Opening to Your Multidimensional Presence as Identity

Greetings Divine Brothers & Sisters,

We speak to you today as one Council of Light, organized around the ascending energies of Earth, cheering as you enter the passageway of May, knowing your relationship with physical reality is being transformed as you breathe, as you eat, as you sleep, drink water and as you empower the fullness of your being to come forth into the Light of Life with you here and now.

It is a profound moment in time, following a series of profound and amazing moments. When so many of you re-oriented, remembered, turned inward, gave the inner knowing a chance, listening to your heart more then trying to think your way through things, felt the connection between yourself and others, knowing the true underlying Unity of all Reality and felt the bliss of life ripple through your human form as love, as goosebumps as a thrill of compassionate wholeness. You have tasted the Unity of Life the Living Law of One in your Human Form and as you have done so you have ignited this remembering in others...and we have noticed and been uplifted! We have been uplifted and we have been changed. All of life is and has been changed by this remembering of the wholeness which you are empowering with your presence. It is so beautiful and sacred and joyful and wonderful all at once. We are deeply appreciative for all that you are and all that you have been and all that you are becoming in this newness of life that you are creating here, on Earth at the leading edge of this amazing Creation. 

Thank you for taking time out of your splendid sphere of influence and presence to empower this connection so that we might share in the awakening of your life from within, so that we might be present as you open up more fully to all that you are. This opening is what is happening this month, this amazingly powerful month of May during which the Lunar and the Solar Energies and the Eclipses and the Company of Heaven and You! Together all collaborate and combine to create a powerfully expanded experience of conscious multidimensionality in human life. This is the way you are opening -- you are opening to the fullness that you are, the truth of your eternal divine being, the multidimensionality is your real identity and you are beginning to loosen your hold on the local identity which has limited so much your capacity and your joy, as well as your clarity and inner knowing, as it filtered reality into the identity you claimed as your own. 

Now you are really seeing the elevated seat of your own consciousness as that which is You. You are realizing that the inner guru the one who can guide you is really just You in an expanded expression and you are starting to find the playfulness of moving beyond separation and the idea that God or Source energy is fueling you to realizing it IS you, you are it and that there are simply variations in your expression of All That You Are and this does not, nor do any of these expressions define who and what you are, they are simply glimpses of your own perfect eternal divine wholeness. 

Now dear ones, now! in this moment of glimpses and humor, of sensing and feeling the expansiveness of your being you have the confidence that creates worlds and the knowing and alignment that empowers the visions you feel and that arise through the unique harmonics of your presence in collaboration with the world. This is the empowered presence you intended to field here and to use to create new expressions of life on Earth and you are increasingly feeling it, sensing it, claiming it, opening up to it and allowing it to guide you to lead you to create for and with you, on your behalf to organize experience as you and to use this wholeness, this fullness which you are to reclaim the truth of your divine being.

It is a soaring time of great joy for all beings who have, like you, cared and dreamed wildly about the reinstatement of the Law of One on Earth. The time for this is now and it is in this month, the month you call May that your own relationship to physicality will be reinstated to a degree that empowers you to claim the fullness of your being in relationship to physical reality.

Your ability to manifest is being supremely enhanced by your participation and thus empowerment in this opening to your multidimensional presence! As you open to all that you are, you step outside of beliefs and ideas about identity which frame and in fact contain the light/energy you are into specific expression of form that you believed were possible. As you let go of identifying with the local human experience of this single life time, you realize in this life you can open to the fullness of all that you are and so this life becomes simply a means, a vehicle for your presence here, and because you are energy and everything is energy your presence here is energy and does not need to be contained by your physical body, by your name, by the way you look or how old you are, by your family of origins, by your history, by anything that you associate with the singularity of this human life. This precious, beautiful human life is your means of being here now! It is to be treasured and appreciated. It is NOT, however, who you are! It is a means for you being present here now! How stupendous and glorious! And actually, it is a means for all that you open to within your awareness to also be present here now, so the angels, the ascended masters, the Archangels, the Families of Light that surround you and whom you draw close to you in communion and invite into your presence and awareness, we are able to experience life on Earth in through and as you! So we thank you so much for allowing us to open up corridors of light to Earth from different aspects of focus and realms of awareness within the Omni Verse! Earth itself is opening up!

Earth is becoming an inter-galactic way station, a Cosmic Planet. It is opening up to energies from many lineages and streams of life and light and presence and awareness and this is happening, in through and as you empower it to be so. You are the gatekeepers, the lineage holders of what will come to be here on Earth and you, along with the others who awaken to the memory of their own fullness and empower this fuller and fuller presence to participate here, are empowering the reunion of life to take place on the leading edge of form! This is exquisite! It is amazing! It is profoundly fulfilling and incredibly expanding!  It is the newness and creativity we all love and are all fulfilled by unfolding again and again as you open and expand into more and more of the fullness of you. 

And then! As you open fully to one another, seeing in one another the true nature of your being, you are re-birthing, reviving the experience of the Law of One, the living physicality of the True Nature of Being; I AM. In your seeing of one another with neutrality you open up to the fullness of others being present to you, you allow yourself to be met by galactic and cosmic energies present here in physical form and mirroring the inner planes of reality in the physical. The rainbow bridge to life is from within you and from within each being on Earth and it can be experienced in the physical as you meet one another in sovereign neutrality and love! The harmonics of consciousness are present in form in entirely enriched ways. This is the ideal, the harmonic of peace, the reinstatement of the Law of One that is a treasure and known by many higher dimensional cultures and civilizations, communities and energies that call Earth home and pave the way for this fuller expression of Unity and Love extended in through and as form. 

Many of you, Old Souls, were part of, are part of these other communities where light was embodied more fully and which have created a sense of knowing within you of the possibilities of this, the dream that feels so real you can imagine it as the next thing, you see, Old Souls, this is entirely natural, this progression has been touched by the evolution of your human templates, but now, NOW it is being re-visited by so many more of you and with a momentum that is fueled by Earth's own upliftment that makes the potential of this new expression exponentially uplifted and enhanced.  

You carry within you the seeds of consciousness and awareness from all expressions of your being as as you own up to the fullness you are, as you find your way to claim this larger, cosmic knowing of self without feeling a loss because the local you becomes the means for being here, not the end-all, you suddenly feel profoundly fulfilled and a keen sense of expanded capacity and knowing flows through you and you remind yourself of all that you are and all that you imagine and you commence living in the flow in an open relationship to channeling the fullness of your being in this here, this now and it is this which we see beginning to happen now.

Within the way showers, those who are whacking the old paradigm-bushes out of the way and standing tall in their sovereign remembering, expanding the horizon, we see you, we see you encircled in crowns of light and remembering the fullness of your being across time and space! And stepping beyond your local light and life into more, this openness makes way for the fullness you are, with great joy, with hands off letting-go, with a thrilled permission as the key-holders empowering the re-imagining of humanity and life on Earth and the re-orienting of life, all life, to a fuller expression of being and appreciation.

It is so very very beautiful.

Thank you for all that you are! Feel the fullness of all that you are and all that you are becoming and the incredible upliftment you are and are creating! 

We are the Council of Light


Peter fox 3rd May 2013 7:05 am

It is all so very,indescribably beautiful indeed!!! Thank you so much
Council of Light and Meredith.

Mik 3rd May 2013 9:08 am

Lately,the word Presence,has been playing through my mind,and i feel that we are the presence,,held in place in space through grace by the presence.(slap my face)lol. You only have to be aware of this.
The Prescient Presence,pre-sent to the present as a present,a gift of life.Who we are.


tuttifruttee 3rd May 2013 3:41 pm

This is perfectly exact Thank you council and Meredith :thumbs: :smitten:


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