Happy Equinox! Paradise is here. Are you in?

Happy Equinox! Paradise is here. Are you in?

It's a perfect day to have a new start. Why not let go of everything and just open. Life is an opportunity to remember who you truly are, and to enjoy living in this realized state. There's nothing else to do, except be you. Everything else is a detour to this destination, this state of being. 

Everything in existence comes forth effortlessly. We can experience life this way. If we know struggle or hardship, doubt, or confusion, we can see that and choose something else. We can then just let go and let the innate brilliance of our being show us and present to us, our experience of the effortlessness of life. We can let clarity, ease, and thriving radiance come forth in our experience. 

All that you are, knows what it's doing. Your body knows what it's doing. Why not let the innate wisdom that is YOU, run the show, line it all up and set yourself free? What if you just welcome it all in and open to receive? Perhaps, you can imagine and let yourself feel how all of life is here for you? What if, you choose to let go of all the work of it, and just trust that you, being part and parcel of Creation, can experience the effortlessness of being you, here, now? Wouldn't that be paradise ...



zorro 21st March 2014 8:52 am

How about I just reach out and give you a big hug? Happy Equinox!

Peter fox 21st March 2014 12:41 pm

That certainly would be paradise,Meredith- I'm in! Thank you.


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