Energy Update: Integrating The Venus Transit

We're in a phase of integration right now, as the energies from the Venus Transit open us to new experience of wholeness and love.

As the Venus Transit took place, the sun's electromagnetic transmissions of life-giving energy where expanded with the qualities brought by Venus--qualities we often associate with the divine feminine, as well as beauty and harmony.

These energies activate the higher heart chakra and initiate us into a deeper clearing and awakening of the energies within our human energy field that are of lower frequency than love. As you are ready for a deep revision of your energies you may experience a higher heart chakra healing crisis that feels like clearing of congestion in the upper chest and lower throat areas.

Remember that as the Earth frequency rises, the opportunity to live in a sphere where the veil has lifted and one lives in and as love, with others, is being created and emerging as a shared reality. To fully participate in this we each will need to dissolve the Mayan Veil in our experience--which is the veil between the 4th and 5th dimension--which melts as we move into self-love.

I received a powerful channeling once that showed me how Source Creation began. The wholeness divided into two whole energy fields. One energy field slept. The other energy field watched, loving and appreciation the sleeper. Then the two energy fields merged creating a third, more aware whole and the joy of this awareness radiated bliss and exquisite energy.

In a nutshell, I was shown how this is the most elevated expression of the ideals of our own inner harmony and balance. As these qualities filter down through dimensional energies they are expressed in our world and elsewhere and shaped by the context of the domain.

We are experiencing the remembering that the sleeper and the watcher are within us. That we are both being and loving the being. These qualities have been felt and sensed in our experience, yet also influenced by our many many experience in duality, and thus we label them: the divine or sacred masculine and feminine.

I am feeling the empowerment of no longer referring to these energies this way as in our world it becomes so confused with gender and roles. I am in my own practice choosing to return to the highest ideal of these qualities as it takes us beyond language that is limited and rooted in old paradigm ideals. I invite you to join me!

I've realized that these energetic qualities are larger than gender, they exist in energetic spheres of experience where gender doesn't even exist. In a way, like the old paradigm of envisioning god as a man with a white beard, which most of us now see as simply a metaphor, seeing these energies as masculine or feminine is simply a way of trying to speak to things which are vast and mysterious, yet it also a way of speaking to these beautiful qualities that brings with it a great deal of baggage.

As we become lighter and attune ourselves to the highest vision of our lives, our world and being and loving, we evolve vibrationally becoming, including the old ways of perceiving these energies as part of our path of expanding into greater wholeness. We can revise our language to reflect our perspective.

Moving into the harmony of adrogyny within, the perfect union and therefore the aware third energy created by these, is our path.

One friend shared with me recently a beautiful dream she had where she was shown this same principal on another level. A beautiful orb, filled with rainbow light divided, and some colors went in each. They became complimentary, different and still entirely whole. The differences of these energies then create by their very energetic tension, a third. This is the wholeness we seek. The third in our awareness is created by a conscious androgyny being created in our own being. Balanced, whole and radiant, we know our true being. We become a literal microcosim of the whole. From this wholeness, we collaborate and co-create in other relationships.

The New Moon and the Solstice are approaching and our integration process continues. The energetic invitation of this wave might be seen as coming into a new way of imagining your own wholeness that empowers your light to shine forth. By beginning to tap into the originating vision of the sleeper (who we might think of as being, or doing as being) and the watcher (who is appreciating and loving) and the reunited, aware and thus expanded by experience third--the new wholeness, we begin to imagine our own cycles of becoming that new wholeness repeatedly as our awareness expands, our energy intensifying and essence as we become fine, more subtle, and less dense.

Considering these qualities of being and appreciating, we see how this vision empowers us to dissolve the veil. As we welcome this understanding we embrace ourselves, realizing fully that a whole equivalent aspect of our own presence is always watching and loving, appreciating. This empowers allowing, forgiveness, openeness, trust, constancy, devotion. And a whole equivalent, complimentary aspect of our being is BEING. Which empowers confidence, flow, inspiration, creativity and manifestation.

This is the adrogynous human we are becoming. We no longer need anyone else to change to experience all that we wish to experience. We are safe, whole, creative and balanced. We are powerfully creative and deeply affirming. We experience the eternal welcoming and loving of our own self. We allow ourselves to live without hesitation or fear, as flow. We are aware of the balance of these and we create an even more aligned structure to our energy by learning to find this balance and create it within ourselves.

Integrating the Venus Transit, the Eclipse Cycle and liberating ourselves involve looking within and reflecting upon what we need to create this balance. Do I need to love myself more? Do I need to resolve my fears about taking care of myself? Do I want someone else to be the emotional openness, the loving appreciator in my life and thus I seek my wholeness outside myself? Do I want someone else to be the being-doer, creating, manifesting, protecting me and taking care of things so that I can live in unbalanced expression of the loving appreciator?

Each of us have within us already the wholeness of this trinity as holographic streams of All-That-Is. As we inquire with gentleness and loving awareness we see what aspects of the blueprint within us need to be lit up and brought forth to create our resplendent wholeness.

Now is the time to honestly look in the mirror and consider our own balance in these ways. The higher heart chakra is also being energized as a means of empowering us to express this emerging wholeness. It's a powerful bridge between the heart and the voice. An reflection of the energetic infusion when the Sun-the generative, creative energy of our planet, solarized Venus--amplifying and transmitting the qualities of love, beauty and harmony to our sphere.

All levels of being are showing us what the momentum is, where the ascending energy arc is taking us and the qualities of these times are articulate and available so that we might feel, in clarity, the evolution of our being and participate fully.

I encourage you to use this time and whatever time it takes, to discover this new ideal of wholeness in your own experience. And I thank you for the constancy and devotion, the activity and being that you are becoming and the changes to everything that are occuring because of this act of love.


Tzaddi 20th June 2012 9:39 am

Your beautifully extended descriptions of "sleeper" and "Watcher" remind me of "witnessing" first learned on the yoga mat, practiced on the meditation pillow, and carried into daily life by the seeker. Thank you.