Discernment and Staying in Your Power

I've noticed a flurry and acceleration of activity lately.  Have you?

Just as a reminder, we're within a total re-booting of our energy system (see the digest, from August 11th).  And Mercury goes direct this week on Friday, the 26th, so perhaps we'll see more clearly and communicate with greater ease about what we're experiencing now?

There has been a lot of energy and also some significant hype about about the Mayan calendar coming in October.  In the same way that Hollywood jumped on the 2012 bandwagon, there are videos showing up all over the internet, espousing all kinds of views.  And now I am seeing several highly visible ones from websites created by people who are unidentified.  Who are "sharing" some ideas--yet unwilling to introduce themselves and commit to a viewpoint. 

This is not responsible journalism or blogging in any way.  It's so easy to put stuff out there without citing any source--and I am totally okay with one person being the source, sharing what they sense, channel or understand.  For those of you who share videos and articles with your friends, I encourage you to not feed the frenzy by just posting and circulating stuff that isn't put through your own filter of discernment first.  

In addition, channeled messages are all over the place with many different possible outcomes being portrayed.  I've seen noted channels share things that feel totally energetically different and out of resonance with me than the rest of their work.  I've received lots of emails about this and people wondering about the diversity of the messages coming forth.  Some people thought huge energy shifts happened the weekend of the 13th, some are predicting this coming weekend that a huge flip will happen.  There's a lot of stuff in the air. 

One question is, does it apply to you?

Clearly there is a lot of energy moving, a lot of change, an anticipation of further, perhaps MORE dramatic earth changes (earthquakes, days of darkness, poles flipping dramatically, disclosure, etc)

In the midst of this flurry (which may only increase), I want to remind us of the fundamentals here and encourage us to be coherent and clear.  Which is ONLY possible from anchoring with our own guidance and our inner sense of things.  We must be in and come from our own still point to know if what we read or experience is true for us, applies to us, resonates within us and in doing so has meaning for us RIGHT NOW. 

If we encounter a video, a channeled messages, a post or a energy update and we're all over the place and ungrounded when we read it, how are we to know what's true?

For me, daily grounding and meditation has become more important, and now it is happening several times throughout the day.  I am getting myself up early to make sure I have quiet time to just sit and be and listen and cultivate my field, before anyone else needs me or the day gets going. 

I am also determined right now to continually return to clarity throughout the day.  I use the Abraham-Hicks vortex meditations (15 amazing minutes) and lie down listening to them whenever I feel tense, confused or not sure what to do next or how to handle something.  I am also using simple witness meditation, that I've intuitively practiced for most of my life--I remember doing it on my own when I was about 8.  Only in hindsight understanding I was focusing on my KA body and energizing it.  See how much our own innate wisdom is right for us?

Returning to a peaceful, in-the-vortex state is always grounding, nourishing, allowing and gives rise to clarity.

There are of course countless tools for working with our energy and our consciousness.  More and more I am focused on those that are simple and direct.  There are many wisdom traditions throughout our history that have rituals and practices for connecting with our true nature and accessing wisdom.  More and more I feel to allow ourselves to approach this in a modern way--un-hooked from any tradition or dogma.  We can connect and access expansive knowing simple with intention, choice and focus.  It truly is that simple.

The month of June--the Eclipse/Solstice series that extended into mid-July, was a powerfully transformative time for the planet and us, just like the December Solstice/Eclipse series was in 2010. 

It is the procession of the Equinoxes and the Solstices which are shifting our galaxy and ultimately altering the entire nature of the cosmos

The Mayan Calendar, numerology, channeling and other tools and methodologies have been offered to give us a greater understanding and a way to navigate during these times.  But the best navigation is within us.  And by tuning into that, you can be assured you won't miss ANYTHING important.  Within you lies the answers to everything essential to your awakening.  The litmus test?  Does it bring your more peace?  Do you feel joyful.  Does it open your heart.  Do you feel shivers, a thrill of recognition?  Even if it's difficult, does it bring you closer to you, does it bring you more alive?  Even the difficult moments are openings potentially when witnessed with presence and gentleness.  From this comes healing and insight.

These are the ways to sense truth and you are made for this.  Claim what you know and dare to live from your own point of focus; bring your unique and valuable perspective to our shared, co-creation of the ultimate new paradigm and the graceful resolution of the old.

Remember and trust in this: amidst the plethoria of information--some of which you are well aware is just noise--there is an amazing authentic beautiful thing happening...

People of all different nationalities, ages, and backgrounds, are being drawn within.  Life, in many experiences is nudging us to embrace and orient to the same values.  We're having similar discoveries.  The awareness of the beauty of love, the interconnectedness of our planet, the divine nature of our being, the purpose of being here now--the participation in a collective awakening and the desire to re-focus on this and to expand into a new paradigm for humanity and our planet, is growing in volume and participants.

You'll notice in this great dog park pic that a diversely beautiful group of canines is doing what we're doing--being themselves and moving in the same direction.  There are probably other dogs (not pictured) sitting still or lying down and doing nothing...and others still running in another direction.  Also just part of the way the divine plan is perfectly unfolding.

I encourage you to remember the underlying source energy that flows into and gives life to all of us; we're all receiving the same fundamental impulses and calls to life.  Each of us filters these through our own lens and as such our way of talking about what's happening reflects where we are, and our own quality of perspective and awareness.

In my experience, I must draw even closer to my own heart--listening, and to my body and my inner sense of things--as the ultimate authority for EVERYTHING.  Nothing else--no other source--is capable of guiding me as well as I may care for and love myself.

The nature of our reality is varied.  There is not just one thing happening here.  Meaning there is not one earth experience; there are as many as there are points of focus.  Yes we share collective energies, but we also are an energy field which magnetizes based on our vibration, like experiences.  So each of us reads life as a reflection of our own prior focus.  Life as we know it, is simply a giant feedback system--reflecting our state of being, clearly and without distortion. 

As such we are served so beautifully exactly what we feel and expect.  And when we get otherwise, it's a wake-up call that our sense of what we've been feeling and expecting might be a little out of touch with what's really within us. 

We are each only capable of birthing the new earth by resolving the duality within ourselves.  We cannot resolve duality within others.  Let me repeat:


That's where my power is: within my own life and my own experience.

I can trust that as I do this, what is ME mirrored in the world around me and I can alter the world, from within me.  The conflict, fear, anger, aggression, hurt, distrust, critical view, in essence--distorted and wounded--parts of me that are made manifest in the world around me--will disappear and change--reflecting what I create within me.  That's it.  Therein lies my power to create the new paradigm.

We support each other in this inward journey.  We inspire.  We affirm.  We recognize one another's beauty.  We encourage.  We're brave.  We're courageous...bold even.  We open up.  We're met with friendliness and kindred souls echo our vulnerability.  We all heal. 

I see enormous love and gentleness being offered and received by people all around the world. 

The relationship we have to the planet herself is for many of us, being understood more clearly and our awareness of this soulful, valued sentient being in our experience is informing more and more our ways of being and creating.  We live appreciating and aware of her.  Love is resolving deep wounds created by old paradigms and limited perspectives. It is a glorious time to be alive.

As the flurry of activity accelerates as we approach the September Equinox, the ending of the Mayan Calendar, the 11-11-11 alignment and the entry to 2012, you, attuning to your own authentic voice and being YOU, is of enormous importance.

It alters the very nature of reality, bringing all of life into greater sincerity and wholeness.

You are beautiful, important and innately wise.  I feel you running alongside me, in your own perfect way with our eyes on the prize: the actualization of the new paradigm.  Play and enjoy yourself.  Discern from within.  Shine forth in light.  Sit still or nap when you feel like it.  Run in the other direction when you feel you need to.  Just trust yourself.  You are the most important part of this change in your life.  Aren't you just in awe of yourself?  No?  Well then there's a nice place to begin.  Yes?  Well, yummy...let's just soak this up a bit.

May we each, increasingly and consistently, see and feel through the flurry, the majestic wise sentience of our eternal being.  The eternal flame of pure love, pure potential and pure joy.  The One I AM, and the glorious expression of this in each of us.  Namaste.


beachjane55 30th August 2011 8:20 am

I just love your blogs, thanks so much meridith xx

Kelara 30th August 2011 8:41 am

I am so glad you wrote about this.
Disernment and know of self is an utmost priority in these times.
So many still looking outside themselves for clarity, when we came here with all the tools available to us to find our own truth.
If it feels right, then it is right. It is that simple.

MoonStar 30th August 2011 11:35 am

Thanks for this timely and important message, Meredith. It was just what I needed to hear.

There are so many versions of "reality" on the Internet, esp. about the transition we are in, and it's vital for us to tune into our Higher wisdom and to discern what resonates with us and what doesn't. And maybe not to depend too much on what all these external channels say.

It has been my experience lately that certain "messages" resonate with me to a great degree and then introduce something that seems written to induce fear in readers.

We must all learn to discern and to feed the Love and not the fear.

zorro 30th August 2011 5:06 pm

I love this blog and the accompanying dogs running photo on your website. OK I am going to fess up. I actually picked a dog in the photo that I thought captured my energy. OK, I know...that's very corny, and I must have too much time on my hands. But hey, the photo said it all and lifted my spirits in a way that is beyond analyzing. And, as always, I always expect wonderful with your blogs.
Co-creating with you...!