Casting My Fate With A Dog

Living with golden retrievers is one of the doorways to bliss on my path to elevated consciousness...I kid you not.  I've turned over myself entirely to what I can learn from Jackson.

David Hawkins, who wrote "Power vs. Force" (highly recommended reading) tells us that the entrainment or influence of higher energy fields has an anabolic effect on us.  In our bodies, anabolic processes tend toward "building up" organs and tissues. These processes produce growth and differentiation of cells and increase in body size, a process that involves synthesis of complex molecules.  So being around high-vibe energy fields or systems actually is growth-enhancing (metaphorically and literally).

Likewise, entrainment by lower fields of energy have a catabolic, or destructive effect. (ouch!)

So if you seek bliss, joy, happiness and enlightenment, you in essence, are seeking entrainment of the most powerful, high-vibe attractor patterns; the highest vibrations of coherence and frequency. 

To really get this going, we need to do this consistently, which takes a conscious choice--an act of focus and will. 

This is where amazing dogs come in.  I'm into ease, not work.  And daily contact with Jackson, who is just a glorious peaceful being of joy and delight--well he has all kinds of ways to get my attention.  He's very quick to come bug me by putting his nose under my elbow, when I've been sitting at my desk all day, or to scratch at the door, go outside seemingly to pee, but instead sneaks around to the front yard by pushing opening the door I've blocked with plants and then rolls in the grass and when he's done sits next to the roses in the sun and enjoys the breeze if there's one.  He's knows how to tell me it's WAY-time to take a break, go outside for a bit.

So living with him is a consistent invitation to play, to ease, to receive and gift affection, to get the picture.

I've found that even holding the image of him in my mind when I'm not home immediately influences my in a very positive way-- thinking about him brings me, my body and my energy field strength and energy.

In many spiritual traditions and in sports, aspirants seek out great gurus and coaches in part because of the simple energy of their influence; which inspires greatness (through entrainment).

So you've seen the movies or read the books where having a wonderful dog changes someone's life.  It's true.  It does.  But here's the rub: the dog is just a consistent willing channel for the expansive energy of all that is.

Are you?

None of us escape the influence of the fields of energy we come into contact with.  The choices we make with our attention determine what influences and eventually shapes our behavior our thoughts our feelings and the foundation of perspective--our frequency.

So who knew when I brought him home, that the connection with my dog would become the doorway to such amazing things?  Through entrainment with his glorious energies I tap into my own resonant connection with the expansive energy of all-that-is. 

Jackson, teaches me what many spiritual teachers have taught devoted human beings over and over again; that I only have to discover that which I already am and let it flow.


Barbara 22nd February 2011 5:27 am

Oh boy Meredith how right you are!!!!! Lida an 8 month puppy has entered our lives since Nov of 2010 and what doors has she opened....!!!! Thank you for reaffirming this!! :smitten:

maniktwin 22nd February 2011 11:12 am

how right you are! Black Toy Poodle Zipper keeps us up and running, less isolated. Thank God/Dess for Zipper!

zenface 22nd February 2011 11:35 am

Thank you so much for sharing Merideth!!! This really does make sense. My dog Kirby was my reason for getting out of bed at the lowest points in my life. The darkness was so thick at one point, that he had to call in reinforcements. I was at the humane society one day, just looking. I felt this nose nudge my hand. This dog wasn't on the adoption floor and I would never have seen him if he didn't nudge me. Enter Panzer. They have both helped me to get through the darkness. I am so glad that they are still here to share in the light! They are so different now. Even more loving than they were before. It is amazing. To say that I am blessed to have both of these creatures in my life is a serious understatement! :)

bettina 23rd February 2011 6:00 am

I am so blessed to have Jo Jo. :smitten: We found each other after the loss of a cruelty case we adopted. It is a sad story; however, I found Jo Jo on an internet site for adoptive pets nation wide, and so happy she waited for me to rescue her. I think that she is the one who has and continues to rescue me as I walk this sometimes rocky path. She truly is my Angel Dog. A friend's friend made a comment the other night that struck me oddly. I was invited to a play, and I had mentioned I had to think about the timing as I had my fur-baby at home. The friend's friend had said; 'don't you find having a dog a pain? I mean, they need constant care. At least with a cat, you can leave them alone for a long time.' :o I replied: 'My dog is one of the best things that has ever come in to my life. Her companionship and love surpasses any human' :) Thank you Meridith for sharing this wonderful story and reminder. :angel:

Steve and Patrica Amarant 23rd February 2011 1:44 pm

Awesome Dear Star Sister! Yes Yes Yes to Being One with
the doG = goD. We bless you and Jackson Now and forever.


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