Energy Update: New Earth Essentials Revealed

February calls us forward into the manifestation of essence and the experience of life as energy.  We’re drawn to bring consciousness and choice to our life and in doing so to not only continue the dance of shift and release, shift and release, shift and release, but to create with an awareness of that which will move us into greater flow and aliveness.  This is the essence of our very being getting free reign at last to flow through us.

The essentials of the new earth timeline are being revealed.

There is a deep sense of renewal in our lives. It's like we went down to the bare bones and now are gradually adding back or in what extends our self-expression, is fun and which supports us in our life. This is the result of arriving on the new earth timeline. Within us there is now access to spaciousness, peace and calm and the mirror is now being created in our experience of the Earth-scape to reflect this.

Lately I consistenly receive emails and comments where friends share their experience of having  muddy moments of weird, sad, dark energies arising and then moments of clearly focused inspiration—either to stillness or activity.  Sometimes without any understanding what's specifically shifted, or taken place.  Sometimes following vivid dreams and the release and healing that takes place as the content of them enters our awareness.

It’s a interesting thing to feel entirely at peace and whole, and then later that same day, pastey, moody, yucky and spaced-out.  Then later, the clarity again.  Not only are we releasing again, but the good news is that with our allowing and grace, things are shifting and releasing much quicker.  Although releasing may seem to be happening almost daily, it is a much faster and less emotionally volatile process then before.

There is still a strong draw this month to quiet and stillness.  But the quiet and stillness we crave now is different than the inner pull of the last 3-4 months of 2010; it's like an aspect of the new timeline--it's essential to spend portions of each day in stillness and silence, the boundaries of our identity released into expansive being. 

You may also notice that you begin to realize the word clutter has far broader meaning then before.  For example, I am realizing the "clutter" of sound.  A new balance is emerging, which includes the food of breathing and consistently nourishing myself by expanding into a sensation of simply being and the great joy of perceiving aliveness, light, joy. 

In addition, there is an amazing gift from all this doing-nothing as guided business: we are deeply confirmed again and again, that our value, worthiness and lovability simply IS.   For we flow, feel and are LOVE.  Our value is not dependent on doing.

Underneath it all, things are really coalescing.  The newness is continuing to push us to simplify and let go and the blunt delivery of clarity is getting us on the right path.  Be gentle with yourself and everyone and allow the path to joy to emerge.  It is coming forth to prepare us for forward movement in March, and to pave the way for the rest of this year being built on clarity, expanded awareness and the choices which arise from these. 

Finding a new balance that includes our multidimensional identity.

We are rebalancing in a profound way and being asked to consider what it means to be in balance.  This means not depriving ourselves.  It also means knowing the tipping point where comfort and the luxuries in life we fully enjoy and appreciate tips over into excess or clutter—things we don’t need.  

Finding that balance is critical now as we are increasingly drawn to take care of our lives, not our things. 

In order to feel free and to also have plenty of energy for all we desire, we must let go of what we don’t desire and what instead we are merely taking care of, storing, or which is taking up space in our lives without providing joy and/or usefulness.   

In short, realizing that anything which is clutter is an energy drain. 

This may be a relationship, certain activities within a relationship, physical objects or ways of distracting ourselves with music, noise, activity or other things.

The intention to bring consciousness and choice to the creation and expression of yourself through lifestyle, culture and extending into participation in Earth’s civilization is an important aspect of living authentically as the powerful creator you are.

Being is the new home base.

We are shifting from primarily doing with daily mediation or other dips into being, to BEING being the primary home base.  From this new state, we allow inspired action to flow forth from sensation and being, rather than the opposite.  I read Aluna Joy’s message which said we had been creating backward, and this resonates with what I am hearing and my experience of this shift to being as the home base of our experience.

Stillness, and quiet, even physical stillness, is arising as an essential part of our days.  We are learning to not do things.  To be okay with not making lists, not having goals, not feeling “productive” and important to our self or others because we are “doing” something.  We are learning to derive our security from fundamental aspects beyond doing.

We begin to really KNOW and live from a realization that we are important and vital.  We can feel great about simply being.  Because we're not fighting our desires to be with a sense that focusing that way isn't useful or meaningful, the richness of being is unfolding and WOWs us!  We are trusting that when we don’t feel like doing things it’s not only okay to not do things; it’s important.  As we begin to separate the idea of the love we are and innately can experience from doing, we liberate abundance.  Love is available to us in abundance!  We simply have to become a vibrational match to that abundance to experience this. 

We begin to see that our quality of experience has a fundamental and optimum balance that can be created.  We discover this by being and allowing being to lead us into doing.

We love ourselves more and more without equating this to doing.  There is great relief and healing taking place as we allow our bodies to direct us and trust the intelligence within us to know what’s perfect NOW.  Relief, peace and a sense of worthiness are growing as we yield to loving ourselves just as we are.

Peace and calm as ideals begin to be our new standards.

The new home base is a 5th dimensional energy field for many of us.  We are experiencing the peace and calm of this energy and also exploring how to mirror this in the creation of our life, and collectively in our culture and civilization.

We are becoming bluntly attuned to that which does not mirror peace and calm and which when we focus on it pops us out of our home base and into the third dimensional thickness and the associated duality and sense of disconnection.

As we begin to familiarize our self with what it feels like to allow doing to come from inspiration, to stop measuring or comparing our self to understand who we are, we can begin to pay attention to things which yield a quality of life we have longed for.

As we experience the profound nourishment in knowing everything is all right, we begin to have less tolerance for pushing our selves, or others, to be other than we innately are right now.  We begin to really trust life and to cherish the experiences which are peaceful and calm and realize this is possible.

We long for this relief to permeate our whole life and begin to use the ideals of peace, calm, harmony, balance, and love as our criteria for life.  We are gaining confidence in living this way and seeing the simple ways this is healing us; bringing us into wholeness.

We are making pathways energetically for others to wander into these liberating and light energies!  Effortlessly our journey makes the journey easier for others.  The radiant ease of wholeness is exponential!

Wholeness moves us into experiencing life as energy not ideas.

As we are learning new ways to balance and exist, we discover that we are moving beyond ideas and seeing life through the lens of duality as separate and discrete things, to seeing and knowing life as wholeness and energy. 

We begin to understand experientially that energy flows in cycles, likes speed, has a variety of frequencies (creating compatability and incompatability) and that fences and resistance create problems, blow-ups and even explosions.

We begin to let go and really allow our self to become one with life, holus bolus.

As we have yielded to trusting our own life, and our expanded identity as All-That-Is, we also realize that each energy system—from our heart to our body, to other people, to our planet to our universe—is a field of intelligence that needs no one as captain. 

We stop trying to control our life or anyone else, or our circumstances or the world.  We move into a creative role and one which has abundant opportunities for participation, and we approach creativity with awareness and freedom—an opportunity we likewise now wish for others to have.  We become easier to be with and easier on our self and everyone else we know.

Knowing our eternal nature and the choice to participate in the human experience gives us a big relief.  We stop rushing toward everything and start instead to attune our self to the divine timing and indicators that tell is when and how to move and approach our experience.

We enter into relationship with all of life and each of these energy systems and the present moment. 

We orient, by attuning our self to the sensitivities we experience that guide us and inform us, and which come through our whole-body knowing; our informed connection with the unified field of all life.

We start to feel amazingly confident the more we let go and trust.  It’s astonishing how well this works and it is now apparent how exhausting it used to be to constantly be trying to control the flow of the river of life.  This realization alone makes us want to take many naps. :)

Freedom informed by inspiration

We stop denying our self.  We realize that nothing is really good or bad, and that balance comes naturally when we follow our inner urges.  The Buddhist idea of a middle way is reminiscent of this for me.  I don’t generally eat 10 chocolate chip cookies, and I don’t avoid them either—if I want them I have one or two or three or four--how many I eat is based on my feeling of being satiated and fully able to savor and enjoy them.  Yum!

In general, this month we are rediscovering our soul essence and creating our life from an awareness that is far deeper and wider then in the past.  We are drawn to lightness and simplicity and this is not fueled by a goal is to return to a primitive life or one of deprivation--we are innately abundant and so is life. 

What is happening is the fully resourced essence of who we are is beginning to permeate our inner experience enough that the reflection of this in our outer experience is coming into view/experience.  And what we choose and create is being profoundly shifted and informed with this soul essence consciousness which always has enough.


Vision Hawk 7th February 2011 7:15 am

OK, it's time for a new word..... flowly (adj).

1. to go with the flow and feel One with all
2. to accept whatever happens gracefully
3. to be dragged kicking and screaming through yet another experience & realising that there is nothing you can do about it :)))

Much love,

Tzaddi 7th February 2011 10:12 am

Beautifully put! Shall we send this to all actors on the world political stage? Or is that trying to control circumstances? Just kidding.

Ron Laswell 7th February 2011 1:15 pm

Meredith, your insights are deeply resonating with circumstances that are currently impacting my life. The lease on my apt is up in May, and a few weeks ago I started fretting how I have to do something now. Yet, the harder I tried to do, the more my intuition said, "relax...not yet...wait". During this processing, I'm noticing how my intuition is becoming stronger, deeper, and more clear. I can literally see and sense that something - for me at least - is going to happen in March that will allow for me to find what I need then. And apparently, what I need will fit in more precisely with others getting what they need, also. I'm feeling very calm and trusting of this realization.

May Others also Feel this Wonder! Ron

Starfast 7th February 2011 1:51 pm

Hi Meredith.

LOVELY message. I am in waiting mode, and have been for a few months though the finances are strained, to be shown how to create 5D Love in 3D Density. In the meantime, I have discovered there is indeed a huge difference between laziness and not doing. Laziness entails frustrated boredom; not-doing entails wise waiting. Love to all, SF

Anne333 7th February 2011 3:15 pm

Perfect timing! I resonate with this entirely and found myself seeing truth after truth articulated with love and clarity here.



LordJesusChrist 8th February 2011 1:20 am

Yes, the perfect truth is today is a new heaven and a new earth where righteousness dwells and justice reign supreme as promised be God. Alleluia! Amen! * My Good Wisdom :angel:


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