The Equinox, the Void & Letting Go

Hey Beautiful, 

I'm in the VOID.


Do you feel it? The Void is that experience when you find yourself in a space where it may feel like nothing is happening. It can be frustrating if you resist it, wanting everything to start moving and shaking. Or if you don't recognize it.

The way to be with the void is to let go. Hang, and soften. Enjoy.

The Void is a natural part of upgrading and changing. As you continue to evolve, you'll experience the void again and again. Given the profound shifts many of us have felt happening in this Eclipse Cycle, it's not surprising to find yourself in this experience.

The void is a state of transformation and feeling it, indicates a particular location in the cycle of change. The Void may seem like nothing is going on, or it can feel like a lot is happening, but you don't know what or what to do with it. In the Void, we're in an intense period of integration and emergence. Life is going again to birth.

The Void can make you want to hole up and withdraw. You may feel much less social than normal. You might feel over-energized, or more sleepy than normal, or both! You may feel confused, and your moods may go up and down.

In this broad restructuring, you're learning to orient and perceive and think in new ways. It may be harder to think and respond in ways people are used to you responding and yet you may not know what is happening yet and what life will be like on the other side. In a sense, you are starting to orient to a new level of consciousness, a new standard for being and choosing.

You might be experiencing the Void in an area of life, rather than overall. The Void can arise as specific parts of our experience are profoundly transformed.

If you're feeling this, now is a time to allow these changes to penetrate and perpetuate a new way of being. It's not a time to push. Instead, let inspiration return and arise, organically, from your newness. There is always a point in this journey when you feel more clear and strong, and then you feel inspired to take action because what you want next, becomes apparent.

Until it does, enjoy the still point of this and trust that all that you've summoned, allowed, completed, cleared, upgraded and shifted will come forth in a new configuration.

Let yourself change. Embrace this experience, for you've summoned it, in your desire to grow spiritually and expand.

Breathe deeply and sink into this part of the experience. Listen to your body and honor its wisdom. Once the amazing work of assimilating all this newness into form is complete, your multidimensional connections will also reset, and you'll find you come online in new ways. Be curious and soft as things start to come forth. Discover who you are, by what arises from within, rather than projecting the familiar onto the newness.

I repeatedly tried to channel this afternoon, but could not. This happens sometimes when such a fundamental change is occurring that I'm offline while restructuring. So I took to my bed, read a book and relaxed.

I now view the Void with delight - it's full of promise. The Void to me means the major information and activations have been received, and the building is underway. There's nothing to do but let go and trust. So I watch movies, read, walk outside and expect little of myself.

Tomorrow is the Equinox and given what I'm feeling; it feels like Divine Timing.

The Equinox can assist us with balance, inner harmony, and poise amidst transformation - both learning what these are like and generating these qualities in our experience. These reliable galactic cycles can remind us of the incredible intelligence everywhere if we choose to know it this way.

I'm tired today. My sleep cycles have been off. I'm energized and staying up late, but waking at the dawn. But even amidst this tiredness and given my inability to channel, I know that this Eclipse Cycle is a game changer.

The pure line of spirit, the parallel within our world of the fulfillment of the destiny of humanity is amplified.

There will continue to be drama in the world and extremes, but there's also a clear alternative: knowing our mastery and pivoting out of separation. Choosing love.

Love is a creative force, that manifests as feelings but is essentially a flow of divine light within us. Love propels us to elaborate our energy signature, our essence, without inhibition. When we do this and knowingly, we can discover grace. Once we welcome and allow life to flow, change, expand, connect, and come together in an experience of wholeness, we naturally want to share and express ourselves. We discover that being who we are is also the key to having what we want -for they are one and the same. Fulfillment comes about through alignment and authenticity.

Once we get that, our life becomes an act of embodied love and our stewardship of our humanity, universal and personal. We can embrace expressing our essence, directly, confidently, with respect and honor for the way we are here a unique expression of Creation. Love for ourselves, love for everyone else. Love for all ways people are playing out the end-game of the old world and love for all the new emerging frequencies that feel like balm and joy and possibility and aliveness.

We become part of that pure line of spirit, the path of divine identity and expression, a life and way of being which implodes separation.

There are many doorways to awakening and all of them are infused and nourished by the same unified field. We wake up and live from a sense of somehow knowing, that what was is now obsolete, and then the newness of our knowing just keeps opening up and expanding. An ever-expanding experience of following our spirit and that path is unfolding our capacity and fulfillment. How miraculous is that?

I look forward to emerging from my transformation and to sharing what comes up and through me, with you. I welcome any and all changes you are creating. I celebrate your mastery and embrace you with knowing, kinship and love.

Happy Equinox!

Here's to all you are, and all you are becoming!

With love,

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Snowtiger6 22nd September 2016 2:18 pm

Thank you, Ailia,
I have felt and am feeling much of what you express so well, and at last am becoming comfortable with it, and letting go. It is a rare and lovely feeling, sometimes confusing, but it does feel that although in some quarters there seems to be no change, actually nothing is the same anywhere. I am incredibly grateful to be alive right now.

Piroska 22nd September 2016 11:29 pm

Dearest Ailia Mira,
Thank you for this CHANNELING of....Love for Truth and the Truth of Love.

ShelleyT 23rd September 2016 10:49 am

Yes, like suspended animation...


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