Mini-Energy Update: Being Conditioned to Fluidity

There has been a lot of flux and flow, and continuously increasing intensity to the incoming energies this year. Realize this: you are being conditioned to fluidity.

You are being supported by these incoming particles of light, to identify with an eternal sense of YOU, instead of the local experiences of each moment.

You're being impulsed to live beyond prior ideas, paradigms, patterns, beliefs, and the energy is helping us rise up in frequency and perspective.

The target is orienting at a level of perpetualness. To open up and center from the fullness we are, so we can relate to the moment as an experience of expanding awareness and as a reflection of the energy we are. This can empower us with insight, so we might cultivate and refine our energy field and thus what arises as our experience, as we feel inspired.

We're on a road to living as an empowered, confident, CREATOR. A true expression of who we each are -- divine and unlimited.

It helps me to remember this when I feel tired or challenged. I encourage you too, to choose an inspired, uplifting perspective about your experience. It makes all the difference in how I feel, and it creates what happens next!


Deeni 19th February 2014 9:35 am

Thank You, Meredith.

Brief, to the point, and Divinely timed.

Love it.

Much Love and Light to You, and All. : )

Little11 19th February 2014 7:30 pm

Hi Meredith!
I love your updates and esp this one! It really rings true for me... especially the changing in energies. It's like one week I feel the best I've ever felt and the next week, it's like I have made no progress and feel as if I'm am under a spell and deep within a fog storm. Am I correct in relating this to the changing energies this month?

Thank you for your wisdom! xo


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