Divine Beings Embodied Here on Earth...

Take a deep breath and let your shoulders sink in. Take another deep breath and blow the air out with force.

Let yourself relax a bit.

Shake your shoulders now and then let them fall. Let your belly rise and fall with one more deep breath.

Now, turn up your frequency. Imagine you are choosing to raise your vibration, your particles moving faster. Continue to increase your frequency and move your lips into a smile. On purpose.

Holding your smile, open up your crown chakra. Call upon the Divine Light within you (telepathically) and bring that connection to the forefront. Lighting up your field. Inviting expanded flow and calling for more connection and closeness and support. Notice what you feel. Do you feel warmth? Tingling? Call that energy in, until you feel the sensations which confirm your conscious connection.

Then let go. Let it all go.

This Eclipse Cycle is about half-way through, and it’s a doozy.

We know that, and we see you allowing and transforming and resting and setting your intentions. We know you are connecting within, unifying your field, spending time each day in what is your sacred space. Doing what fuels you and helps you stay centered. Resting when you need. Hydrating more. Getting frustrated and angry and irritated and overwhelmed and returning to center. Coming back for more.

It’s an amazing thing to witness you embodying more and more not just of your divine light, but your MASTERY.

We see you becoming more confident in incorporating and integrating new frequencies. We see you getting more relaxed about challenges in your life. You are discovering that you can allow bumps to come and go without allowing them to alter your sense of self. Your sense of Self is becoming more stable, steady and precious.

In the midst of these changes your inner being is guiding you into more accord with all that you are.

The knowing that you are divine light as love seems less like an idea and more like a reality. Many changes to your body, awareness, ideas, relationships and ways of living, have happened. Now when things get intense, it's different; you have access to a state of inner knowing. You are more capable than ever before.

We have great enthusiasm for you, and we are one with All-that-is, in celebrating the liberation of your mastery. As you become more willing to follow your spirit, trusting the small, steady voice within, your lives are starting to shine. There is a resplendent nature to your presence and a confidence that is different than before. You are easier to be with, and you are more allowing of differences. Even the fact that some may know nothing of this “waking up” business. You are becoming sovereign, self-referencing and claiming your freedom.

The energy of this Eclipse Cycle is activating a new wave of awakening humans who are calling for connection with their source. There is deep longing within humanity for communion and connection with the truth, with the essential, with the DIVINE. This longing is only fulfilled within. Each human being has their requirements for returning to sovereignty. To a state where they know, “I am a sovereign master creating my life here with other masters," and this is alive and real. You know everyone is on their journey and trust the divine plan unfolding. Although you wish to share your inner knowing and the shifts you are experiencing with everyone you love, your joy is less dependent now on this.

You are spending more time in sovereignty and 5th-dimensional consciousness. The 4th-dimensional belief that you need to save other people is just not that activated anymore. You are becoming more patient and aware. When you encounter friends who are still waiting or even angry, demanding that they are taken care of, you have compassion. You know they will discover their way to claim all their power. You know the point is to willingly engage with your humanity and recreate your life from within. You treasure your experience.

The new energies are here, and you have called them forth. The more liberated you are, the more elevated the energies that your presence summons. You are part of the vanguard, and you feel a sense of knowing about this, but it’s also no big deal. It’s just your role, this time, your way right now. You feel immense gratitude for everyone. You recognize within the chaos of the world, the illumination that is occurring. You love that the world is becoming more transparent. You pray for the courage and strength to transform your collective existence.

Deep within you know the shift in humanity is real. You have this inner knowing that the life you are living is all about wholeness. You feel the spiral of your life expand, as you embrace all that you are and all that you’ve been. You've separated who you are from your experience so you can love everything. By doing this, you're paving the way for the liberation of humanity from limitation. Knowing that you are not your experience, is a wonderful thing to know.

You live, increasingly aware of what makes you happy. Increasingly able to find joy in everything. You see what is lit up, what is heaven for you, what calls to you, and what does not. Your life refines and you, feel energized, clear, excited about each day and happy to be here.

You are becoming One with the Divine within you, and with this, enthusiasm spreads throughout your being.

Your field is more and more uplifted, and you stay there longer.

You discover that you love manifesting more energy, friends, money, creativity and joy because it's fun to create. It’s fun to find out that you can breakthrough to whole new levels of experience. Especially in areas that seemed for so long to be stuck, broken and beyond repair.

It is amazing to find that as you like yourself, you become open to receive so many things you wanted for so long. You are willing now to act upon what matters to you. You try new things and learn and grow, and it feels like an adventure, where it used to feel like striving and work.

All this is transforming the potentials for humanity.

Your journey is unfolding in collaboration with the divine light within you. You don't compare yourself to others and instead, live the path that calls to you. Life accelerates.

Liberated by your choice of focus, the light within you is now free. Free to share and show you the way to your life, a life of joy. You are becoming the human you intended to be, from the vastness that you are as a field of infinite light.

The truth is here now, as you.

I AM Archangel Michael

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KP88 8th September 2016 5:08 pm

Right on!

spiritdiver 8th September 2016 7:03 pm


Thank you Dear AA Michael!! And Allia Mira for bringing this message through.

So much is transpiring, transmuting, transfiguring. I cannot even begin to understand how deep, or vast. Or, out of time where from/ to this may be directed, nor goes.

Appreeciation and heartfelt gratitude is being offered and same time recieved, in healing and love ...so much coming from, and back again to you. And now encouragement, that's All, causes for enthusiasm and joy. Ok this is Purpose, passion I guess too. Excuse my humanness.

With Love, :smitten:

debs go lightly 9th September 2016 12:02 am

It's a "doozy" that's for sure!

Thank you Michael and Ailia for this great big hug,

much much much love to you too! Debs :)


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