Divine Expression. Start Now.

Freedom is the way home.

Freedom is how you know yourself to be in alignment with who you truly are.

When you are feeling free, you are feeling yourself as you are at your essence.

This is divine light and truth. Let it guide you into more clarity and the experience of your own wholeness and inherent capacity.

The realignments that you seek are activated by your own wholeness. We work, always, in accord with your own wholeness. For you are a sovereign being and in our function, supporting and participating in planetary ascension, we serve your divine essence.

As you live letting your essence guide you, you come into accord with you in ways that make your life easier, better, more open, more alive and ultimately freer.

In this realm of focus, you have access to tremendous freedom. This is not the case in all time/space locations in which you can be or are, actively participating. It is one of the reasons that Earth has so much magnetism as a location to create. Everyone who enters here knows that there will be spectacular diversity and challenges to remembering and yet the promise of that spectrum of opportunity coupled with freedom is a powerful lure.

The reason for this is that you find out more about who you are when you create in a material setting from a pure perspective of consciousness. You get to experience the discovery of you. This is thrilling and all of you know what we mean. You’ve all had moments in your life when you discovered something truly wonderful about yourself. Something you could do, or love, something you didn’t see before and was reflected back to you and gave you a jolt of joy. There is nothing more fabulous in embodiment than discovering your capacities and the things that call to you point out the path to open up your capacities.

As you follow your spirit increasingly, without hesitation, you come into a unity of spirit in which you know what to do and what matters in each and every moment. You then can create without inhibition for all that you are inspired to create is coming from a higher will, a vast clarity that is attuned with everything. With this awareness, divine timing becomes prevalent in your experience and you enjoy an ease and grace-filled unfolding of your life.

This is a wonderful experience to create for yourself. We encourage you as you enter the eclipse cycle and this powerful month of expanding potentials to create a way of being in your experience that allows you to discover yourself more and feel freer. All of this can easily be opened up as you learn to follow your spirit.

When we say, “follow your spirit” we mean - follow your inner knowing. The light within you that is experienced as knowing is your essence, present within you and lighting up your way. Showing you through feelings and clarity that is present within you, through resonance and affinity with things you encounter, what furthers you and what doesn’t. This is what we would call, “the spiritual signature.” When there is a signature for you, then what you are encountering will feel exquisite and your energy will be high. This is the kind of thing where you feel immense enthusiasm. For the signature is clear and present. When you are feeling that something doesn’t feel right to you, it’s because there is no signature; meaning it’s not a fit for you now. It may be a fit for you later. It may not. But learning to pay attention to where there is a signature and where there isn’t is how you learn to follow your spirit. You also can learn by listening to what feels right to you and acting on it. The more you take action on your inner knowing the more you amplify your inner knowing. You know that when you pay attention to something, you amplify it. By paying attention to your inner knowing you increase that signal, its communicative powers. By taking action on your inner knowing, in accord with your inner knowing, you bring forth a fuller expression of you, in the material.

The leading edge, the life possibilities for ascending humans at this time, have many pathways. One common theme among the leading edge way showers is a strong and unremitting call to authenticity. The ability to persist with things that do not fit you is diminishing, if not already seeming to be unavailable to you. This is a good thing. We know it’s scary sometimes, because as it fades, you don’t know how to carry on with things you are living which don’t fit you, but which you think you need. You’re sometimes afraid to lose the things that don’t fit you because you’re afraid the things that do won’t work, or you don’t deserve them, or you don’t know yet, how to make them real and alive for you.

We understand this, but this is part of stepping into your truth - to dare to live what calls out to you. It is a way of allowing the light within you to gift you, guide you show you and open up your life to more aliveness and joy. You will need to take action and possibly learn and grow in new ways to express that which calls out to you and create a life that fits you better. Why not begin to do that now? For the call to your own inner truth is only going to intensify as the path of awakening continues.

Life on Earth is shifting from an experience of duality and separation, from feeling you are broken and in need of healing, into a state of DIVINE EXPRESSION. This is a profound expansion of potentials for humanity and with this, each of you will feel the increasing need, and we mean literally a need, to be transparent and true to yourself.

The energy required to sustain things that are not a genuine expression of your natural state will only increase. For in actuality, what you are doing is standing in resistance to an increasing flow of immense incoming energy from all that is and all that you are, when you stand in opposition, refusing to live your truth.

There is no way around this for the light is growing in your world and your planet is blazing a trail into different dimensional expressions and qualities.

We suggest that it’s time to get on board with this if you’ve not already. It’s time to get on board with freeing yourself up and handling the bumps that may arise as you readjust your life to fit who you actually are and stop trying to be someone else in order to make other people happy or because you’re afraid.

Choosing things out of fear never works and they never make you happy. They cannot last and they will not help you to feel alive and joyous. Fear based choices simply generate more fear and amplify the fear-based beliefs and thought-forms you so desperately wish to be liberated from.

How then, do you do this?

Begin now, on this day, with this ripening new moon, with this solar eclipse, to reset your attitudes and orientation to being human. Consider embracing the idea that you are here simply to express the divine as you, and to do so to the hilt! For your joy! For your expansion! To discover more about yourself in the way you can in an embodied experience. To share and light up the lives of others with your presence and your uniqueness. But most of all, beloved friends, to fulfill yourself in form. To know the joy of creating here, with freedom and naturalness, bringing the mastery of your innate wholeness into the realm of human expression. Divine light, as LOVE. For this is a love-planet. This is a love-realm. And you, being you here, fully and freely, is articulating the divine light, as love, through you.

We are with you always and we love to co-create and support your intentions and desires for experiencing your own wholeness. We are here in part, to hold the vision of you being you. Do remember to ask for what you need and to believe you can have it and to take action on what feels right to you and calls to you. Even if it’s new. Even if it seems far-fetched and unfamiliar. Just begin. Start fresh.

Start now.
You are love.

We know you as divine light. We offer you these truths, in love.
I AM Archangel Michael with the Council of Radiant Light and the Galactic Dragons



billin5d 4th September 2016 4:57 pm

Thanks Ailia Mira, I've become a big fan of yous. Thanks for all you say and do. Keep up the good work. Bill


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Ailia Mira is a channel, artist, author and inspirational speaker. An embodied member of the Council of Radiant Light she is a translator and transmitter of these energies.


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