Opening of the Eclipse Cycle

The Eclipse Cycle is underway and you may already be noticing very different and generally strong downloads. 

The reason we're feeling this already is that there is a near-eclipse this month, with the full moon on August 18th! So even though the "actual" eclipse occur in September, to think it's on the horizon and not here yet, is a bit deceptive, energetically.

The September Eclipse Cycle precedes the September Equinox and plays out like this: 

  • September 1 - New Moon & Annular Solar Eclipse at 2:04 am
  • September 16 - Full Moon & Penumbral Lunar Eclipse at 12:07 pm
  • September 22, The Equinox

*times are pacific standard time.

There is tremendous creative potential to an Eclipse Cycle. To orient to the possibilities it may help to know...

Eclipses always arrive in pairs, and coincide with a new moon and a full moon. 

Eclipses bring heightened levels of energy within us and in our world. They have a profound inward pull on our consciousness and are therefore strongly associated with spiritual development. Spiritually, Eclipses are often seen as being very significant and that's been my experience too. Circumstances often change during an eclipse cycle. Even though most eclipse cycles are only a few weeks long, the energy has a tendency to be very creative and transformative. We can of course, participate with this, or not.

I personally enjoy Eclipse Cycles and have tapped into their natural rhythm and momentum to make big changes in life. You can too.

To understand this, you might start with the qualities in play, in general.

New Moons are associated with starting new things or breaking patterns. So the first alignment is a great time to look within and get more in touch with yourself. Think of a solar eclipse like a new moon, massively amplified. Solar Eclipses also tend to intensify our awareness of our essence and often compel us to become a more full, clear expression of our true selves.

Full Moons are associated with fruition and Lunar Eclipses are an opportunity to reset emotionally and to tune in more to our feelings. Often we'll become more aware of time passing in our lives and our emotions can be amplified. Lunar Eclipses can also feel like an amped up full moon.

Eclipses seem to sync up with, or even bring, endings and beginnings. We can use that energetic momentum to create the endings and beginnings that will further our sovereign expression, while openly allowing what is naturally ebbing and arising.

As you can imagine, tuning into yourself and honoring what's occurring are keys to journeying through an Eclipse Cycle.

The Equinox, is an ascension key. The precession of the Equinoxes and the Solstices are profound and mystical aspects of ascension. We understand that the Equinox qualities tend to be balancing and support integration and equanimity. This is especially useful amidst the transformation we're experiencing. Equinoxes have vaster intent than this. I like to open to channeled guidance for insight about an Equinox and in working with all these alignments. We'll be coming together to do this via events and such in September, as are many Lightworker Communities. I've have received one message from Archangel Michael already about the September Cycle...which you can read here. The broader perspective of such a message/transmission can affirm what's happening within us and also highlight themes that will amplify during the coming cycle.

Eclipses can help you do things you never thought you could do. If you embrace them and work with what's being activated within you, you can create amazing change.

An Eclipse Cycle like the one we're entering, is a powerfully supportive series of alignments, unfolding over time. We can use this journey - and I think of an Eclipse Cycle like a passage, or a journey -  to cultivate more authentic self-expression, get clearer about what matters to us now, reset our emotional responses and integrate an elevated, more fulfilled expression of our life.

Eclipses just seem to put us on the path, wherever we're kind of on a detour or avoiding our own pure line of spirit. Given our commitment to ascension and embodying our Divine Light, it's a perfect cosmic cocktail for opening up your flow and expressing yourself with more freedom and joy.

I'll be channeling live and offering events for all three alignments and a Focus Fest too. I hope you'll join me in consciously creating during the Eclipse Cycle and on the Equinox. I love that we can share these experiences and learn and co-create together.



spiritdiver 18th August 2016 11:29 am

Hi Alia Mira,

The message I was picking up this morning just after the Full Moon at it Sun Rise, was very clearly; humility.

I am not sure if this was a personal message, or mundane.

I look forward to reading your message as well, regarding from AA Michael.

Blessings to you, all on this Full Moon.

spiritdiver 18th August 2016 11:54 am

From the AA Michael Channel:

"Thus what you may be noticing as unusually demanding physical changes and strong feeling energetic downloads"

Yes, quite intense energetic download yesterday afternoon. And receiving in other times as well. So much so I sometimes feel my nerves are resonating at such a high frequency I have to just close my eyes and calm is all i can do. At the same time is a symultaneous call to bring down this light that is coming across in the various respective colors and tones according to the Sun's and corresponding angelic direction.

Still quite affected today. I am feeling to soak to recharge, and then find relaxation and balance through planting in my garden.

Thank you again Mira, and AA Michael for your protection and attention as well. Surely I believe I would not be able to be here without the brotherly support, and LOVE.

In Oneness! :smitten:

cyndy 18th August 2016 12:42 pm

One of the lines in the A.A. Michael channel is: " Repeated attention to your energy state with care and love."
I have been doing that over and over and over. Trying to do that without vigilance(as rather grippy) . Instead, through awareness, repeated attention to my energy state with care and love. Somehow I have been doing this repeatedly and just to see it In AA Michael's message brought some sort of great comfort to me. nice:)

debs go lightly 18th August 2016 4:10 pm

Wow, thank you Ailia and Michael, this helps enormously, was getting confused with the intense energies and feeling oddly alone. 'Time' awareness is really strange and keep coming back to creative essence, my colour or 'tone'. And deep tiredness.

Spiritdiver - I need a dose of humility! fell into angry ego and yeah it led to asserting true self, but maybe one day I can do that without being Mrs grumpy...
It was like trying to hold an energy balance then wobbling off.

It's a relief to find myself here.

Much love and happiness, Debs.

spiritdiver 19th August 2016 2:04 am

Hi Cindy, really resonated with that line of the message as well. Now quite frequently getting prompts when to slow, recieve, and then are the highly intention energy waves. Whoa!!

I guess, as I believe the channel mentions, learning how to flow through these cycles that seem to be shifting intensely and more rapidly now than before is the key. And certainly not going against them. My tendency is to push more. So noticing and heeding the call to slow is where my awareness needs to be.

I feel comforted too. In knowing, if we are called to this, that is from within and we must be capable to the same path our soul sets, will achieve.

With love,

spiritdiver 19th August 2016 2:29 am

Hi Debs Go Lightly!

Ah hum!... I was there as well several days leading up to the Full Moon, with the same intensive energy. Like grumpy, and soooo edgey. Again, (and now will have to read it again) just as the channel guides, and is so soothing, we will slowly learn to offer the same to ourselves.

Maybe, even we begin to melt into the vibrations? Instead of the current feeling at the time (s), of them ringing out from the insides. Just thinking on it now, perhaps that was the same call to humility I recieved. It is something to put together, anyway.

All is, and will forever be, in harmony.

debs go lightly 19th August 2016 4:34 pm

Hi Spiritdiver, Yes, "melt into the vibrations" - beautiful way to describe it, thank you! I am finding lots of heart pounding that can easily become misinterpreted as anxiousness (may explain how easy it is to feel grumpiness...). Deep calming breaths into and around the heart, and sending love to my heart as the energy flows down into the earth, this brings a 'melting' sensation and even a release of emotion. The physical heart is certainly experiencing some expansion here.

This is intense, but very exciting!

Much love, Debs.

cyndy 19th August 2016 6:49 pm

Spirit diver so glad both you and Deb checked in on this one. I can feel your warmth. I have been so uncomfortable in my body. Then as it takes a lot of the day to get comfortable in my body and then the next day it starts all over again. I have had times when I could just crawl out of my skin. That seems to be signaling of shedding the old layers. Still it can be uncomfortable. And that just seems like one thing going on! In one moment I am too tired to move and in the next I am ready to get out and get things done. It just seems as if I keep going in and out of it a such a pace.
I also identify with this from Chris at Lightsmith.
"The impatience and frustration grows from being clear that the old ways of being here don’t feel good and no longer actually work, while I find few places of comfort in the vastness of the unknown. This is the void, the in-between place. I find it unpleasant.
Everything stored or disowned is being released out of the unconscious. Individually, we call it healing. Collectively we call it transformation. It’s not always pretty or comfortable, if ever.

spiritdiver 24th August 2016 1:39 pm

Hi Debs,

Yep. Back at you. And I am experiencing the very same, in sometimes heavy waves.

Good to know there are other out there in unity we share.



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