Oh, Wow. That's The Way Things Used To Be

In this whole enormous shift in consciousness we're experiencing, we are transforming not just our experience but our understanding of who we are and what that means.  As we learn to vibrate aligned with a 4th dimensional spectrum we shift from duality to a sense of unity, oneness, aware of our interconnectedness.  As we tap into the New Earth timeline--a now more expanded available pathway of 5th dimensional energy--we realize our own innate divinity and that this same source individuates and flows within every other point of focus here.

The wholeness of creation is now an available energy paradigm and it is changing everything. 

The other day I was meditating and experimenting.  I wanted to explore time-travel and play with the new wholeness available, to transform the past and thereby remake the present.  I began and created an intention to descend into my past, perfectly guided to a situation that would bring me more freedom and joy by revisiting this situation and bringing it into wholeness.  I wasn't sure where I'd end up, but the scenario I revisited was one that went on for a short period of time in my childhood, a never understood blip in my growing up--and definitely an experience I've always known had a big effect on me.  I had mined this experience before in many ways--emotionally and psychologically--I understood the dynamics of it, and it no longer bothered me, nor held any energy charge when I thought of it...so I was interested to see what would take place in revisiting this experience.  

What was so amazing in visiting this by time travel, rather then memory, is that my experience reflected the New Earth understandings of wholeness, as well as the innate freedom and divinity in each of us.  Let me explain...

Once back in this time/space location I noticed again, how I had tried to protect others and what the cost had been for me in that--I was 8 and protecting others from an angry adult when you're 8 is a bit much.  I also noticed as I had so many times before that I had not put myself first (self-love).  I came into this life, with an unusual amount of self-love, self-confidence and presence, so interestingly--despite not taking too great of care of myself in this situation, that pattern didn't take root.  I continued to feel amazingly connected to me, adoring and excited about who I am, and with a strong sense of self and confidence. 

But what did get altered by this experience, was now obvious to me:  how I would from there forward, relate to anger in others and how I used would feel impulsed to use my sturdiness and self-confidence to "deal with this."  Through time travel with a 5th dimensional perspective--not memory--I saw that I had not allowed or trusted everyone else to sort out their own experience.  I saw how I took my amazing strength, and openness and instead of using it with wisdom to see what I needed and then once I was okay--then BEING that vibration of well-being, making it more available to anyone else to choose and vibrate with, I tried to stop what was happening to others.  In effect, to rescue my brothers--to "protect" them.

I understand this may seem natural and the desire to protect those who are seemingly being hurt has been an innate aspect of the human experience.  But isn't this feeling based on fear?

I also see though how limiting this perspective is from the 5th dimensional viewpoint.  And I felt the invitation to re-experience this situation trusting I and everyone involved was tapped into our own inner source. 

In feeling any need to "rescue" another, we in effect assume they can't take care of themselves.  We "buy into" their limitations and deny the wisdom of the soul in navigating and choosing experiences.  By feeling the urge and then acting on it, we also get disconnected from my our own self and thus to source energy--and once we're there our influence on anything is not one of well-being and love, it's a much lower frequency. 

In the situation I was revisiting--I had been unsuccessful in stopping anything from happening when I chose in the original moment, to intervene.  And in addition, I created and amplified, through the intensity of focus in this situation--a new approach to life.  When anger surfaces--step in!  Make yourself the target of it and try to stop it.  What an incredibly crazy idea!  What in the world would be fun or joyous in choosing this as a life pattern?

But of course this wasn't an consciously chosen idea; it was a non-verbal transformation which took place energetically as a result of my focus and attention.  I created it.  And I now had the chance to unravel this and create something new.

As my soul, with encouragement and a nonchalant attitude, led me back to this situation once more, I experienced the whole things lightly and with a sense of openness.  I did not "come" here through memory which has patterned ways of responding to initial thoughts--it plays us a loop of memory.  I didn't want to amplify the initial event--which is what I do when I replay it in my mind, right?  But instead, through selecting this moment in time during a shift in awareness, I revisited the same time/space location in a way in which I had a different perspective, was entirely free and thus could unfold, revisit, revise and reconfigure the past.  I could thereby liberate a new future for myself; one aligned with the New Earth timeline of freedom, love, peace and individuated divinity within each of us.

So, that's exactly what happened!

When I noticed the anger arising in the situation I did something different, I stepped aside.  Ironically, the anger I was so worried about, diffused itself. 

Just the simple act of not turning my own strength into force--thereby adding to the potential aggressive nature of the situation--seems to have altered the situation and different outcomes emerged! It is a subtle thing to realize that any act of defense is, in and of itself--innately aggressive.  To try to protect or defend, we shift out of peace and into a much lower vibrational frequency.

In my new experience, I did not confront this angry adult, I instead took care of me and allowed the situation to evolve differently.  I saw how my dad (the angry adult) and my brothers (the place he was projecting his anger) were one and the same.  I saw how this was their story--how each brother represented a different version of my father: one was beefy and muscular, as my dad had been when he was young, one was sickly and skinny the way my dad was now. 

In this amazing newly reconfigured and experienced version of the situation, I watched my father sit down with both my brothers and instead of spanking them or yelling at them for fighting so loud, he told them a story.  I don't know what the story was, but the very action of this different outcome was already a narrative that would liberate newness in profound ways.

By participating in a different way, new outcomes emerged.  I believe because I participated from a higher perspective--higher frequency possibilities were available and thus emerged.  So interestingly, what works for us, works for everything and everyone!  Ah the joy of oneness!

I am astonished to see that the more I live open to the possibility that everyone has their own perfect guidance, that not only does my load lighten up, but also lifts things for everyone else.  In the past, as a result of patterns formed during this event, I had been complicating not only my life, but everyone else I encountered by thinking I needed to intervene when I saw "problems."  How often we have felt like doing this?  This is an old energy and an old approach--this feeling that we need to change things or rescue others and doing so.  I have channeled about this specifically around the 10-10-10 Stargate, in a message titled, Lightworker to the New Human, but now I was seeing the effect first hand of this energy of wholeness transforming not only me, but my present life through healing my past.

How freeing this is!  Moving into divinity while in human focus is going to transform all of our ideas about compassion and freedom.  About responsibility and what it really means to be helping or supportive.  For starters--we will "put our own masks on first," (stay within our own experience and be led from within) and let others live out their experience unless they come to us and ask us for assistance.  We'll not be fooled by the illusion or the camouflage of the third dimension while we're still in this experience, or when reflecting on it; we'll see the soul version of the path unfolding or at the very least, trust in it's presence.

We'll also receive all the gifts of being oriented to life in alignment with the fundamental nature of things.  One of these is that we do, indeed, affect and influence everything.  So by staying in our own energy and BEING love, peace, joy--for example--we DO influence all kinds of things, including maybe the people we love and would love to see feeling that way themselves.  We cannot help them, nor ourselves by jumping into their experience, but by being in the spectrum of well being, and believing in their inner connection to source, and allowing them to find it, we create and amplify more easy and available pathways to joy for everything which is.

That old version of my experience, years ago, involved my brothers fighting, my dad telling them if they continued he would come upstairs, apparently to "handle" this--and my brothers going right ahead with their loud wrestling, and my dad coming upstairs angry and spanking them and lots of other drama unfolding.  But no where in this was anyone asking me to get involved.  How had I never seen that? 

In re-visiting my past, I see from an energy standpoint, that my original action may have added fuel to my dad's anger.  By assuming I knew the outcome of that evening and trying to change the course of his life--I acted with force--which even if done by an 8 year old, this energy is not positive for others, right?  Despite what had happened before and how much this may have looked the same--I see that I can choose to let go, and allow the situation evolve in freedom. 

As this time-travel experience has permeated my awareness, I've needed to sleep a great deal and I felt a bit fuzzy for the first couple of days.  Then I began to notice an amazing lightness!  A sense of feeling young and vital within me expanded; some of the energy of my 8 year old self was now released by what had been reconfigured, and is flowing through me.  Meredith in even MORE wholeness!  Right on!

I saw first hand that I can just trust in wholeness and our own divinity and let that unfold in divine and perfect timing.  I may let life unfold experience which may or may not be transformative--it's not up to me.  My father who was perfectly capable and loving to me in so many ways--what if I just let him and all of us live our lives and allow everyone to be free and find our own way?  Yes.  All of me says, YES, but now it's a yes informed by direct and powerful experience.  It's a way of being.

From this expansive, eternal knowing of our identity we have new choices available to us.  Consciousness, like frequency has a spectrum, and with different vibrational levels, come new options in our perspective. 

I have been altered energetically by my visit to this moment in time/space and now am liberated to experience my own life built on a different foundation, a new timeline!  Life--in all points of focus--is an ongoing experience of revision, experimentation and the ultimate movement to wholeness, oneness and alignment with all we are.

Welcome to the implications of living on the New Earth Timeline.   Quite breathtaking, isn't it?  I suspect there will be many more moments of realizing, "Oh, wow.  That's the way things USED to be." 

As the old earth energies dissolve, we will let go of these old patterns, be empowered to revise and revisit the pivot points in our own lives--and even our civilization--which shaped our present, and through reconfiguring the energies, transform our experience by building the present on a new past.  Wow, the capabilities of the New Human in the New Earth.  How cool is that?



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