May 2013: Passage to Expansive Freedom

Greetings Dear Ones,

We are the Pleaidian Emissaries of Light and we speak to you through an expanded corridor of connection which was established almost a year ago, during the Eclipse Cycle of May 2012. Since that time so much has transpired in your world and in your lives. Know that the themes you are experiencing are also felt within larger spheres of organization, the fields of light and energy you think of as the galaxy and even the Universe.

More and more you are realizing the true nature of your being.

In this realization you open more fully to all that you are and you, yourself expand. It is increasingly possible that you are becoming way-station managers and flow-ers (smile), of energy. Isn't it wonderful that the idea of being one who flows, is so like the word for flowers? that endlessly open and gracefully unfold in your lives? You are becoming increasingly the means by which the higher and lower levels of creation are integrated. This leading edge is what you hoped to achieve in coming here to participate in planetary ascension. It is that which you are instinctively creating when you begin to orient to your heart. As you discover your ability to ground more energy and manifest, then you embrace the flow between the upper and lower levels of your being. As you begin to relate to yourself in self-love then you begin to see that there is only beauty in all aspects of your experience -- that which you create directly and that which mirrors your vibration to you. In this fuller relationship to life you become more whole.

Each of you carries within you profoundly useful codes for relating to life and in particular for relating to physical reality. The Earth has been informed by many different species of creatures, intelligent life and sentience in all of them, and so there are many patterns of creation embedded within your lineage, regardless of the variety and diversity of your origins as a collective.

As you become more keenly focused on opening to all that you are, the fullness of you being begins to operate in an integrated fashion. This requires you to shift from your local identity into your spiritual identity, into your identity residing in your knowing of yourself as a divine multidimensional being.

As you make this shift and sustain this and living from it --not from the local goals and aspirations--but opening to all that you are, you change the game you are playing and you alter the game itself. You begin to live from an expanded knowing. This is the practice of what you think of as remembering. Many of you expected remembering to look and feel more like expanded informational access, rather then expanded knowing. You expected remembering to be more like cellular memory, soul memories or molecular memory. Cellular memory are patterns within your energy system that arise in familiarity because you are still actively involved with them. In the way in which they arise it is often like feeling or being in a movie watching yourself in another reality or experiencing an explicit knowing of parts of that system. This is not the same thing as living from an integrated expanded knowing informed by the fullness of your being.

One of the main shifts that you will be encountering soon, is the realization that information is over-rated in it's value.

Knowing is what it's all for and what is of value. Information is only valuable when it serves living and being as knowing. And as you are discovering at times it takes you a while to realize and trust that you do actually know things. You know things without even knowing how you know them. Doesn't this help you see that this might expand? So doesn't it make sense that you might eventually evolve in such ways that you directly know in the moment how to proceed, informed from an an increasingly full presence and that this knowing will feel like you just being more clear, more confident, more present and more harmoniously aligned? This dear ones is what it is going to feel like to be in full remembering. It's not that you will suddenly have access to billions of details which arise specifically within your inner sight visually, for example, no, that is more like cellular memories from past lives arising. Or deja vu' occurring.

What remembering feels like is coherence, clarity, effortless presence, embodied flow, openness and harmony, love and fullness and creativity and joy. 

In human life the ability to recite loads of information, to know facts, to carry around endless details has had a certain weight and value in your world. Yet in practicality it is the ability to chose well and in the moment and do so with alignment and confidence and joy and neutrality as love, that is truly what is known as happiness. 

And so today we wish to tell you that you are in a very important passage. It has been called a "wormhole" by some Cosmic Astrologers, and this is apt, in that it will usher you from where you have been into something entirely new. Depending on where you began this passage and how your opening unfolds, the distance you will travel could be startling with its significance.

Do you sense, or realize the spaciousness of the freedom that those of you on the leading edge are moving into? Do you feel the liberation that is taking place, the feel of life beyond the familiarity of karmic threads, cellular memory, duality patterns, beliefs or habits shaping your reality? The potential for living this way has been here, but more and more of you are actually claiming it by letting go of these familiar modes of being. You have come to the end of these pathways, you are bored and ready for more. Well that is a good sign. Be encouraged by this.

Can you feel the incredibly unknown spaciousness of that degree of freedom? That is what is arising in your experience. This total focus in the present with integrated openness and availability to what is presented, this is the zero point presence of an embodied divine being that you are creating

We are thrilled to be part of this passage with you, knowing that Eclipses significantly support you shifting off of one time-line, or pathway which is finished and complete, or which you are no longer interested in and stepping onto a rising tide of newness and opening to your identity revealing itself to you as the Cosmic Being you truly are.

It is a wildly open landscape you are living in cowboy! And we know you were made to ride this range.

Forgive us for being playful and silly, but that is, indeed the taste and feel of this new world.

We love you immensely and we too, are riding into the sunset of the old and awakening to the new.

It is happening everywhere and to every aspect of Creation, for indeed what is opened to by any one of us, ripples within All That Is.

Blessings of joy and amazingly beautiful vistas on your new dawns Light Beings of Love.

We are mirrors of so many of you and you, of so many of us.

We are the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light


Sandra Smyre 7th May 2013 12:28 pm

Thank you to the Pleiadians and Elyon for making me laugh out loud. In LoveLight, sandra :D

zorro 7th May 2013 8:23 pm

"It is a wildly open landscape you are living in cowboy! And we know you were made to ride this range."

Yes, indeed, so let's get ridin'. We're burnin' daylight!

cyndy 8th May 2013 10:47 am

I am on a horse with no name.
Love to all the "pardners" riding with me.
Riding off into the sunset.
Dawn of a New Day.

Sheena 9th May 2013 7:03 pm

Thank you Pleiadian Emissaries of Light and Meredith!

Ride 'em Cowboy!!



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