August 2011 Energy Update - Getting a Second Wind, Grounding to Create Change

So we begin a new month, and this month we are orienting to the availability of the New Earth hologram and each of us is invited to place all of our focus on the emerging New Earth and ground our light there and within ourselves.

After sharing the channeling about the 5th World of Prophecy is Fulfilled, I received an unusual amount of email.  In all of this, only one person asked if anyone else was "disappointed."  I loved this email so much for it brought forth the hidden desire of the heart that somehow the manifestation of the 5th world hologram would change the world in ways that just "happened."  With all the challenges this path we're on includes, I was so touched by the honest and heartfelt longing expressed in this email.  I admire the courage of this person who dared say, "Gee--I had this hope that some of this really unbalanced stuff in our world would just get resolved--like magic!"

How many of us kinda secretly wish this was so? 

I, like you, have read the emails that say, the star ships will appear, the US Treasury will give us all money, etc...and despite how weary and at times discouraging this can all be, none of these rescue scenarios are consistent with the ultimate freedom of our experience here.  No--instead it is somehow a reflection of our own disempowerment--a reflection of that within us that perhaps doesn't feel worthy or doesn't know how or is afraid we're not up to the task of learning/remembering how to create heaven on earth. 

Yet, I remind us all, as so many of us have noticed: WE are the change we seek.  So August is here and perhaps it's time to cultivate a second wind (or a third, fourth or whatever number...depending on the length of time this has been going on for you...) and take the reins again, grounding our light to create the change we seek.

The birth of the New Earth hologram is an enormous milestone on our journey to planetary ascension; but it's NOT planetary ascension!  The timing and creation of this collective aspiration is taking place supported by vast energetic forces--within our galaxy and within each of is a giant amazing mystery!  And one in which our participation is a dynamic and powerful element.

Each of us still has to turn inward and resolve the duality within our own experience to play our part and together co-create this New Earth!  So we celebrate this milestone and allow ourselves to really realize all that we have accomplished.  And then, we use this joy to give us strength and determination for what's ahead: the creation of this world of peace. We focus more on learning to relate to the contrast and diversity of the Earth from a divine perspective, learning to embrace our ability to transform our world by grounding our own increasing light and learning to manifest and create the changes we wish to experience.  And we begin again--in expanded ways--the amazing process of harmonizing with the Earth and together birthing our new collective frequency and culture.

This process, of individual and collective awakening is a long and very challenging process.  Isn't it's so lovely to have milestones--individually and collectively--that mirror what is shifting, healing, expanding, growing?  They encourage us and show us that we are making a difference and that we are capable of this amazing aspiration toward embodying love and light.  I treasure the gifts of our recent newness and I feel so joyous to experience this and share in the awareness and recognition of this with others.

Now, I am allowing myself the time and the activities I need to nourish myself, to rest, to integrate and doing the practical things to re-align my life with my own leading edge--informed in part by this milestone--so I can go forward and continue the collective and my own individual awakening.  (Which are, naturally and fundmantally one thing!)  In essence, I am cultivating and allowing for myself to get a second wind!  And I need it!

Opening to higher frequencies can feel SO very delicious.  The awakening which transforms, also must then be grounded into our life.  So our path is about preparing ourselves so that we might have a visceral, energetic experience of our true nature: to merge with everything and KNOW we are One. And we must also learn how to bring that knowing and experience into our lives and live and create from this perspective.

This experience has often been called kundalini awakening or kundalini rising.  Or enlightenment.  Perhaps you have had this experience?  Or some taste of this experience?  An energetic experience that made irrefutable the innate Oneness of all that we are?

Many of us who are aware of the ride on this ascending energy arc, have tuned in and felt the blissful states of love and harmony, peace and oneness, in some ways and it is pure heaven, right?

And we're here to bring heaven to earth and so I remind us now, that the invitation is: ground your light and create the change to make that new world reflecting heaven on earth a physical and energetic reality! 

And so, at this time, as we begin a new month in a new energetic field (the 5th world hologram is now up and running) I ask you to turn inward and see where you are with all this and to bring your life into alignment to support your participation and your unfolding.  Both of which are essential and vital to the whole that we are!

To orient yourself to this, I share two major themes or quests in our collective awakening that I observe and which help me to look at my own life and those of the people who choose to co-create with me.

There is the path of awakening, which for many is still unfolding.  This quest opens one to this energetic knowledge--the experience of Oneness.  Ideally one is able to truly prepare yourself energetically to connect and know life viscerally this way, to allow the energy of source to flow through you and to connect with this fundamental oneness--then there is a gradual building to this which allows for more ease and understanding as the experience takes place.

The other quest follows our awakening(s); and it is the pathway in which we learn to ground our experience, our enlarged perspective and really--all of your light--and to create/co-create from this enlightened perspective and understanding, our lives and the New Earth.

Both of these are vital paths and may take place in overlapping fashion as our awakening unfolds, as the Earth continues to heal and move into wholeness and others evolve too--we create crescendos and openings for one another and in our collective--for what takes place in one of us increases the potential in all of us.   Both of these paths open us to and are expressions of skillful ways of being a divine being on Earth. 

So I invite you to see check in with you and see how you understand your own awakening relative to these experiences.

For those who understand Oneness as a concept, have you felt this energetically?  Have you experienced the dissolution of your self into the vast field of all that is?  Or moments of this, glimpses.  When we shift into these experience we receive great support, it gives us heart and more confidence.   We grow toward this.  Although some experience spontaneous and complete awakening, generally this is a gradual unfolding.  We cultivate this through many things--meditation, time in nature, yoga, prayer, intention, letting go, therapy, energy and body work, chakra clearing, etc.  It is our own desire to know, within ourselves, the true nature of our being, that illuminates this path.  We innately seek our own undeniable experience of the Oneness we suspect really is the ground of all being. 

Grounded creativity is that which reflects your ability to take your light and flow it into form.  It's using energy to create the abundance, relationships, health, home, clarity, inspiration, work and way of being that is an expression of and fulfills you.  It's also co-creating the culture and community you live in--it's creating shared visions of life that include the sacredness of all living things.  It's informed by your knowing of y/our true identity.  It expands the collective capacity for perception and experience as well as grounding it by creating physical forms and ways of living that reflect this vaster knowing.

Both of these quests are paths to reclaiming our innate identities as limitless eternal creator beings.  And our journey is to dissolve, heal, resolve, enlarge, shift, in any way that releases all that limits or blocks these pathways opening fully.

So just getting all of this opened up is one challenge.  But collectively to then bring this forth into our civilization and culture; to co-create a world which honors all life, from the awareness of our true identity--THIS is the point of what we're here for now.

For many throughout time (and remember--some of these are other aspects of us--our lifetimes!) the experience of re-entering the "world" after a cosmic experience of bliss as Oneness, has been a real challenge.  In the past those who had this experience sometimes did NOT re-enter normal life.  Spiritual pursuits were seen as separate from worldly pursuits.  And to be spiritual often took one out of society and culture and into a more "pure" and private space that was spiritual and renounced the material or "worldly" lifestyle aspects.  There were times in the past when it was not even safe, literally, to openly share these experiences--and these wounds exist in our selves and in our collective and we must bring them into the larger wisdom of the present moment.

Now we are remembering and re-awakening to the innate spirituality of everything that is.  And infusing all of experience with an awareness of source energy and ultimately preparing and learning how to create a civilization and culture that reflect our true nature and the true nature of all that is here on Earth.  We are of the light and serving the Divine Plan and we are submitting to our heart, resolving the emotional and mental habits and perceptions that limited our sense of our own divine nature and moving toward a fuller embodiment of our Soul Self so we may bring forth the uniqueness of our vision.   Each of us carries essential and potent qualities expressing source energy in beautifully unique and important ways.

And so we are all vital and important and each of us awakens to this truth in our own way.  It is this greater collective awakening and then coming together to create the changes in our world and the way we relate to all life on our planet which is the great divine creator role we came here to fulfill.  This is the planetary upliftment we aspire to, as urged by the rhythms and unity of the One source which flows within all of us.

It has often been very challenging after an experience of this heavenly bliss to know how to live one's life.  For some who have had near-death experiences there is even the question "IF" one wants to continue in this form.  For all of us here and now though, obviously--it's our arena for aliveness and creativity--this planet, this body, this lifetime...and so we must turn our attention toward, "How do we bring forth and ground our light and create the change in our world to shape the New Earth and contribute our unique vision to this new emerging landscape?"

I love the title of Jack Kornfield book, "After the Ecstasy, the Laundry," which speaks to this very transition.  No matter how often we experience ecstatic states of consciousness, there is still a great deal to be done here on Earth and the healthy growth of our capacity to integrate and ground all this is the ultimate challenge of this particular epoch of human experience and planetary upliftment.

So like this tree above, our light--our multidimensional awareness and our consciousness is being revealed, we are creating a living mirror--as above, so below.  Our roots like a tree, need to be deep and grounded for us to fulfill our aspirations!  As we learn to feel our divine nature, we are transformed.  As we learn to ground ourselves, and not be just floating in etheric bliss--we become more and more capable of manifesting our vision.  In order to manifest we have to be grounded.  Grounding bring energy into physical form.  Our intentions might be to on a daily basis ground all the vast, mystical experiences we are having into our human energy field, "for the benefit of all, and in alignment with the Divine Plan."

And as our ability to live from the vast knowing of our true nature, flows into the grounded energy form we embody, we as Soul living in a human form begin to re-assemble heaven on Earth.  And this is our ultimate focus.  And the newness of the game is that now we're on a different playing field; the New Earth hologram has emerged and we can now build and create, heal and resolve together here, and create a world of peace that reflects our growing confidence in our true nature and in which all of life may thrive in harmony and balance.

So this month, I encourage you to take time and give yourself whatever it takes to recharge your batteries, soothe your heart, allow deep integration of all the changes of the past to emerge into a new platform for yourself; one of empowerment, courage, peace, strength and focus.  One which is guided by your increasingly wise heart, informed by the divine truth of all that is, and reflects the beauty which is you.


zorro 4th August 2011 6:44 am

“The birth of the New Earth hologram is an enormous milestone on our journey to planetary ascension".

As above, so below. It is of no small coincidence that on July 20th, 2011, GE Global Research announced a breakthrough in micro-holographic storage technology. Blu-Ray’s may soon be a thing of the past. It is now possible to record holographically at Blu-Ray speed.

It was not that long ago that CD’s replaced tape (VHS) (1991). CD’s record on the surface only. This was improved somewhat with DVD, (1996). Then a few years ago, (2000) Blu-Ray replaced CD’s by allowing recording 4 layers deep, allowing that much more information into the disk. With Holographic recording we can now use the entire volume of disk material to get 20X the storage capacity of Blu-Ray.

And how does that correlate to what is happening to us physically. We’ve gone from a surface experience (CD) to going a little deeper in our spiritual capacities (Blu-Ray), and could it be we will soon be using the whole volume our physical capacities holographically?

As above, so below.

Tzaddi 4th August 2011 10:40 am

Thanks, Meredith. Again, your words have struck a chord--especially re' the duality of power--helplessness vs. personal power. And thanks, too, for "permission" to recharge batteries in August. I'm personally looking forward to reading a book that has nothing whatsoever to do with anything I've been up to fort he past year. ;>)

rachelsnyder 4th August 2011 11:10 am

Thanks, zorro, for this perspective. It's the grounding piece that I am enjoying the most right now: the integration of the (allegedly) disparate realms of science and spirituality, masculine and feminine, head and heart, heaven and earth. Let the poles fall where they may!

zorro 4th August 2011 6:08 pm

Great point, Rachel. Let’s enter into a state of suspended animation, especially during this grand-cross period, where wholeness rules and embraces mind and heart, and everything that no longer belongs, falls away naturally. Let’s see what then streams forth. We’ve all been partial to some extent, maintaining an unconscious polarity, as a result of trying to hold onto what must now leave. Let's get comfortable in our center.

rachelsnyder 4th August 2011 11:22 pm

Beautifully said, Zorro. A lovely postscript to Meredith's timely and potent message.


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