Energy Themes: June 2014

Hello Beautiful!

I'm so happy to connect with you today. Thank you for taking the time to listen and receive. Here are some of the themes in play as we continue to unfold our new experiences of conscious presence, in the material.

Being at a loss for words

We're in an expansive, void-state lately. But it's different from before.

I've realized, that as my consciousness expands, encompassing more and more of all that I am, that I am increasingly experiencing awareness beyond concepts. Thus, being at a loss for stories, or making meaning out of what's taking place. Perhaps you've noticed this too?

Interestingly, despite this, in any given moment, it's quite easy to participate when another person or situation presents, which is a wonderful confirmation that we do indeed have access to everything that we need. A reminder that all we need is what we need, now.

Reorganization of the mind-body hierarchy

First of all, emotions are being seen more accurately by many of us; as triggered pathways of thought. Loops. Neural nets. The distinction between emotions and feelings or sensations is arising to be perceived. Have you sensed or noticed this?

As you live without the filters of beliefs and stories, more and more, you can see the difference between emotions and the more direct experiences of feelings or sensations.

In addition to emotions losing their lustre and their power, the hierarchy of the mind-body has been reorganized.

The mind-body, a sentient, all-knowing field of local and non-local energies is increasingly now functioning as an integration of spirit and material. The mind, as awareness, is increasingly grounded in the body.

Ground by coming fully in, here

For a long while, we were guided to ground and connect to the Earth. More useful now, is to ground yourself by filling up your physical form with the conscious awareness that is YOU. Inviting your essence into your human form.

Realize that your awareness, IS YOU. So as you bring attention fully into the body, not just down the spinal pathway, not just in your chakras, but filling up your whole physical body and then emanating from you as your auric field, you ground yourself on Earth.

What was missing before for so many Lightworkers, was a willingness to come fully in! There was hesitancy. There was resistance. This is natural given the emotional triggers and the past life experiences that may have also informed and been re-experienced in new ways in this life to provide a pathway to expanded wholeness. Yet, now it is more than obvious, that manifesting and ascending, are part and parcel. That the material IS the vehicle for ascension. It is the context for this collective shift into finer, lighter, awareness.

Moving beyond duality

In the past, spiritual development involved going inward, with a focus to reach upward. The filter of duality saw the lower chakras and reflections of this in the world (money, for example,) as non-spiritual. There was a hope that one could escape all this, and ascend.

For anyone living this way, there was a lot of activity in the upper chakras and not much in the lower chakras. If you've found it hard to manifest, try grounding by coming fully into your body with your conscious awareness, using your attention and intend. It will make a huge difference in your creative powers.

As we expand beyond duality, and transactional relationship to life, we embrace the material as local and non-local energy; inherently love and beautiful, expressed in form and specificity. Innately harmonious and a variation on the endless themes of love.

We begin to realize; it's about being here, and being the Creator-God's we innately are.

So then, we encounter, the most challenging of situations: the realization that we must go all in, and start and build and create and imagine and hope anew, to receive the harvest of it all. To fulfill our divine intentions in being here.

Learning to invest again

Personally, I find learning to invest again, annoying. Beyond annoying, really. Isn't annoying a way of couching our disappointment? Being somewhat cynical, reticent, jaded? Yes.

Recently I realized this in a very pointed way as I moved into a new home. It's beautiful! Light-filled, spacious. Room to work, write, channel, paint, grow things and relax. It's in a wonderful area and close to all the things I love about where I live.

Here I sit 20 days in, in rooms still largely filled with boxes. Why? Well, I'm tired for one. And my air conditioner broke when I first moved in, so I couldn't live here during our 100 + degree heat wave. But those are just stories.

The reason I haven't yet unpacked more is that I've hit that sticky resistance, that says, "Why bother? OMG, I've done this so many times before...and I'm tired!"

It's the Atlantis-paradigm. The deep memory of being thwarted right in the midst of arriving in a life that you worked for, a long time and perhaps even, through many lifetimes. Or it's the Lemurian-paradigm. Pick your disappointment, we've all got them.

Part of being a Lightworker is volunteering, with enthusiasm, countless times, to enter the material and bring forth our light. Our light is our consciousness. As we embody it more and more fully, we increase the spin of our field, ascending.

Now we're in a state of being that is truly new. The material itself is uplifted. Then why, you may wonder, as did I, are we still so tired and hesitant to jump right in and create?

Because we're learning to live beyond that old way of creating.

Beyond transactions: learning to receive

The impulse to create as in our past, isn't coming forth. I realized this once I put my compassion hat on and stopped beating myself up for not zipping around in zest-filled zeal that at last I am in my new home.

I realized; it's about learning to let the support in, let the higher levels of my being, my entourage, the "Golden Dawn Squad," as I like to call them, my essence, all of my Family of Light in the non-physical, collaborate with me and present to me.

It's about opening more fully and learning to receive.

For a long time, as we awoke, we were learning to be, rather than doing all the time. Now I see that we're opening up to even more ease, we're opening more fully, to receive. This invitation to open more, to receive more, is the Divine Feminine quality that is talked about so much in regards to Earth's Magical shift taking place.

The key now is to discover our own ways to open more and become a living channel of all that we are. The Epitome of Me. Of You. Of each of us.

Open to the fullness of our being, open to the world. Flowing. Receiving. Expressing. Emanating. Present. Alive and creative.

Holding Back the Floodgates

Each of us has spent lots of time letting go of everything that wasn't in alignment with all that we are. Realize that doing this has simply created a more and more abundant flow!

As we have not yet learned to open more fully to receive all that we've created and intended, we're in essence, holding back the floodgates. No wonder we're so tired.

The key to having more energy is not just to sleep more. It's to open more and let more in.

In effect, we've gotten into big-time alignment with a rushing river of more-everything that we've wanted.

So it's time to learn to open to the door wider and wider and let more and more of it in.

How, then, now do we open to receive?

What I've noticed is there are several things that seem to support this opening up more. Each of us is different, and we'll each have to find what works best and where we tend to be more closed.

Hint: the areas of greatest disappointment are where we're used to holding back the flow.

We can invite our own Family of Light, our non-physical friends, to expand our perspective. To reignite our confidence and hope. They can also steer us and guide us and show us and assist as we move through our day, helping us to connect with more and more of the life we've created and not yet experienced.

Give permission and invite support

Remember -- the Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters and all of the Star Families and our Cosmic Families still need our permission to step forth more fully and assist in the Earth realm.

Invite them in. Ask them to be with you. Give them permission each morning and each evening to help you remember how to live open and free. To reclaim your hope, and the natural, carefree prowess of expressing and receiving that are your true nature.

That's the frontier for us now and this month, and through the September Equinox, there'll be lots of people being presented with invitations to reawakening to a renewed optimism.

How does one get this invitation? By inviting assistance and support from all that we are. By learning to ask for what we want and learning to expect and receive support.

What is your relationship with support?

This simple act of asking for support, is part of learning to receive. It's an act of openness. It can demonstrate the knowing of our Oneness. If we know we are One and believe we are supported, wouldn't it be natural, in this time when our bodies are so weary and our hearts so tired, to invite, open and welcome support?

It's up to us to realize that what we're not receiving, we don't yet know how to let in. It's not that we cannot create. It's that we're not used to receiving abundantly, with ease and grace. Learning that this is the truth of life, will take some practice.


keryndawer 28th May 2014 8:00 am

FABULOUS!!! Thank you Meredith. I truly feel myself opening to receive ...and the miracles are pouring in :)

Blessings and Gratiude,

zorro 28th May 2014 8:39 am


Great thoughts for discussion here!

Are you really ready to receive? Well then, can you receive an ebb-tide? Because that is what we have here!

The tide went out and carried away all the old debris. Just you wait to see what is coming on the incoming tide! Go ahead precious one, create your nest and catch-nets. It's just perfect. There's some rounding up an sorting out going on, And then new game on. Yes, we are ready to receive it. It is coming. I repeat, it is coming!

zorro 28th May 2014 8:54 am

I forgot to mention. I love your "epitome-of-me" phrase!

Homeostasis68 28th May 2014 10:27 am

Zorro, I absolutely love your metaphor of the ebb-tide. It so fits for me, it feels the water is at that moment of 'turn around', where all is quiet, just to come back. Powerful. Thank you!

Terri of Christos 28th May 2014 5:32 pm

Bless You, Meredith ~ that was exquisite. In Light of what I have in front of me in my 3d Life, my total instinct is that...hmm this New Moon, I feel like I BE going to relax and let it all flow in. You have just put it in words. Let it Be. Blessings, Y'all :thumbs:

LauriLumby 28th May 2014 7:05 pm

Meredith, so many things you are saying here are giving words to things I have known but did not know how to articulate.

1) I knew that receiving the abundance of the Universe was not about creating, manifesting or thinking the right thoughts. You explained it perfectly, it is about asking for support and then being willing to receive.
2)I never understood the whole "ground yourself" mantra and whenever I tried it, I failed. Coming fully into myself WORKS and it feels natural and right. We are here after all to have a HUMAN experience are we not?
3) I also knew that Ascension was not about leaving our physical experience - but instead is about becoming FULLY HUMAN...and you gave perfect words to this.

Thank you for saying what I have known and did not know how to say!

All love,

Lauri Lumby

matteo 2nd June 2014 1:19 pm

I’ve read this just today but this weekend I synthesized something I’ve been probably realizing last week, when I was recovering myself from a sinusitis: love and freedom are quite the same thing.
Civil and religious duties, and mainly the role you have to play to others and to your ego, distort everything.
What an old cliché, isn’t it? But I’m tired of (re)dimensioning well known things during this awakening/ascension process and I think it’s comparable to be open and to receive: two sides of the same coin.

Last: so I’m not the only one whose home is in a mess! I’m changing all over myself so how can I decide what to do with all these stuff?


Swirlie 17th June 2014 2:01 pm

I so identify with this post. I find I'm avoiding conversations with people as much as possible lately because everything I say comes out wrong anyway. It's kind of funny, although not so much at the time. And OMG learning to invest again. I'm packing up boxes yet again. Even though this is my decision, I'm going wtf. Seems like I can't stay put. And lots of tears lately too. Not sobbing or anything, just silent tears of I'm not sure what emotion. It's all so bizarre and everything feels unreal. And then there's the strange tingling energy that I can feel every time I take a conscious breath or even certain words can trigger it. As if my soul is trying to leave my body before I die. It actually feels wonderful but then the silly mind thoughts take over. I'm still working on trying to disconnect from the egoic mind. It's such a clingon. If I could kick it in the derriere I would. I'm so tired of not being able to stay in the eternal awareness beyond the mind. I'm ready for peace.

So thanks so much for the post. It resonates!