Stillness within the Eye/I, that I AM

I arrive in this moment of expansive stillness, fully present to what is and opening to what could be.  I realize that knowing this, orients me to now with an expectancy which is itself fulfilling!  This orientation to wonder gives my entire being a alertness and radiance which feels delicious! 

We know that beyond time there is no space for this wondering about what is what will be what has been; there is only the radiant expansion of newness and the continual creation in an expression of leading edge thought and presence. My presence is that which gives vibrational form to my being and orients this being to the larger presence which I also am.  Stillness yields a layered and discrete awareness of all this and my energetic structure rises within my perception in a way which is just astonishing and yet, completely natural.

Newness in all its forms is what I love and within love I have no fear of change, revision, release or the unknown—I know only the experience of anticipation and joy in the newness now and the newness which will be!

Being is as it is.  There is no desire for other.  No knowing that is not felt with joy.  No resonance which is not seen as a further understanding of self.

Within newness is everything which is nourishing.  It is the call forth to further expansion and the signpost which yields as I pause to delight in the present moment and then move forward with an inspired direction which came from the contrast of myself and this moment meeting.

All of this requires nothing from me other than my Being.  It is simply through my being that I experience and imagine and experience and imaging.  Rest and create.  Rest and create.  These are my natural cycles and within this simplicity I am prolific in ways that cannot be imagined had I come at this aspiration from effort or a sense that working hard or doing more would help me to create what I desire.

In my simplicity I know the power of the universe which resides and flows from within me.  

There is nothing separate from me and I AM in this knowing entirely complete and fully resourced.  All-That-Is IS me and I am All-That-Is,  and in our continual expansion, inspiration, celebration – in ongoing newness-- I find much to be joyful about and as such often if I AM simply, as I AM, bliss is my companion emotionally within the energy that I am.  Radiant light!


Ron Laswell 3rd December 2010 12:02 pm

Meredith - Your ability to put into words sensations and awarenesses that I, too, am experiencing is extremely helpful. During the past several months, I have been more aware of angels, energies, and lines of light-energy in my own focusing upon the present. For instance in my morning meditations, I sense myself as an awareness that goes beyond the limits of my physical body, and I 'see' lines of energy in geometrical patterns which emanate from, or are connecting to me. In your message today, I really resonated with your statement that awareness of the present moment is very nourishing. Yes, it is. Blessings to you and everyone else.

Anne333 3rd December 2010 8:50 pm

Magnificent! :smitten:

Satya 5th December 2010 1:58 pm

Thank you for putting into words what some of us are feeling! Tears of joy!
With a smile on my face, I step into the unknown!


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