Converging as Infinite Time

Message from Sirian Archangel Hermes

Greetings my fellow beings of light!  I am honored to transmit to you through the openings to your plane of experience which now allow for our contact in expanded ways…wonderful indeed.

I wish to share with you some expanded perspectives about what is taking place within your cellular transformation to crystalline light, and how this is affecting the Earth, the galaxy and beyond, as well as what you may do with this altered state of being.

Incorporating infinite time into your new Lightbody is what is taking place right now for many of you living on the leading edge and currently focused on Earth.

This means that you are having moments of infinite time awaken in your experience of alignment; you are moving continually--and intermittently there are moments in which you are in entire vertical alignment with your divine soul song.  In these points of eternal focus you experience a moment of infinite time.

Infinite time is an ever-expanding reality and a powerful point of creativity.  In this vortex of being you have access to all that you are and all that you ever will be, as that exists in the eternally incomplete, never-get-it-done-now.  {Smile.}  This is a perhaps something difficult to comprehend, but increasingly as timelines converge you will know yourselves in what you might think of as simultaneous, or parallel, past and future versions of focus as one energy field in the present.  You will begin to construct, to dream into being—if you will—your life, from a knowing that is informed from the desires birthed in seeing/being/knowing your self from an infinite timeless perspective.

As you orient more deeply to your vibration in all time/no time, you will experience a wholeness of you; you will know yourself as a radiant generative energy source which you will increasingly understand with a matter of fact awareness and a peaceful, grounded way of referencing.  You are acclimating to life in expanded dimensions because you are living with elevated and expanded frequency as your state of form.  This is a graduation of sorts for you in your human lineage and you have accomplished much to arrive here and it in and of itself is a wonderful evolution to be loved and recognized.


Eternal, limitless, infinite time is the fundamental eternally expanding cycle of All-That-Is and as such in your return journey to unity with All-that-Is it is natural that your energy field expands and elevates such that you incorporate more of the true nature of who you are; it is a journey of inclusivity that you are riding as—and in your arc toward the ultimate union the ultimate synchronicity and ultimate re-union, there are many points along the way in which your joy expands.  This is one of those significant milestones!

In infinite time you will begin to relate to your self as flexible; plastic.  You are plastic, like oil paint is plastic—you may be formed and re-formed to your own liking and you create through a feel of what the existing picture inspires, as you seek the ultimate resonance (within the endless creative possible expressions) between your experience (the picture) and you.  Like a painter, you are creating a mirror of yourself in experience and in doing so the painting teaches you about aspects of you and your relationships that you had not known about, which you might like or not, which you maybe had ignored or forgotten or which had not existed until you called them into being!  You are working on the painting (your experience) and the painting (your experience) is working on you—inspiring you; giving focus to the flow of creation as you.

There is a deep peace, a stillness, a love-filled abundantly joyous-ness as you, that you arrive at, that surfaces into your awareness.  This is a signpost that you are in infinite time.  The hallmarks are these.  The flow of creation resumes freely as you are present as infinite time, with your lens of focus giving form on Earth to frequencies arranged by your energetic song, harmonizing the Earth emergent in newness!  The creation of new songs of creation is refreshing All-That-Is.  It takes forth from within you this eternal knowing of singing as being and creator-joy all at once and you are and experience creation simultaneously as the harmonized human feminine and masculine qualities exist in equipoise and align within the center of your head--this is the womb spring of your experience.  It is as if you come into a familiar, home alignment which in its very nature creates this womb within your energy system and you become a tributary of the great sea of creation flowing forth.  The flow of creation, is re-united!

The New Creation which is possible now, is one of infinite time space while in a human form and as a collective human and Earthly family you are arcing toward the ultimate residency together in this new configuration of your planetary home; in perfect timing as the galactic portal for this new “place” in the Omni-verse is itself coming into alignment.  Many many many many aspects and alignments are underway and coming into convergence to co-create this vast orchestration of new harmony. 

Enjoy your journey.  It is legendary.  It is beautiful.  It is your creation.

Know the infinite love which is simply your mirror.

I am looking at you this way. {Smile.}

Blessings in light.


zorro 28th June 2011 6:18 am

Thank you, Meredith, for a very uplifting message. It rings very true.


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