March 2012 Energy Update: Awakening Flows into Transparency

Awakening Flows into Transparency, the Seat of Your Awareness Elevates

There are huge signs available to us now of the immense progress of our personal awakening/divine embodiment and the ascension of our planet into higher frequencies. We can see now how much of what we've experienced has led us to a point where we are now energized and empowered enough to focus upon creativity. It's a joyous amazing time for any who are feeling this shift, and a powerful and encouraging sign paving the way for those in next wave and those waking up!

The Energy of March is amping toward the Equinox. This momentum initiated in December at the Solstice as the Arcs between these alignments in the precession of the Equinoxes and the Solstices increase in impact.

The accelerating energies have had affected us with their light and information and we in turn are evolving further. What this looks and feels like depends on where we are in our awakening process, what our elements of our energetic architecture are active, and what our intent is for using the energies.

It is increasingly important to note that our intent shapes the way we use the energy we receive. If you have not yet considered setting intentions for how the energy flowing into your field is received and utilized, why not do so now? You might intend to make your soul available to the new energies to support your ascension in to higher frequencies, with ease. (For example.) Intent is everything these days as energy is more available and many are vibrating with greater amounts of energy and thus also have more influence and greater resources with which to create.

The waves of light are activating new groups of souls. There are people beginning to feel the restlessness, the awareness of something deeper and more significant and with this shift, the beacon of the inner journey is ignited.

For those who have completed the clearing of the lower etheric layers--the physical, emotional and mental bodies being clear and free of energetic congestion--there is an enormous surge propelling you into transparency. The seat of your awareness is shifting and you are being called to live in a different relationship to the inner planes and your life in manifest form as the human reading this.

This energy creates a strong desire to release the outward, lifestyle components that may have felt necessary but not harmonious with your true self. And specifically many who have remembered and rediscovered their paths to wholeness are being urged to find ways to set up shop and broadcast their uniquely approachable energy-flavor. Many are called to be bridges to awakening, sharing and shining so those who will resonate with their energy and processes and be able to connect and use what is shared to remember and create on their own path of enlightenment.

For those beings, ready to shift into transparency the impulse to movement is strong and remaining still or hesitating will create great frustration and unhappiness. Realize that you will not necessarily know exactly how all of this is going to play out, but like Indiana Jones watches the path appear in front of him in faith, you too must walk forward on the inspiration as it appears in order for the next step to be given.

Life is dynamic and accelerating. Realize that the next steps are not being hidden from you. You are being given the steps that exist as reliable-now (and now and now and now). This keeps you in harmony with the ever expanding leading edge on which you are creating and increasingly living energetically. Know that not being able to organize your whole life or business or work or move, to not be able to plan ahead, is actually a gift. It supports you in staying in alignment if you just allow yourself to trust and take things one step at a time. Give birth to the essence of your dreams and then stay focused on that, calling forth the next guidance, insight, coincidence or connection by asking questions with intent to move, each day. Allow the next steps to show up and pay attention to synchronicity and coincidence which will often reveal the way if you're looking.

As we live from a soul level current, each relationship and conversation is a gift. These connections have the ability to accelerate the creation of the New Earth. Being open hearted and willing to share what arises and is inspired within you, will make you part of the collective co-creation. The time to stand on the sidelines and watch the game is over. Especially for those being drawn into transparency, this stalemate choice of non-movement and non-participation because you may feel uncertain or unworthy, will just leave you feeling disconnected and unhappy. Just trust yourself and jump in.

Along with transparency, there is an elevation of the seat of consciousness. Increasingly there is the call to bring the movement and expansiveness of the inner planes into your manifest life. This is an enormous signpost on the way to 5th Dimensional Manifest Reality. Recognize it as such and allow yourself a whopping "Woo-hoo!"

The New Earth will show up as reflection of your inner experience made manifest by focus and willingness to flow energy in your experience into new ways. As more and more of us embrace this quality of sincere participation as powerful creators in the ongoing generation of life on Earth, others will have confidence to join the fun and the momentum will build.

Transformation alone has never been the point of all this change. The shift of the ages involves transformation for the purpose of manifest reality transforming. We need awakening and manifestation as our experiences to fulfill the intentions for the Divine Plan for our Planet, and our personal aspirations of participating in this auspicious epoch of time/space.

Civilization and culture rest in our hearts. The outcomes of creation on Earth, the shape of things to come, and the experiences of right here right now are enormously influenced by those high-vibe Earth Angels who have found their light and are bringing it home.

We need to awaken and bring this way of being to bear on reinventing and recreating our lives, our world, our civilization and the collective thought forms and beliefs of our shared consciousness. As one of us enlarges our consciousness and elevates our being, all of us benefit for we are all One, interconnected and whole together.

It is within this wholeness that we have great hope and promise, for we can springboard off of one another, leap-frogging into new territory and expanding the experiences possible for humanity and thus for all life on our planet.

Lastly, I encourage you as you are ready to step into your role as Creator Gods, to begin with your own life. It's important for your own life to work. That means being healthy, happy, having abundant energy and resources and work, relationships and a lifestyle that allows you to flow and thrive. Get happy, essentially, then share the love.

The example of your joy is a beacon to those unsure about things. It helps inspire the deep inner recognition of this glorious opportunity available here and now. Furthermore and most important, your joy generates energy and this allows you to be highly magnetic--attracting all you need, and highly influential--shaping the world with your ideals.

As the most complex sentient being here we have enormous responsibility to care for and include all life in our perceptions of reality and the way we choose to live and create a mode of being.

Life is essentially the same thing in all forms: source energy made manifest. As we learn to live expressing this appreciation and realization we experience countless shifts in our lifestyles. These changes bring that which we are and how we live into a full expression of this innate appreciation and love for all of ourselves as One.

It is this harmonious, peace-filled experience which is increasingly available to each of us now. It is up to us if we continue to participate in unsustainable pathways which continually draw us out of our own hearts and into power struggles and other energetic distortions to feel good and as an artificial substitute for love, true connection and the joy of being ourselves.

Life is opening to new pathways. Many are discovering the inner joy that never fades. The innate wisdom always available and the abundant experience of love and well-being that is part of all that.

You too, wherever you are, can move beyond restlessness and the sense that there must be more to life, through the dark night of the soul and the inner forest, into a glowing meadow; to this radiant state of luminous being. It is your true nature to be light and to emanate this energy from your focus--regardless of form. As the Human Being reading this, you know this. Deep within you is also the clear awareness that you are entirely, fundamentally wonderful and there is not, and never has been anything wrong with you.

As you reconnect the inner pathways to this eternal truth, all kinds of distortions and old patterns and habits will arise and depart from your experience. As you knowingly let them go, you will discover a process of continual expansion. You will increasingly dwell in grace-filled states of knowing, clarity, creativity, joy and love. It is from this gloriously happy state that you have the vision, inspiration and the vibrational resonance to open up creative options in the New Earth. Remember, access is granted by frequency resonance with specific bands of energy. As you reinstate your own freedom and confidence, self-love and sense of innate beauty, you will find 5th Dimensional dwelling available in your waking state, regardless of where the Earth is in her progression toward this higher band of residence. You will effectively become a bridge to the new life possible for those not yet there. It is inspiring to realize all the points of light and love moving into this state of being on our beautiful Earth!

It is from this empowered, energized state that you are called into transparency, into radiant, sincere, ego-free self-expression. There then is no hesitation, no doubt, no evaluation. Your role is simply to be you, to express and create as you are inspired. No more, no less. You can trust in the value of your inspiration and impulses as we are all inspired from the same ground of being. And as you are inspired to offer, another is inspired to receive. As you are looking for something, someone is inspired to create and share it. Life exists and unfolds in an awesome choreographic dance of unfathomable complexity and grace-filled connections.

Live from the true nature of your being, however you know this to be. The energy of this month will peak with the Equinox and all of this momentum will crest and we will emerge with a new, elevated sense of all that we are and what we wish to experience.

To celebrate and open fully to this arc, simply state your intentions, open your heart and come forth as you are. Know you are profoundly loved and vital to everything.

From my heart to yours, love and appreciation!



LightBeing 6th March 2012 1:13 pm

This update totally speaks to what I am experiencing. It is amazing how many things you've shared here which I am hearing within and which echo my experience. I love following our inner path and continually discovering we're right in step with one another!

It's a challenge to now bring the inner into the way we live fully...but it's what we came here for, I know that and although I am overwhelmed at times about how to do it, I am committed.

Love to you Meredith! Thank you for your voice and light!

spring 7th March 2012 6:16 pm

Oh Meredith....always so much joy in your are a bubbling fountain of inspiration! Thank you and much love to you from me x


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