Mini-Energy Update: Your Amplified Presence

The energy is VERY intense! Or shall we say, what's taking place in our bodies, is quite exceptional!

This morning my vision was all whacked and yet, when I went outside to walk my dogs I saw the fabric of reality, moving as I walked through it. Incredible!! My peripheral vision was fine, but my straight-on vision was seeing geometries of light that were elastic-ey and moving as I walked and participated. Incredible. I talked with my inner being and welcomed this expanded presence of myself showing up and encouraged it to find a harmonious way to interface with reality so my ability to read and write would return soon. :) Within about an hour and a half, it was a-okay again. But what a cool experience! 

We've entered a new time of expanded light and your presence is being amplified. That's what is happening as energy comes in, as you feel the head pressure, the clearing -- you're being amplified into more you. The higher dimensional aspects of your continuum of being are coming forth, here on Earth. Emerging THROUGH you. The Earth has ascended in vibration and we're ascending in vibration by our higher dimensional aspects being more and more embodied.

Trust where you are, claim the victories of everyone!

Wherever you are in this evolutionary pathway, embrace it with this knowing. I was sharing some incredible manifestations I've experienced lately with a friend and she brilliantly said, "I love what we're manifesting -- because your manifestations are my manifestations." And she's right. Claim everything wonderful that you notice and see in other's lives as your own, because we're all One and it's coming forth as individual aspects of our wholeness can hold the big juiced up vibes, and this is empowering all of us to do this and also giving us a joyful vision of what's coming! 

The arc from now through the June Solstice 

I selected this photo above to introduce the upcoming events from April to May because our ability to trust those subtle perceptions empowered by our imagination is key to feeling the New Reality. As we enter into relationship with the New Harmonics of Consciousness, it is our imagination that empowers us to feel and sense the expansiveness of our being and the inner planes of our experience. 

Through our connection to imagination, sensation and feeling we play -- reclaiming our wholeness and allowing our expanded, amplified present to re-pattern our experience. 

Recognize emotions and stories are paths of separation

It's important to realize that feeling, sensation and imagination are NOT the same as emotion. Knowing is clarity. Coherence translated into a nudge, or a sense of how to participate harmoniously and in alignment with all you are. Emotion and story-like-thinking often interfere with true knowing. They're often connected and caused by stories, beliefs, patterns and ideas that arise from the illusion, or the Mayan Veil. From duality. Emotion and this type of thinking are ways of separating ourselves from each other and from life. They're the pathways away from experiencing Unity Consciousness. We're moving into an experience neutrality, which, like emotions is often misunderstood.

Neutrality is, as many inspired teachers have shared, the path to it all.

Neutrality is not flat, or boring. It's not passion-less or the void. Neutrality is a soaring experience of JOY. It's how you feel naturally when nothing is derailing you from your own innate high-vibe. It's how you feel when life doesn't trigger you. When you're not judging or making things, people, or yourself right/wrong. Neutrality is freedom. And it feels like exquisite, soaring, ascending cheerfulness, impervious to anything and infinite. Eternal. Neutrality is love.

Living in this neutrality, life opens in all the ways we felt ascension would uplift and transform our experience. Getting into this state is a process, as we've experienced. But we don't have to get there all the way to notice the benefit. Every moment where there, we experience more ease. 

Our own expanded being can masterfully create our life.

As we continue to open more and more to our own higher levels of being, our amplified vibration draws to us invitations, and openings. We get gentle, persistent inner nudges and inspiration. By saying yes to our own life, by opening directly to our own inspiration, knowing and vision we use our presence to allow heaven to emerge through us, ground on Earth and create the New Reality. This is how we live in the ease we've heard so much about.

We call forth our own being, continually giving permission for all we are to enter this free-will experience through us, and this amplified presence can be given permission to create our life experiences. We don't have to set intentions, create vision boards, do affirmations or anything. We can just let our continually amplified presence show us openings that match our self. Of course affirmations and anything that helps us move into more self-love, empower our amplified presence, but the point here is that it's our expanded, multidimensional presence that can knowingly take over and create our life -- a life that will exceed everything we can even imagine. How fun is that?  

It's a blast! frankly speaking. To be here NOW.

Happy happy joy joy, is how I'm feeling.

Claim it as your own, bucko!

Love + cha-cha-cha,



Deeni 2nd April 2013 10:07 am

Dear Meredith, Thank You so much for such a Beautiful message.

Your Happy Happy Joy Joy is now Mine Mine.


As I read your message, I kept seeing a most Beautiful picture in my head, and it gave me such a blissful feeling, as well as goosebumps from Crown Chakra to Gaia.

Thank You.

Love and Light to All.

: ))

zorro 2nd April 2013 12:58 pm

Thank you, Meredith, for your, and everyone's, amplified, Ampli-Phi, presence.

cyndy 3rd April 2013 12:58 pm

I love the energy of your messages and channels. I actually feel the energy in my body and get hooked up, re-hooked up/ newly hooked up. I often am "working" on, playing with, a few days ahead of time with what the up coming message is bringing. AND then the impact of having it put into words that are Harmony(the agreement of space) and Syncronicity(the agreement of time)and I am rocketed into physical sensate experience. Delightful and Divine.


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