Solstice Message 2013: the New Human & the New Earth

Beloved Ones and Dear Family of Light, 

You have traveled a corridor of light to the New Earth. During this journey you have encountered increasingly high vibrations and with this container of presence altering and unfolding, you have been uplifted, clarified, activated and awakened into more remembering. Countless energies have focused upon your unique presence in this time/space continuum supporting this embodiment of your True Being, the Universal Source as You, through in and as your presence. And with this opening into greater fullness of life you are about to encounter the way of being here on Earth to be changed. The New Human now meets the New Earth, fully resourced and ready to participate in the Divine Plan of full remembering and Universal Embodiment.

At the first dawning of the New Reality, the Earth had transpired into a new expression of being. With the completion of this arc since December 2012, the last Solstice, your physical presence is now aptly designed to meet this New Earth. You now have the proper interfaces and structures to arise in the fullness of your being, within your human form. The actual decension into your physicality by your Universal Presence will continue to unfold at a pace and rhythm that suits your unique desires and participation in the divine unfolding. But the actualization of your divine template for wholeness is now complete and available to meet you and the planet in new and uplifted ways.

This will empower a fullness of being that has not existed in human form with conscious remembering on Earth in collective fullness ever before. The realm of Earth as one of the Sacred Planets of this Universe has reached a pitch of fulfillment so that the Living Library's promise now opens fully and Earth experiences the bud of flowering sprung open. The petals of this opening are infinite and sustained.

You brave beings living here, will shape, create and discover the true nature of divine embodiment and be the keys to exploring how this knowing interacts with a living breathing planet and all life forms and fields within this sphere of frequency now sharing the Divine Planet of Earth. Gaia has completed here upliftment and she is now joined by humanity, who although they will perhaps not yet be conscious of and able to take advantage yet of their new capacity, do have such within their physicality now and can awaken rapidly at their own soul's wisdom and urging. The lion's share of physical transformation has reached a zenith and the transition for others going forward will be empowered and grace-filled because of what has gone before.

Oh you courageous souls! We cheer you on, we dance with great joy! It is divine upliftment of the highest aspiration made manifest and you and we have done it as One! In the way in which all is accomplished; with a singular momentum.

Did you doubt this? For it is always such in All That Is, that everything, indeed, and all that is within the wholeness of the One I Am/We Are, moves in perfect harmony and as a Unified field, despite any and all appearances to the contrary.

It is this which makes the great mystery of the different realms of focus, so rich for exploring and experiencing. We celebrate with you and as you, we are your wholeness the One I AM, the Universal Om, the Family of Light that is and will be and has been and always perpetually expresses Source Creation as Love, in this endless dance of diversity and reunion. We ignite into Great Sources of Light! The glow from the fields of the New Dawn are resplendent.

The Solstice and the upcoming lunar cycles, the solar energies and all that is will continue to fuel your unique timing for synching up with this Universal Unfolding, but the keys are turned, dear ones. Feel no need to do anything, except care for yourselves with great tenderness, appreciation and love. For it is through all of this and you, that love is made manifest.

With great love and appreciation, I am with you always.

 I AM Archangel Michael


betsy. 22nd June 2013 12:35 pm

"The New Human now meets the New Earth...." Ty, Meredith, for having the courage to share the message you've been given from AAMichael. Would seem to be time now to step into this New Human most fully for the benefit of the New Earth. Can't decide if I'm excited or intimidated. LOL. Much love to you! :smitten:

cyndy 22nd June 2013 7:09 pm

Powerfully moving and deeply beautiful. Opens my heart, stirs my soul to the depths of my Being.
Appreciation to you and Michael for this message.
"A bird sitting on the branch is not afraid the branch will break. She trusts in her own wings."

Peter fox 23rd June 2013 4:54 am

Dear Meredith- thank you so much for this uplifting message. Did I doubt
this? To be honest I think I did and at times I still do. I think this is
because new insights continue to reveal the unveiling of a "real"
world that is TOO extraordinary to imagine or describe and we are forever
at the very beginning of this experience itself!!


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