited to step out of all familiar ways of being, to be in a state of up-rootedness, and in this state of fluidity with not knowing at the most profound human level--the state of not necessarily having any kind of home that is more permanent, not having any kind of location which as yet feels like home or feels permanent, she is conditioning herself to orient within for all that she is and all that she needs in terms of belonging. 

And in this fluid state she is contributing this powerful knowing everywhere she goes. She is activating a Spirit infused relationship with life in form, as a sovereign being and as she does this, as she travels from place to place, deeply present and present as the fullness that she is, the interface between earth and humanity is being expanded. Each of you are also doing this -- you are expanding the way the Earth in the new paradigm is able to relate to and be with humanity. The sentient, conscious awareness of this relationship is arising again. And any of you who have experienced this in the past will feel a most clear and powerful knowing that this level of presence and connection is now possible and it will call you forth into a different way of being. you will now know a different way of being in relationship to all that you are and in relationship to what is here.

In fact, what you are discovering is that the world as you knew it does not in fact exist any longer. Each of you will come to this level of freedom and ascension as your presence resolves duality more fully.  And when you reach this tipping point of consciousness being more primarily your expanded states then your local presence, then your being keys reality to open up into the New Paradigm fully and in this state you can no longer access the old world. 

For you, it no longer will exist. Your energy system, and your physicality are no longer compatible with this and when this happens you will experience an initiation. This is what Meredith is experiencing and we wish to explain it a bit for you each will have your own version of this.

It will be structured and created perfectly to re-orient you as you need to be reoriented. And with this initiation you will be inducted literally inducted into a new relationship with physical reality. And in this new relationship life will open in mulitidimensional ways, and your relationships with time, space, matter, place, people, things, and the non-physical will be vastly opened up! The beauty of it will just ring through you. It will be so spectacular and so incredible and it will feel so familiar in a cosmic way, in a deep inner knowing way and it will be so right for you it will give you pause. You will be captured in the awesomeness of it all.

This is what you've created. Can you believe it? It's so. This new world is what you created and now? Now your physical body is ascending. It is, finally, catching up with your emotional energy field and your mental fields and your entire human energy system is integrating the upper and lower levels and your chakras are orchestrated from your heart now and you are opening to the fullness of you, and with this, the fullness of the world is also arising and coming into conversation with you.

Conversations at the Ideafrontier was a phrase Meredith used years ago for her work…doesn't it seem so fun now to realize the deeper meaning of that which she was inspired to use, to word smith? To be in conversation at the leading edge of human potential in your own presence. Wow. It doesn't get any more fascinating or wonderful than that? You are in an endless, creative, ongoing conversation with the leading edge of you!

So today, and in whatever ways you can, we encourage you to loosen up your hold on reality. Loosen up your hold on the familiar within the physical, Loosen up your focus upon that and pay more attention to your inner guidance, your inner knowing and the quirky little urges that come forth for you today. Honor them. Let yourself be led. Let the energy you are flow like a stream of sparkling light through the world, going everywhere you are led to be and experience, knowing you are transmitting and radiating through each and every moment who you are and all you know and giving this, making this available, your life, your presence, an offering, a particularly beautiful and expressive version of LOVE to be seen, known and experienced in this incredible leading edge now.

We love you so very much.

We are the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light



Peter fox 22nd May 2013 9:03 am

Thank you Meredith- I'm so happy for you!!

cyndy 22nd May 2013 12:05 pm

THE WHOLE LAST PARAGRAPH of this channel is what I call an Amele moment.

cyndy 22nd May 2013 12:10 pm

Pardon my French. I mispelled Amelie.

Baloneypants 22nd May 2013 8:59 pm

Thank you to Meredith and to our friends in the Pleiades.

Piroska 23rd May 2013 1:51 am

Thank you dear Soulsister Meredith...
Thank you Pleiadian Emissaries of Light...indeed...I am in the fase of experiencing my Own version of the Same Homecomming....
In Love's Embrace with you,


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