Infinite Freedom

As you open up to more and more of your inner knowing, the clarity you open to shows you, your own infinite freedom. The question is: will you accept it?

Will you traverse the discomfort of the unknown, allowing yourself to expand?

Will you give yourself permission to have more than perhaps you thought was possible? Can you allow yourself to claim as your truth what you know without needing others to have the same beliefs? Will you give yourself the abundance available? Permit your heart to love and want what it wants, trusting its desire as inner knowing and opening to the way the world can meet you, that is so beyond all that you previously expected and most importantly -- beyond all that you previously have experienced?

Infinite freedom is yours. It's your nature. You also have the power and the energy to create with this, in exponentially expansive ways.

To do all this requires such simple things, but things we often shy away from, such as change, being a beginner, even the notion of living our dreams. So, doing all this without feeling the need to justify it or explain it to anyone else. This moment, our lives, are opportunities to experience this immense freedom, will you, reach high and see what's beyond all you've ever known?

The sky, is just the beginning.


Lorelei63 6th March 2014 9:31 am

Thank you, Meredith, for this message - it was "oh so relevant." I reached/arrived at some mega expansion in the past week, and then I just went through a couple days of hell - throwbacks to the past. If anyone has helpful information on how to dance with expansion without getting smacked around, to the point of feeling victimized all over again, I would love your advice. Thank you!!

zorro 6th March 2014 8:19 pm

"Will you traverse the discomfort of the unknown, allowing yourself to expand?"

Yes! We welcome this liminal space and all it opens up to us, albeit uncomfortable at times. Know the time we are in, fellow travelers. We were made to recognize and open the floodgates to this space and season!


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