The Gathering of Love Energies

The Archangel Michael

Greetings dear ones!  My beloveds!  Strange things are occurring which make it difficult for those who desire connections with All That Is, to access this energy at this time.  The shifting of the planet along with the energy of emotion which is riding high on the earth in response to the recent earthquake in Haiti, is changing the current landscape for inter-dimensional telepathy and connection. 

Although the heartfelt outpouring of love is a liberating and positive response on the planet, it is also monopolizing the airwaves, so to speak!  The intense emotional outpouring of love toward this situation is only bringing more openness and liberation to the planet. There is, however, another layer of emotions—thoughtforms--which are being amplified and these are the thoughtforms of longing, loss, fear, and a sustained sense of agony.  The situation in Haiti is awakening within some members of the earth family, long held within grief and this is being channeled up and out and into the awareness of the individual, released if the willingness is there, through the inspiration or by the trigger of the event in Haiti.  Part of the purpose of such an event lies in the shared, or collective energies experienced at such a point.  In this situation, Haiti is offering many the chance to experience and release the fear of tragedy, betrayal, unexpected loss, and chaos.  There is an invitation in this moment instead to surface these energies and choose to respond and experience, send and radiate, the energy of love.

The path to opening the heart fully to the dimension of love and the understanding of our true nature is often shifted in moments such as this—on the personal or the more global scale.  Moments which are experienced as negative, give rise to the polar opposite in the 3rd dimension; the positive.  As we move beyond polarity, and beyond even compassion we move into a state of oneness, a sense of awe and respect for the divinity of each soul, a sense of all things moving in the same direction for the continual expansion, experimentation, growth and expression of US—collective and individual.  The world is playing with energy and the world is realigning as needed.  There are those who chose at a soul level to participate in a great experiment to see if they might awaken the masses and those who are more than willing to come into life knowing such a choice will be their path—there is no end to any path of evolution.  No evolutionary path dies.  What does not continue within this dimension lives on in another.  We watch the enormous outpouring of love and generosity, the coming together and the sharing of hope that is arising in response to this moment and humanity is reminded of its essential nature: unity.  Your universe is a thought construction and your eternally valid soul is independent of circumstance, time and environment.

Awakening at such a time is auspicious. It renders one available to the larger energies in the moment and the awakening can be quick as the personality has the availability of a transitional experience which seems of a magnitude to truly shift a life from outside itself.  The only reason some beings need to experience their awakening in such a moment as outside of themselves is that they do not yet know their true nature and realize that the awakening is happening within, and the soul is leading the personality in the local experience to focus on the events at hand in an effort to bring alignment and awareness within the personality—local and expanded/soul-- that there is a oneness at the essence of all that is, and to free the personality to release limiting beliefs and give into this massive uprising of compassion, love and oneness available to be experienced at this auspicious time on the planet!

Nowhere on the planet is there more hope for life than in the villages in Haiti where each being-each stone, each living focal point of consciousness resonates with the recent space created and what is filling that space?  LOVE.  An amazing outpouring of love.  Individuals are suffering, and there is physical pain.  None of this is to be missed, or negated.  There is an opportunity for much healing and also the opportunity for a new space built of compassion, love and shared caring to arise, and this is a unique energetic pattern on the planet.  More and more forms on the planet will arise from this kind of energy and this does not mean that the energy will arise from loss or tragedy--it simply means that the energy will structure from a shared focus in a space which is predominantly empty initially; the new earth energy.  The dimension of the new earth which has become available following the huge energy surges of this last year, the anchoring of the planetary grid and the embodiment of the light by all the way showers and “early adaptors” in this planetary ascension process. 

Pleiadian High Council

New stone walls will be built, grasses will cover hillsides creating meadows, light will be seen in the sky from darkened villages, and a calm, quiet night will be the norm.  The time of peace on earth is at hand and those of you for whom this message is intended are indeed ready for this rest, this glorious rest form the trials and the energetic disturbances of your own ascension processes, most of which have wrapped up in the last month or so.

The time is here now then for you to experience the organic growth of new life, under your feet, above your head, the walls around you and the place you rest your head will be built from a sense of the reverence of all life, alignment with the planet, the earth, the energies of all that is will guide the construction processes of these new spaces, and there will be a beautiful blending of the old ways and the new ways—the best of each to be recombined with creativity and innovation as the new earth emerges into form in the coming years.

This will be a time of intense collaboration and community building!  The new ways of connecting—the internet, and energetic gatherings which take place in other, non-physical locations and dimensions—these new ways of gathering will begin the connection process for these new communities, and the grouping of soul families.  The feeling of being together alone, will indeed be one of celebration and joyful bonding with the shared and like energy of these beautiful light-filled souls.    

The Archangel Michael

The time is here!  Beloved ones!  No more will you feel the waves of the sun shake your individual bodies for the energy that flares into your atmosphere which seeks grounding and brings new, more expanded consciousness will flow into a complete and energetically sound grid!  It will be felt and held by all of you, but the shock will be much less and for some, it will only be blissful as you release more and more of the old energetic patterns of the 3rd dimensional planet energy in which you used to reside.  It will be easier and easier to sense what needs to be released and the process will be a lightening one which is welcome and becomes fun even as you find your way in these new and higher vibrating energies.  More and more you will find yourself connecting with one another—on the internet, on Facebook, in the grocery store, as you drive down the road and see a bumper sticker which could only represent the open hearted sense of oneness which resides in those soul sharing with you this beautiful and amazing new dimension.  The planet is shimmering as if in dew!  In resplendent glory as she arises in her new groove energetically aligns with you and moves into this blissed-out, heart-soaring, radiant, free spirited, liberating, sunshine-y energy of the 5th dimensional planet.  The beginnings are here indeed and if you let yourself travel in your mind, in your imagination to a grassy meadow, and sit, overlooking a beautiful vista, and begin to close your eyes, as you feel the breeze upon you and the warmth of the sun and feel the sense of a new community a new world, one aware of its overall intentions, its inhabitants revered and sacred to one another—knowing that they ARE, indeed, one-another…well then you are beginning to be in the new world which is indeed here now.

For some time you will be visually experiencing the old world as well, as the overlay continues and the new energies begin to manifest in form.  Enjoy this astonishing transition and feel the desired within you for how you would find delight within a totally clean, clear, resplendent landscape of your own making…and know it is so.

I AM the Archangel Michael and I am with you and I am pleased with all that is and I invite you, too, to join me in the pleasure of all that has been accomplished and to know that ALL IS WELL!



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Ailia Mira

Ailia Mira is a channel, artist, author and inspirational speaker. An embodied member of the Council of Radiant Light she is a translator and transmitter of these energies.


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