Greetings from Venus

I, dear ones, am Sanat Kumara and I speak to you with great love and with great resonance--for Venus, my home planet is near to you on Earth and the empowerment of this transmission is greatly amplified by this presence, so resonant and infusing of my own energies.

Transmissions such as these empower you. They empower you because they validate your innate sense of your true nature, and they illuminate pathways of realizing this, noticing this, remembering this, so you might come forth into fullness in this lifetime, as you intended. Aho!

Thank you, first of all, for this opportunity to share and to connect with you.

I am so appreciative of you, in all your glory and in all your worldly experiences of the challenges of this great experiment on Earth. We knew in creating this experiment and particularly when it went awry--when bacteria entered this sphere via a meteor--that this experiment was by far the greatest gauntlet we had yet created. Yet the reward and the promise of this sphere is magnificent and I, like you, soar when I consider this magnificence. And so with this devotion to the ultimate aspiration of human life, we are completely in sync, in harmony and in devotion.

I say this so that you might see that I am just like you--a light of the light of lights, who shines forth in various spheres with the intention of expanding our experience and growing, stretching, my own abilities to remember and manifest in form. So we have that in common dear ones--this desire to evolve!!! Such a joy it is! And it is from this shared passion that I come to you today to connect, to talk to share what I am observing and to encourage you and also to celebrate you.

Do you realize all that you are? I know that we say this to you--we beyond the Earth's plane--and yet, I say to you my dearest friends, do you really hear us? Feel it? Claim your victory?

Life on Earth is an incredible experiment with vast implications for all of life. We did not know if what we intended was possible. We have had many false starts on the road to this ultimate destination of embodied remembering and the ascending arc of returning to Oneness together. Yet here we are, in this amazing year of 2012, when the galactic precession of the Equinoxes and the Solstices have built incredible momentum as they mark the many layers of this cosmic alignment coming into fullness…and we are in excellent position! Together! All of us! To achieve the great victory of Oneness.


I pause here now because this is stuff you know. This is stuff you think about, you have perhaps read and I dare say, that you believe in your heart of hearts. But I wish to talk with you about the experiences you are having now and what they mean and why they are happening and what the purpose of of them is, how you can harmonize with them and also bring forth your own intent in living them with grace.

You are gradually integrating incredibly vast streams of diverse experience!!!

Do you realize this?

Seriously, do you realize this.

Please take a big pause right now and sit with this statement and check in with yourself to see if you resonate with this. If you understand on some very deep level what it is that I am saying. This discernment on your part is essential to our communication so do not dismiss this dear one. Truly take time to check-in with you.


You have from within the All-That-Is existed as form and non-form in many domains of experience. Me too--we've all done this. It is the nature of being. And yet, what is happening now to those of you who are on Earth and are awakening, is that all of these streams of your being are coming on-line; surfacing gradually within the awareness of your human consciousness. As, of course, you are able to handle them, are vibrationally compatible with them. So as you access frequencies that correspond to many dimensions, are inclusive of many dimensions--9, 10, 11, 12th dimensions even--then these streams flow into awareness in your form-based experience. And it is THIS, this ultimate reunion which is facilitating the deepest, most profound experience of Oneness that we have ever collectively created!!

This is the ultimate purpose for your presence here. It underpins everything that you create, experience, are drawn toward and understand as true.

So my precious friend, well done! You are realizing in your own experience the threads of consciousness re-weaving into wholeness! And because we are simply extension of you, WE ARE REALIZING UNITY IN FORM as never before!!!

Can I say this exuberantly enough to get you to pause and say, "WOW!!! That is what I'm doing?? !! Yes! I see now. Oh--that feels so right and wow! The Universe speaks to me in deep knowing of my true beauty and my light and the benefit to All-That-Is that I AM!"

If so, then my conversation with you today has been successfully transmitted. If you doubt me, then I have failed my friends, not you, I have failed to find the way to say this, to share this, to speak your language so that you might feel this. For there is no doubt this is true.

To harmonize with this, it is useful and ultimately essential that you perceive that you are in fact doing this. As different streams of remembering, as different senses of who you are and who you've been, as layers of healing takes places and brings you into wholeness, as you claim all your lineages consciously and welcome them all regardless of discrete knowing you are creating this.

And, as an extension of you, my lovely friends I am here to hopefully make you aware: it is in your conscious awareness that we experience this, as might be called vicariously, but truly is simply a function of our Oneness. So as you believe in this incredibly complex soulful reality underpinning your experience, you allow our reality to enter your sphere and for us to share in this reunion with you and this is our deepest hope, collectively and as One.

For all that you are, there is nothing here for you but enthusiastic appreciation and awe!

And so, beautiful light of lights expressed in love and form. Claim all of this as your collective-own. With each of you from darkness to light we commence in the great dance of Union. And we are, infinitely endlessly INSPIRED.

As One, I AM Sanat Kumara


happyme 4th April 2012 7:21 am

The message is loud and clear :)
How beautiful my heart is, thank you so much for your beautiful support :smitten:

scott Elliott 5th April 2012 8:17 pm

Hi Meredith - greetings from this side of the viel.

Wow, great conveyance - merging into oneness. There are so many from many spheres of consciouness who have been awiating the day of our awakening - awaiting the time when we see through the illusion and realize who we are as luminous eternal spirits of light. And you are playing a magnificent role in this process. Ha! I smile inside and out when I read that which you have brought forth.

Keep shining your Light.

Blessings of Love and Light


Loki 8th April 2012 11:29 am

I have been feeling the truth of everything channeled here for quite a while. I never had the words, exactly, to explain it to my mind until now! This channeling has validated what I've been feeling, and it helps me to "wrap my mind around it". This feels like a shift to me; to get the truth that I feel into articulate thought. Makes me realize something though. I was already getting it on another level! So I have plumbed the depths of my being. And when I say that I don't mean that my human consciousness has plumbed my spirit. It is quite the other way around! It's as though this truth of uniting the various streams of experience that I have participated in have changed me enough to have come full circle. Indeed... WOW!!


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