I Am a Possibilitarian

What is a possibilitarian?

It's what I chose to say about myself when asked once about my political beliefs. What does this mean, really? Well, here's what I believe...I am happy and enthusiastic about life. I believe peace is possible. To know this together as a planet, we need to gradually heal individually. We will then lighten up, be less focused on creating our identity through external things and actually value getting to know ourselves and one another.

I find listening, solitude and silence to be essential to a peaceful life and thus a peaceful world. As is self-love, self-confidence and a sense of your own beauty and value and then realizing--since we're all one, that same beauty and value extends to everything. From this we are transformed. The more loving and gentle we are to one another, the greater potential we open into. I know peace is possibly by my own life--I am living a beautiful peaceful life. We are innately drawn toward inner openings which guide is to this state of being. Kindness, humor, hope and self-love are our greatest allies.


Peaceful Path 11th April 2012 8:11 am

this just states how I feel so beautifully :smitten:

zorro 11th April 2012 1:26 pm

Ms. Possibilitarian,

I have a question

Can anyone participate in your posse?

(Posse: a group with a common interest)

Okay, count me in. I am now part of the "Possibilitarian Posse".

ExpectWonderful 11th April 2012 1:43 pm

Mr. Zorro,

Yes, anyone may join in the Posse. I am delighted to ride the ascending arc alongside you...as our vibes most obviously match :)

Possibilitarian Posse? Mighty excellent!


Karen of the Peaceful Path, I assume that means you too are riding along?

zorro 11th April 2012 2:29 pm

Ms Possibilitarian,

Anything is "posse-able" when you Expect Woderful...
and I do..and love the reminder.

Loki 18th April 2012 8:10 pm

I love the idea of being a possibilitarian! (Ha ha, spell check can't even handle that word!!) As for being at peace; the more I realize the peace within me, the less dependent I am on the conditions of life providing it for me. That's not to say it is easy, but it feels good to at least be able to process through some of the negative experiences quickly, and regain the feeling of peace again. Some people believe that our military is securing the peace, and also our freedom. Certainly this is true in a strictly worldly way. And yet, it is that "logic" that keeps the conflicts going. I believe that a true master knows he/she is so grounded in his/her SELF that there isn't any looking outside for these things any longer. Knowing that truth makes it POSSIBLE to see beyond the conditional plane of experience. Is it possible to look beyond the curtain, like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, to see how the illusion is created? I think it is possible. Love it!


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