Oct 18 - Nov 3 Eclipse Cycle: Eras Merge in Simultaneous Time

Ongoing Expansion & Re-fomatting to the New Earth
Eras Merge in Simultaneous Time

Upon completion of the crystalline grid, in December of 2012, new potentials became available on Earth. 2013 is a year of your bodies and your consciousness re-formatting to the New Harmonics of Consciousness. This has inspired much expansion in each of you this year. This expansion can be uplifting, challenging or often -- both.

It is always driven at a soul level and what is opening for each of you is empowered by these New Harmonics and released into your experience as your resonance with these codes is achieved. When you are compatible with higher dimensional energy fields, they open automatically, as if by magic, in your consciousness.

From the September Equinox through the Eclipse Cycle in October and November of 2013, you are retrieving and re-instating wholeness to key areas of your lives. This reflects a larger momentum within your Earthly wholeness. As Earth continues to arise, fueled partially by your own continual upliftment, you come into resonance with the Golden Eras of Earth.

These high vibrational cultures such as Atlantis, Shambhala and Lemuria, are increasingly available and opening to you. Within the Universal Oneness, encompassing all of life on Earth as a single Unity of Light and Energy, these civilziations and cultures are present. For many of you, who have and are participating in these worlds, as you come into an experience of simultaneous time, the consciousness of this era opens for you. As you experience these openings, you are also expanding the New Harmonics, bringing a vast tonality of harmony and well-being into your own energy fields.

Expanding the potentials for peace and wholeness within your realm in extraordinary ways. These new, liberating energies will be available in amplified ways as you are impulsed, as cosmic codes are transmitted and as you are resonantly available to receive this as you together with us, unite to leverage the gifts of this Eclipse Cycle on Earth in October and November of 2013.

What many are experiencing as living from inspiration, living in the present more and more, is emergence of simultaneous time. The combination of the emergence of simultaneous time, and the continual ascension of frequency in the material is liberating the experience of simultaneous space. You experience this as consciousness from other Earth experiences, eras within your lineage, opening in your own energy fields and thus, becoming increasingly amplified and available, within the collective.

As you re-unite with this fuller presence of your own Self within Earth, this ripples across time and space altering reality-potentials. 

During this Eclipse Cycle the leading edge of Human Form will experience and ground New Codes of Creation to empower the Rennaisance of the Ages, the re-birth of the ages, infusing your current time/space experience with expansive creative energies and light. The achievements you created energetically in these other distinct points of focus will arrive in your present consciousness holus-bolus, and there will be a profound expansion of knowing when this takes place.

It is not so much a literal remembering as it is an ability to access practical ways of being and sharing, creating and living that you have experienced, that work and which can benefit the evolution of civilization and culture on your planet now. This release of energy liberated by your resonance with these fields, will give you a surge of confidence.

This may be utilized to honor more fully and with more devotion your own unique presence and the gifts of perspective that your presence draws to you as inspiration. Vision and creativity may be powerfully amplified by these experiences of opening up into more unity with You. This rebirth is a powerful symbol of the long range aspiration of this moementum.

Join us, in this Eclipse Cycle, as we come together with you to assist and explore, create and empower an expanded opening to the fullness of your being. Collaborate with us, your non-physical Families of Light, in Global Creation and Celebration. We are with you always and you are dearly loved.

Together we are together revising time and space into an expanded expression of Oneness. This opening we see unfolding is a significant shift, futhering the momentum of the ultimate return to Unity. We are One!

We are the Council of Light


Skyhawke8 16th October 2013 11:19 am

Thanks Meredith and Counsel of Light!
I'm tuning my frequencies to align with these new harmonics.
Seems we have quite the orchestra working on a full piece of music!
Exciting times we're in!

Radiant Love Energy 16th October 2013 12:34 pm

I love being a part of it! Such an exciting time... :angel:

cyndy 16th October 2013 7:23 pm

Beautiful. "It is not so much a literal remembering as it is an ability to access practical ways of being and sharing, creating and living that you have experienced, that work and which can benefit the evolution of civilization and culture on your planet now." So many of us are ready for this and feeling it with great anticipation. Ready Set Go


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