Full Moon, October 27 - Claim Your Expansive Consciousness

The energy is still quite strong. A month ago we experienced our last full moon and it came, with a total lunar eclipse. That Eclipse energy is so big, that it will unfold for years. Many of us are still integrating the transformation we created in collaboration with these Galactic Cycles.

Tomorrow (today) is the next full moon. Venus is in spectacular alignment with Jupiter and Mars all in Virgo and visible in the pre-dawn sky. This is like a constellation of love and hope and connection and new beginnings.

We can co-create with this Full Moon and further our conscious unfolding.

I invite you to use this full moon to consider what you might complete/release/close. Any connection or nostalgic holding onto the past might be good to reflect upon and release.

Any cycle of upgrades might be anchored.

What would you like to shift out of, and into?

What are you doing to forgive, or love yourself, or both that can liberate you and bring you to a wide open space of newness?

At times like this, our multidimensional wholeness; the truth of our being, is so easily felt and perceived.

What if you dared to live from your most expansive understanding of life? The one that makes it all simple and happy and open and makes you feel optimistic and free?

What can you do to be more open, and available to all that you are, and to discover what's possible as you lean into life, knowing it's natural and innate, to be clear, whole, wise and free?

You are the leading edge of human potential, unfolding, expressing, shifting and ascending into a never-before-expression of embodied expanded wholeness.

Love yourself deeply! 
You are glorious and so, so deeply loved!



zorro 27th October 2015 10:18 am

Nice to hear directly from angel Meredith Murphy!

Message right on cosmic key! Liftin' it up!


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