Kindness and Gentleness Turn the Keys

Beloved Beings of Light, I greet you in Peace.

I come today to speak to you of your role as Ambassadors of Light to the New Earth.  More and more of you are aware and awake to the innate purpose of your participation on the Earth at this time.  In this state of knowing you are reasonably capable of many things which you may not yet considered.  You are capable of establishing the intricacies which are necessary to fulfill your role.  This is done by cultivating the Key Relationships in Your Experience.

I use the word “Key” in that many relationships within you are literal keys to opening you to your Divine Identity in form.  The relationship you have to the Earth, to your I AM Presence, to the Stars…all are important for you to come into the constellation of energetic connections which fully informs your being.

Today I wish to speak to the hub of this energetic dynamic, which is the vertical relationship between your spirit and your body.   There are many layers of connection to arise, unfold and be re-established.  Your abilities to do this will grow as you cultivate them.  That is why I say, “reasonably” capable—for this is a beginning, as are all openings, which lead to greater things.  Some of you have already begun this journey, some are just beginning.  Some have felt ready to be more engaged for some time, but perhaps have not known how to proceed.  I wish to speak to all of this and to encourage you fully in your efforts.

First let me say, there is joy and delight, celebration is the tone even of a beginning.  Upon beginning one does not feel a desire to rush, or a wish to already be finished.  Journeys are undertaken for the pleasure of the journey, for the opportunities to grow and create.  When one enters into the density of the human experience, one is knowingly engaged in a journey affected by the construct of linear time--so there is no rushing or wishing you were at the end when this journey begins!  For those of you who are impatient or tired, I encourage you with this truth: joy exists in the journey!  If you are not feeling it, it is perhaps time for a re-orientation and a sense of play and ease to be re-embraced as ideals for your experience.

There is a delight in the moment of this beginning arriving in your experience and then in making this journey there is great appreciation for the discoveries and especially those which reveal your own greater capacity by challenging you to bring it forth to bear on your situation and your desired destination.  2011 as I told you would be a year of great joy.  The joy is to be found in claiming what you know and living it.  You are an Ambassador of Light!  You are an eternal being.  You are perfectly participating in this divine co-creation.  So please, take a deep breath and let go of any ideas that you are not doing this "right" and realize all is well.

From Source Creation, you exist in divine alignment.  You innately are attuned to the relationship between your body and your spirit—it is your primary focus and you have within you all that is required to cultivate and maintain this relationship in balance and harmony.  This is the intention of your lifetime: to merge fully with your I AM Presence, becoming enlightened and preparing for ascension.

It is easy when descending into the density of duality to move out of this alignment.  Your body—which when I say this I speak to your physical body and your Ka or Divine Etheric Double, I speak of your energetic system entirely—is comprised of a complex system of vortexes which connect you with other energy systems.  These connections are often blocked, dormant, out of alignment and as such you experience a sense of identifying with the local version of you, limited by an understanding of you as your physical body.  Even when you began to listen more to your heart and your spirit, there still exists the possibility for many of these connections to not work in the original Divine Alignment—as they are still blocked, filled with other people’s energy, held in mis-alignment by limiting beliefs or experiences and in all these ways, you are unable to fully access a merged connection with your Divine Self.

The journey you are undertaking here requires a sequential opening, clearing and re-alignment of these various energy vortexes so that you may live in a state of profound and divine connection.

This is why there is so much emotionality and discomfort in the process of incorporating more light.  The light acts as a natural agent of transformation, flushing forth what is not truly you—contracts, feelings associated with limiting beliefs and perceptions, all that which relegates you to less than you are and distracts your focus from cultivating your body/spirit relationship.   In fact, these obstacles make it difficult at times to even feel your body/spirit relationship!  Trust that it is present.  Your focus on this possibility will reveal to you the subtle energies  as well as the more dense--the entire energy system which you indeed, are.

I encourage you to cultivate gratitude toward these obstacles in all forms surfacing—for they are inhibit your own alignment evolving and increasing in richness.  I urge you to offer gentleness and kindness to yourself, and to claim the role in your awareness as a conscious caretaker of this expanding and powerful energetic connection between your Divine I AM Presence--Spirit, and your Body--your human energy system.  Your focus places you in the powerful role of determining where energy goes and with what direction or information it is focused.  You can ask and receive information.  You can be guided clearly and step by step as to what clearings and openings, will be most appropriate next, as to how much to clear at any time before integrating and resting as your body re-claims it’s new state.  You can do this and you knew that fully when you chose to descend into density and participate in this glorious new dawning of life.

So I wish to simply today, remind you of these truths. 

The kindness and gentleness you bring to your own relationship between body and spirit will create the ease or dis-ease of your experience.  The world around you reflects pockets of beauty, harmony and flow as well as areas that are too going through clearing, release and re-alignment.  You see duality surfacing in dramatic ways and you alone choose what to feel, think and understand in seeing all of this.  What perspective are you choosing dear ones?

The perfect storm I spoke of in my earlier message to you is like the shower of golden light which clears all that is not Divine Truth.  Even within this clearing, one may still choose to see the illusions of limitation if that is the choice one makes.  For all of experience is created with focus, intention and energy.  So even though there are many signs that certain understandings have been eclipsed by greater insights into the true nature of aliveness, many are not yet oriented to their calm point within and therefore cannot yet release the old, and so feel it dissolving and as they are not yet grounded in their own energy, they themselves do not know where to turn or what to rely upon and there is great pain in this illusion of separation.

Be kind and yet do not enable their illusion of weakness by attempting to rescue them.  It is only when one turns inward and listens to the voice within, that one may find true peace and the doorways to eternal joy open.  This moment is a precious awakening that is ordained only by the self and no one may complete this for any of you.  Nor would you wish to deny any individual the joy of discovering their own power!

Earthlings.  Divine sources of knowing come forth each day with promises of your new life.  You see it and hear it and can entirely rest within these broadcasts from the emerging frontier if you so choose.  Why not give yourself the experience of grace, by choosing to live in faith and trust in your own perfect divine timing?  Realize that all is choreographed by your intentions, your ideals…converging in the moments when it’s your perfect time to arrive and perform key functions for the collective.

Instead of limiting your understanding by looking outside yourself and seeking answers, why not learn and cultivate this role as the gardener of your relationship between spirit and body?  Daily tending to your energy and embracing your ability to learn about and truly know your own self may begin in small ways, but do not underestimate your own amazing powers of self-healing, self-knowing and self-expression.  You are a Divine Being of Light and Love.  You are capable of everything.

I celebrate with you, your increasing ease.

I AM Archangel Michael.


COBALT 12th May 2011 10:28 am


kosmick8 12th May 2011 7:06 pm

you rock!!!!!!!!! this message was particularly potent although all of your channels make me smile and i always love when i see you have posted. keep up the great work/play.
? ??? ?????

love2love 13th May 2011 3:50 pm

Thank you Meredith!
This is a beautiful message :)
love and light


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