Summoning the Family of Light - Allowing Your DNA to Re-member Itself

The New Human aspires to function with a physical structure activated in their human body which is plugged into the Earth’s gridwork.    As the human being in the third dimension begins to attune themselves to more light.  As the human being begins to ride the waves of incoming light with a free hand—not holding on—trusting and with courage allowing the incoming information=light to flow into their physical body; the body grows in its ability to hold light.  As the light comes into the body, the DNA is gradually being transformed.  The human race was meant to be a living library, a completely accessible record of all that is, and also to have direct structural connections with the energy gridwork of the Earth, which was itself foretold and created for the purposes of being a living library.

For those who have encountered the work of my ancestors and the holy ones in my world who have transmitted this information via Barbara Marciniak in “Bringers of the Dawn,” I am here to revive within you the awakening you experienced when you took in these codings of language and light in the form of the energetic transmissions which Barbara brought through and to inform those on the planet who are not members of the Family of Light, as to your presence in their midst and their ability to contact and connect with you for support and information: encouragement.

Brothers and Sisters.  The earth’s ascension is underway and the disruptions to the planet are difficult to ignore.  As the awakening among many of the human race continues there are emerging significant anchored beings of light upon who you might call for encouragement.  It is more than difficult for you as humans to move beyond the structures within your bodies and within your culture which have limited your ability to see beyond fear, to see beyond differences in your race.  First of all, in the same ways in which you had big awakenings some years ago as to the manipulative qualities within your advertising field, you must begin to realize that some of these limitations you experience in being optimistic and positive, in having faith in yourself, in loving one another, in choosing the path of harmony and peace in your lifestyles—many of the challenges which make these choices difficult or seemingly NOT to your benefit at times are created by structures within the planetary energy system which are currently being dismantled and destroyed.  Need I say it?  Hurray!

The existing planetary structures which were based upon your limited abilities with your own biological structure—the limitations made manifest by your two helix DNA—are being dissipated as more and more light is not only coming into your planetary organism, but the Earth herself as well as a number of humans and “humans” on the planet have the physical structures and are now holding this light within their frameworks.  As such they are and have been, transmitting this energy just by being.  As they hold this light within their physical bodies and as this aligns with the energy structures of the planet there is a growing sense of knowing that the human being is indeed, DIVINE.

This is not an egotistical, grandiose notion created by insecurity, or fantasies.  This is a concrete physical knowing which is emerging as the light which comes into your structure begins to re-activate within your physical body the codes which have been inserted for you, per the request of your soul, such that at the perfect moment you would be able to receive the energetic transmissions of these words, and the words of those members of the Family of Light who are within your midst and are transmitting these energies, who are stepping down these energies as needed such that you may assimilate them and begin to reclaim your glory as divine beings on this amazing and auspicious planet.

The Earth has a history much longer than anything you remember.  It is older and more magnificent than you can yet know of.  But I tell you brothers and sisters that you will indeed remember your glorious beginnings as race at a time that is perfect for you to awaken to this inner glimpse of your history.  You must have this moment of knowing when you can handle the image and the content which will transmit it.  So do not be frustrated or concerned that this has not transpired yet.  It will.

I tell you, indeed, it will.  For I know this.  I know this the way you will know this.  And this is coming without a doubt.

There are those who wished that we would not be successful in our aspiration to return the Earth to its original intentions as a Living Library for the galactic community, for they, like us, have their own aspirations for this beautiful planet.  And in the past, they have been successful in using the consciousness of the planet for their own creations.  All of these aspirations are infused with source energy, just varied in orientation and focus.  We all have desires to create and the creations of our planet are dependent on the focus of the energy forms which house consciousness, which “lead” consciousness, which orient and amplify the structures which emerge from their own focus. 

As such, the human race no longer realized that they were creating within not only a limited structure—due to the manipulated mutation of their DNA by the existing keepers of the planet—but also by the collective fear and scarcity thoughtforms which were amplified and dominant in the planet and thus made manifest in cultural and lifestyle structures and patterns.  These cultural and lifestyle energy forms, which embodied and were based on scarcity and fear, created further structures based on power and divisiveness.  All of this has created an unbalanced energy pattern within the planet, but one which catered to the energetic desires of the keepers of the planet, and one which limited the light=information on the planet and in the experience of the human race.  (Until recently!  Smile)

This may all sound a bit farfetched for you to comprehend and assimilate, but as the Archangel Michael, and I will keep telling you, along with the Terra Nova Council, the other species who are committed to the Earth’s transmitting to the fifth dimension and the emergence of the New Human Race: the time has come for you to awaken to the bigger picture of what is transpiring on your planet.  To look at the larger themes in what is unfolding and to open yourself up to the inner knowing which will clearly speak to you, if you but allow yourself to attune to what resonates within you.  When you are willing to be neutral and not judge what you remember and what you will then, clearly from within, not from outside of yourself: KNOW will be revealed.  You will feel powerful and uplifted; because light informs you, and once you are informed you feel powerful.

It is imperative that you orient yourselves to your inner knowing, for the capacity of this knowing to convey much larger meaning and much fuller comprehension of yourself beyond this focal point, will allow you to view your NOW-moment with an understanding and appreciation which will give you great purpose and clarity.

This will be empowering and will itself initiate a subsequent acceleration of your evolution which will engage your body further with the existing Earth structures, thereby allowing you to know more, which will then allow you to hold more light, which will activate within your body dormant strands of DNA and allow them to begin reassembling, which will again allow you to tap into the Earth’s planetary grid more completely and this again will allow you to hold more light.  All the while you will be broadcasting what light you do hold and this will allow others to transmit themselves along the same pathways that you are paving, co-creating and walking as a result of those who came before you: The Family of Light.

There are among you many who are not native to this planet.  The Family of Light is here in disguise as human form.  Although they are part of the original planners of the Earth they are not necessarily native to this land.  They seeded it, with components of their own DNA, as did many others from the Universe, when the Earth began its amazing beginning as a Living Library.  But they are here now, for a subversive purpose and have been active in this process long before you likely awoke to it.  They have been here to hold light, to bring more light and information into the planet and by doing so to bring in a different frequency, which by its very nature would destroy the limiting forms and structures within society and culture which serve to hold you in a limited physical vessel (this vessel actually contains all that is needed for full participation, yet it lies dormant for the voice, the words, the energy forms which would activate and re-connect your dormant DNA structure, have been awaiting these transmissions of light and actually required them to awaken).

The purpose of this message is to provide you with a much needed larger context for the ascension of the planet.

Many of you have been calling for clearer visions and understandings of what life is to be like in the new fifth dimensional earth.  We must tell you with love: you are thinking way too small.  Think big!  Much bigger.  Or, rather, tap in.  Find within you the true knowing of what is to come by remembering what is the original form of the Earth for the aspiration is to re-instate your physical structures such that you may perform the honored function as members of this Living Library.  And beyond that, the Earth is your oyster…so to speak.

What you will choose to create as the new human is something we await with delight and anticipation.

You must simply follow your own inner voice and urgings, allow yourself to have some faith and courage, to trust in your experience.  And ask for all that you will benefit from receiving as support and encouragement.  The Family of Light are alive, in human form, existing within your midst and have already, succeeded in bringing enough light into anchored form on the planet to ensure transition for the Earth into the fifth dimension.

Now, though, my earth friends, it is time for us, the Family of Light, to turn our focus to you.  Many of you are not yet keepers of the light in actual experience.  You innately may resonate to these calls to awakening, but it is time to go beyond liking this message to living it.  If you do not awaken to your own innate soul purpose, time will simply run out for you.  We wish to assist you in any way we can to accelerate your evolution and to make it an easy, peaceful, joy-filled experienceWe are here for you—in the non-physical and the physical. 

You only need ask and you will be led to us for encouragement, information, and most importantly—the chance to encounter the energetic vibrations of light which will activate your own inner codes such that the transformation and knowledge that is within you will flood into your awareness and guide you.  Then you may utilize us for community, for support and encouragement as you like, but knowing full well from your own sources that you are on the journey and creating it with your own willingness to awaken and your ability to do so and hold the light you are receiving without freaking out, and therefore, ready for more.

This process is accelerating, as the planet has reached already the tipping point. There is no turning back.  There will be a separation of worlds in which those who are vibrating, not liking the idea, but actually vibrating with the higher dimensional codes, will transmit into a new dimension.  The entire universe is hierarchal, exists as sacred geometry, and this structure is not something we can alter, only move and transmit between based on our own energetic focus and structures.

To participate you must simply be in accord with the frequency of the ascending earth.

I am Ashira, an expanded focus of Naeshira-Meredith, leader of the Pleiadian force on the planet at this time.  Here and present to align your inner resources with those of the Earth via transmitting and broadcasting awakening vibrations of light and information.  Align yourself as you see fit.

We welcome you in love and enthusiasm.  We are the family of Light.


kay 29th May 2010 10:51 am

This post truly does offer a "much needed larger context for the ascension of the planet." Thank you so much.

Indigo Butterfly 29th May 2010 11:37 am

I LOVED reading this. It is so comforting. I often think I must be from one of the "Love Planets" and the Pleiadian people are my people -- and I miss my home.

I try to do good work though while I'm here, and it is amazing the rewards I get. Check out the LOVE MESSAGES my Master Teacher gave me in the sky (if you have not already seen this). I can't get over it and I just want to share them with everyone!

Please be patient with the page loading; there are seven photographs to load. Can you see the images of the god and goddess of love, the heart, Hermes the Trickster riding off to deliver his messages, the Baby Angel, and the "Creator" hands? I thank my divine Master Teacher for sending me these gifts of light that I can share.

Anne333 29th May 2010 11:49 am

This is amazing--grounded and clear. Thank you.

LightBeing 29th May 2010 7:46 pm

Awesome message!!
Light = Information. This makes so much sense. I'm grateful for this affirming, YES!!!
Putting together all of this information and explaining it so clearly is so welcome right now.
Love to you Meredith! And all version os you! :angel:
Thank you!

natalieafriend 29th May 2010 10:35 pm

My friend called me from Santa Fe today & we spoke of 90% of what was mentioned in this message. Later this evening my husband called me outside to see the most magnificent sunset which we have never seen our 40+ yrs of life. We could actually see the rays of the sun spreading out over the entire sky, like how the rays spread out & come to a point on the crown of the Statue of Liberty. Earlier in the eve. I went for a walk & an old song came on my MP3 which caused me to speak out loud, My Soul is back from the 360 degree journey it had been on. I thanked my Soul for the good & hard lessons I had been experiencing & was grateful for my Souls return to the here & now. Then I looked down right at that moment & saw what looked like an agate, I picked it up & it had the biggest 'Crystal'. I again gave thanks for my transformation into the crystal form I now have been created to be. I am grateful to the 'Family of Light' & Meredith for this confirmation of the information that we have been feeling & receiving. I finally reclaimed that I AM ok just as I am. It's ok to be different. Thanks!

wsbur 30th May 2010 1:06 pm

thanks Merideth for sharing the mail, keeping the lights on and stoking the fire. I for one, want so yearningly to hear those songs of home that my tears fall like rain. It helps to read these words.

Angelika Lina 31st May 2010 3:01 pm

Thank you Meredith/Ashira,
what an amazing experience, could feel the energy literally pouring into my body and felt it working especially on my heart area. I believe this to be the light/information that you've written about in your article. Actually, I can still feel it working on my heart centre, almost 'filling holes of emptiness?'.

I sure hope so, I've been working to overcome insecurities all my life, always feeling less worthy than others. I'm learning to 'allow' good stuff to flow into my life, rather than the old way of believing of having to fight for things. Still mentally knowing and emotionally allowing/doing are still being balanced out: )



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