The Confidence of Innocence

Today I saw this quote/image* posted by a friend online and it was so in harmony with this opening into the Eclipse Passageway and what I had written this morning that I wanted to share it with you.

Today, I evoke the faith of a caterpillar who takes its step toward transformation knowing not what the process is or what the struggles will be, but remembering somewhere inside that it is a butterfly and knowing that is ready to fly. I know that the miracle is already there. I am the miracle.
~ Marianne Williamson

The thing which most resonates with me about this is the image, and the innocence and fragility of this beautiful striped caterpillar.  Yesterday during the Opening Event of the Eclipse Passageway we experienced a layered guided journey which transported us to a sacred grove and opened up a doorway to the innocence and dreams we had earlier in life, calling forth our ability to remember and the courage to revisit what Archangel Michael called, "our saved up wishes," so we might bring ourselves into greater wholeness.

The striking thing about this to me is this return over the last year of my life, of a profound and deep desire to allow my own innocence to arise.

Like many of us, I am sensitive and appreciative of innocence in others--children, flowers, my beloved animal companions...and yet how often do we consider that innocence might actually be such a vital aspect of our very self NOW?  As an adult?  As an awakening being of light, I am beginning to realize that innocence has a resonance that is similar to purity and optimism--it's implied by the true nature of our being.  Ironically, however, innocence has in our world become a tainted notion.  It is associated with naivety, which often even is used as a judgment to criticize someone as stupid, out of touch with reality, not practical, not capable.

This is a vast distortion of the true meaning and quality of innocence.

The literal meaning of innocence, means without guilt.  We associate "growing up" with a loss of this innocence. This too is a distorted perspective.

To grow, rather then to "grow up" is the natural mode of being.  To continually expand and express, to evolve and differentiate while also moving increasingly toward wholeness and oneness.  Seemingly contradictory, but actually and entirely the true nature of reality.

Innocence is your actual state of being--pure, perfect, without any guilt or sin.  There is truly no such thing as right or wrong, just choices, just different experiences, all taking place within the wholeness of being and ways of exploring and expressing to discover what brings joy, to extend that which you are in new ways and forms.

So during this eclipse cycle, I invite you to realize that you are pure, perfect, lacking nothing, capable of creating miracles as an extension of that which you are--miraculous and radiant.  You occur as a result of Divine Presence conjuring up this idea which became you!  Your very being is the result of divine creation--you ARE a miracle.

Once you realize begin to slowly feel this truth in your being.  You begin to consider that perhaps it is true--that you are made up of divine energy and all of you is wonderful and beautiful.  You begin to get gentle with how you look at your life and to contemplate that perhaps, yes, all that you have done and been is just ways of exploring, expressing, discovering, extending, that which you are.  You soften up toward you. 

And as one grows into this realization, the knowing of your eternal nature nature arises.  You recognize this life experience as a version of you extended into this human form for even more exploring and choice-making, discovering and being.   All to grow and have fun.  To discover new pathways to joy. 

And the curiosity grows...the sense of wonder and amazement you had while young resurfaces expanded, and life becomes a daily opening into the possibilities of all that you might be and become, discover and create, feel, sense and realize.

You realize that all of your experience arises within you and then flows out into form and experience.  That certain forms and experiences stimulate your heart and your feelings of love and the devotion to these choices grows.  You begin to understand how to cultivate happiness and exhilaration.  You love peace and contentment and know how to rest in these.  The confidence of innocence returns.

As we orient more knowledgeably to our life experience here, we become more skillful and this skillfulness manifests visibly as grace, ease, humor, playfulness, lightness, simplicity, abundance, confidence, clarity, self-love, gentleness, generosity, appreciation, trust, optimism and innocence.

A deep sense of connection arises and one dwells nestled in love and companionship.  The presence of divine love is felt pervasively and deep peace settles in.

Disturbances to this state of infinite presence are simply that: disturbances. Not permanent.  Just interruptions.  Detours.  Decide to see them as such and they resolve even faster and with grace!  Like lightening in the sky, these states of our true nature being distrubed always dissolve, settle, revealing the clarity of expansive spaciousness.  Our true nature is this infinite ground within which all forms of focus and experience arise from and dissolve into.  Nothing good or bad.  All made of the same stuff--every experience, each moment, all forms.  You are eternal, undifferentiated spaciousness.  At the very core of being you are space!  Pure potential.  Everything and nothing.  Miraculous how this space extends into endless variations of expression!

Although glimpsing and tapping into this dynamic experience initially can be disorienting and destabilizing to your way of being, this is a positive sign!  It is the experience of discovering you have been used to living with boundaries to define you.  The fact that your life can be destabalized reveals to you that you have identified with these boundaries as though they were you--you're building your understanding on a part of the illusions which is temporary and will, like that lightening in the sky--dissolve and disappear.  That you've actually maybe been using your limits to create your sense of who you are.  Once this larger persepctive emerges, you begin for periods of time to let go of this limiting idea and learn to be in expansiveness without anxiety.  Doing this, you gradually grow into an enlarged template of being and your life experience is transformed.

How do we make this change? 

We cannot grasp this with our mind, the same way the caterpillar cannot create it's own transformation by following some instruction guide.  We're not given the full picture all at once, it's too large!  It unfolds gradually and we feel our way into this. We allow ourselves to be guided from within by curiosity and in trust and with innocence.  We exist and live in a state of simultaneous anticipation and abundant delight.   The truth of our being is reflected in the the caterpillar, and in all cycles and metamorphosis which we see.  The creation of the butterfly, the pearl from the friction of water and sand, of fruit from flowers, of rain clouds from condensation.

Like the pearl, we too first experience a sense of "damage" to our outer edges, which initiates this process of change.  The mystery is that this revelation that our identity is an illusion, initiates the expansion into knowing our true nature.

The miracle of life is that all of life is a miracle. Know this and know ecstasy and exultation of spirit.  The miracle of life now is not only within you; it's everywhere!

*posted by Blue Moon Shamanic Reiki




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