Orienting to the Eclipse Passageway – Entering 2012

Thursday's New Moon with a partial Solar Eclipse ushers us into a new landscape with new ways of experiencing and where sensing and knowing expanded information is possible.

This is a passage-way.  Eclipses always come in pairs and this last Eclipse cycle of 2011, opens a path to 2012 that is initiatory; you can be changed in very practical ways that filter down into your experience and give you new footing by the December Solstice Celebration and to enter 2012, doing/being what you are, what you want and what you love.

You can pass into this New Year using your current positioning or you can open into this passage and create and renew your framework of intentions and understanding which generates your experience.

Message from the Archangel Michael

Orienting to the Eclipse Passageway – Entering 2012

11-11-11 is still unfolding within you and this Eclipse Passageway is a means of conscious integration, accelerated integration and offers an energy arc that you can ride to new horizons if you give presence to it.  Attuning to this arc can help you keep your eyes on the emerging horizon--and keep you from being sidetracked by the reflected environment—as you move through the Earth's transformation with confident, informed, empowered presence.

You realize increasingly the vastness of energies available and present and in learning to pick and choose, to call forth resources as needed in harmony and balance and living with neutral coherent aliveness, the mastery of your future self here flows back into your field and the wisdom and inspiration of your soul presence descends more fully into this human energy emanation which exists for and as you.

Calling forth your Cosmic Greatness is the pivot point in initiating your own multidimensional lifestyle here; the living patterns which supersede all prior versions of you in their brilliant clarity!  It is this imperial experience which you have summoned from within your heart and the convergence point of the arrival of your ultimate intended self with your human focused experience is approaching.  Note that this arrives in waves and stages, not all at once.  The full integration of your liberating presence into human form takes field adjustments and cellular reprogramming as well as involving emotional and mental adjustments and evolutions...your whole energy system is implicated by the intentions you emanate from the template of your being.

This template organically orchestrates that which is of greatest benefit to you and you can orient to this by sensing and feeling and going with what feels harmonious, right, true, and what feels good to you.  There is NO exception to this guidance and any thinking processed disengaged from this overall feeling will give you grief and dilute both your creative capacity and your energy.

Life exists in orbs of flowing spherical radiance and your orb is defined by your intentions and the quality of your focus.  This fluctuates as you encounter the inputs of many modes of interfacing with all levels of reality and so it becomes increasingly important as you understand this to orient by whole body presence rather than visual or mental cues alone or even primarily.

The capacity to live in total harmonious multidimensionality is right now FULLY available through feeling whole body knowing and sensation.  As you turn your attention to an idea or a choice, notice how you feel throughout all layers of your being.  If you feel a quickening, a hum of energetic enthusiasm and excitement, or a swell of opening and a spacious abundance of love--then go for it.

If it creates an experience of tension, of restlessness, or anxiety, uncertainty or confusion are present, make sure you are focused on whole-body perception and then if this is still the feeling, then what you are focused on is NOT in alignment.  Release it.

Everything surfaces as it is needed and relevant so there is NO NEED to wonder if it will return, to make decisions on it, other than the one you are currently pondering for this very moment.  Rather, you might consider an approach of curiosity!  Wondering what will emerge next, this day, how your intelligence will arrange and compose your specific expansion and unfolding into fullness in harmony with the vastness of being and layered landscape in which you ARE.

This of course necessitates a relationship to life which releases all illusions of control yet recognizes innate power and mastery of choice in perception.

It is a bit of a conundrum or riddle that you are powerfully creative and yet own and control nothing.  If you think about it you may feel confused.  If you feel your way into this you somehow entirely understand, and the truth of it seeps in and releases you into a state of neutrality accompanied by total, unique, creative inspiration and freedom.  Bliss can be yours.

Use this time to renew your footing and your navigation.  Enter the eclipse cycle a willing eager participant in the supportive transmissions from the auric presence of your sun and moon.

All is orchestrated in relevance and conscious presence to what is assimilated and refreshed within in you and the new footing you develop through conscious attunement to this passage can open important keys to your inner self, arriving in greater communion and your entry into 2012 being empowered and expansive in clarity and joy.

Joy is the energy to claim while in 2011.  Call forth all elements of your being that can assist you in manifesting this energy within.

I AM joyously in your service! [wink!]

I AM Archangel Michael


In support of this potent energy arc, I've created a page dedicated to this experience: Nov 24 - Dec 11: Eclipse Passageway.  Here you will find information about events, links to articles and channeled messages which will be updated continually throughout this energy arc.  We will gather at the beginning of the Eclipse Portal Opening and again following the completion of this Eclipse cycle in December, to amplify our participation and receive guidance.  Whether you're seeking support for clearing old energies, clarity about your life purpose, alignment of your energy to move into allowing and supporting manifesting or a desire to celebrate and deepen your psychic abilities and quality of presence, there is abundant angelic and star being support at this time, in addition to the opening created by the Eclipse Cycle.  It's important at this time to choose the higest vision for your life and the story of what's unfolding on this planet that is in alignment with the Divine Plan.  You inspire yourself this way and your life is enhanced; all of which benefits all that is!

Join in.  Participate and shape the light entering our realm with your focus.  The alchemy of focus and presence is potent and vital.  Use this time to find new footing and discover the expanded and expanding identity that you now have access to; Initiate Life from Expanding Identity!

With love and appreciation,



Mailena 25th November 2011 12:09 pm

Great stuff ! Thank you very much. :)

Shinzarae 25th November 2011 1:05 pm

Thank you Merideth. Although there are passages here that are of course "manipulative"... such as "There is No exception from this guidance". This appears to be controlling in that we all face "reality" and this infers that we cannot be ourselves.

The other point is that we still have not heard from anyone about what actually occurred or did not occur on 11/11. To say that all this is still unfolding is quite true, but we also had a huge opportunity within ourselves and for mankind to create our ascension. To be open, I think we deserve to know ...or the other side of this, is that no one wants us to know the truth. This is especially true as AA Michael was sharing all of the "experiences" of entering the 5th just days prior to 11/11.

So, there is nothing really new that is empowering here except the same old messages - no fault of Merideth.

Many LW's have given up on "hope". We also do not know if the collective will ever truly be ready to share in ascension. So where does that leave us? 12/21 can easily come and go.

Bring the children to light and fear will dissipate.

LightBeing 25th November 2011 1:19 pm

Thank you Meredith and AA Michael, this is just wonderful.

I can already feel the pull to deepen. Amazing post, totally resonates with me.

Shinzarae--I understood the line you refer to as meaning OUR guidance. Here is the paragraph again, perhaps another read is helpful?

"This template organically orchestrates that which is of greatest benefit to you and you can orient to this by sensing and feeling and going with what feels harmonious, right, true, and what feels good to you. There is NO exception to this guidance and any thinking processed disengaged from this overall feeling will give you grief and dilute both your creative capacity and your energy."

Love and light!

Asager 25th November 2011 3:07 pm

Shinzarae, I feel the same. Since 11:11 my soul is in pain and I am very disappointed. I followed all the advice beforehand and had expectations as we were told to, then nothing happened. I can't go foreward or back. Someone said that's because I am still in my cocoon.It is hard to keep moving foreward without hope, just one disappointment after another.

zorro 25th November 2011 4:02 pm

"A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving." Lao Tzu

“Before 11-11, chop wood, carry water. After 11-11, chop wood, carry water.” Ancient Zen Saying

wren 25th November 2011 11:00 pm

Good message :) But to the cry babies out there Keep Climbing. You have work to do and stuff to process. Get with it.

Asager 26th November 2011 2:41 pm

Wren, Thanks for that message it has made me smile for the first time in awhile. :2funny I needed to hear that. O.K. I will keep climbing and get back to it.


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