How to Access the Momentum of Ascending Energy

As you are opening more and more to the fullness of your being, you ignite within you a deep remembering.

There is an amplified connection with all that you are, and the Source which IS you. And in this extension of focus. And through this increased connection with your Universal Self, the Universal fullness of your being you begin to realize more and more what is possible for you.

And saved up wishes come forth. And soft insights about what gives you joy rise to the surface and a willingness to embrace these directly as options, as possibilities as invitations to a more happy experience in this existence, comes forth.

And you begin to sense and see how you could step into a fuller expression of your being. You begin to see how you have held yourself back from all kinds of things you could enjoy and you will enjoy now because you are no longer holding back.

Because you are more and more full of all that you are and in that fullness you are very OPEN to the world. You are willing to step into the world more fully and to let the world thrill and delight you. You expect, more and more. And you expect more and more to be met with love, to be met with spontaneous presentations of love and fullness. With mirrors of your beauty and with joyful friendship and dear comaraderie in the journey.

You realize that every person is capable of meeting you in such a profound and beautiful way. And that their journey can show you the Source they are if you open to feel this truth and knowing and you can flow into these connections and through them, letting yourself feel the remembering, the wholeness, the Unity of Life, you can let yourself live the truth of the Law of One in your remembering. The truth of the wholeness that you are.

And every person opens up that wholeness more. You begin to see and feel, quite sincerely and directly how every person opens up your remembering more fully and in your neutrality, you begin to be more available to life presenting you with directions and invitations that seem quite innocent yet harvest amazing experiences and energies for you.

You begin to realize more and more you can just show up to the day and let it seize you. The day can seize you with it's beauty, it can captivate you with all it presents and offers to you. And you can just flow through it, step into it, open yourself to more. You can just allow yourself to be met and seen and acknowledged. You can let your own guidance come forth from the higher realms of your being, you can let you speak to you and call you forth into more fullness by arranging each day, each moment to meet you and speak to you and summon forth a fuller knowing of your own grace, your own playful presence, your own joy, your own expansion and upliftment into more and more and more.

And you begin to relate differently to change. You discover that you are fundamentally very fluid and very flexible. And it's like you feel very familiar when you're in this mode of being and yet it is so new and beautiful and exciting and quite surreal in it's difference, in it's amazing ability to create openness and expansion in your life as you let go more and more and let life dance with you, inviting you into more and more of the experience with your heart open, guiding you. You let the higher levels of your being lead, you join a much larger momentum within your own energy and it's exciting and feels elating. 

And with this open heart everything opens to you. With this openness you flow the non-physical fullness of your being, into this sphere of reality and life is opening up life. The earth is being opened up by the fullness of your being flowing from your higher levels into the realm of focus into which you have extended.

And through this you are bridging and flowing energy and you don't do it with effort, you're not "sending" energy anywhere, or feeling anything "needs" you to do so, you're just being you more and more fully. And in this you present so much great stuff energetically to the realm in which you are focused and this enlargement of your presence, of your energy field, creates more and more avenues for the Universal You to be here, now. And this Universal You is expanded being here now. And the upliftment of all of this is epic. And Creation is, all of Creation is uplifted by you and your ongoing presence in form on this leading edge of life. 

And it's new! it's new! it's new! Over and over again, there is newness! And you've let go of needing things to stay the same and you are facilitating this newness through your openness. That's how it works. And you are empowering yourself to expand into greater well-being because of your openness, that's how that works. And All-That-Is, is soaring with elation and expansion the joyous remembering faciliated by your openness to you.

Quite fabulous, isn't it?

I AM Archangel Michael


Peter fox 28th May 2013 8:49 am

Yes,quite fabulous. Thank you!

kay 28th May 2013 9:20 am

What a joyful look at the process! Thank you, Meredith and Michael.

shapeshifter 28th May 2013 10:22 am

Absolutely fabulous :coolsmiley

ToTwoTOo 28th May 2013 12:56 pm

On Saturday, May 25

I had ascension but also I recognize an open gateway or portal. I think we had BOTH some ascension AND a "fall".

I believe we are experiencing some galactic movement and the energies are somewhat obvious. For example, on my radio are some sounds that are not being done on purpose. We need to discern who and or what we are channeling, and who or what is channeling individuals.

In my world, my message is "change the channel" and "change the station".

Talk with you again soon.

betsy. 28th May 2013 4:30 pm

New, new, new! Yay! Out with the old, old, old! :smitten:
Thank you so much, Meredith, for this inspiring, loving message!

zorro 28th May 2013 6:45 pm

Magenta Pixie’s video put me in a trance and then I read your post. A response:

When we exhaust the quest for secure expectations in outcomes, something happens. Grounded earth expectations are given wings and a chance for flight, “empowering expansion into greatness”.

In Gemini we are called to give things “air” and “just breathe” When we finally give up the tension of trying to uphold an expected reality that seemingly doesn't quite materialize, an old magician pops up, and says, “I thought that you would never let go! May I, my friend?” His name is Whimsy, and is in fact an aspect of yourself. But you must let Whimsy breathe. He is a friend and an aspect of your own genius, spontaneous and unpredictable but capable of expressing the most inventive ideas out of gravity stricken situations. Born after Earth, Taurus, now given wings to fly, his love of human conundrums evoke from him little pranks until he gets your attention and you let off a bit on a grip of so-called reality. When expectations are dropped, the unexpected emerges spontaneously, and then the magic kicks in.

kaykay 29th May 2013 3:31 am

Profound.... :)

Thank you Meredith and Archangel Michael

Peter fox 29th May 2013 4:01 am

Thanks for that Zorro. Didn't know about Whimsey before- brilliant

zorro 29th May 2013 1:32 pm

"And with this open heart everything opens up to you".

Everything opens up to you, indeed! Now we've gone and done it. A giant coronal hole has opened up on the Sun and is spewing cosmic solar wind our way in a steady stream. With Venus planet of love conjunct Jupiter (abundance) and Mercury (thinking) all visible together in the sky, may we are showered with cosmic grace.


mrmathew1963 2nd June 2013 5:28 pm

G'day Meredith

Quite profound indeed.

Letting go of any attachments isn't easy & that is what we are doing, the more lives we have lead the more attachments we most likely got to deal with, once one sees them as attachments to this reality one can then let go & be one's truer self & then we are able to accept any change coming a lot easier. Change is inevitable in all realities of time & space.

For most of us to accept these changes more readily hard times need to occur to give us that push & this is why things have got to get worse before they get better before we accept any conscious change as this. For those in the know we will push ourselves when the time is nigh I believe.



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