The Gifts of Joy

Joy is more than just a good feeling.

Joy is an excellent indicator of alignment

The Archangel Michael's message for 2011, spoke of Joy as the energy of this year.  I have been reflecting on this and the energy of 2011 lately, as we emerge from the eclipse/solstice/grand cross alignment series of June and the beginning of July.

What is amazing I realize is that JOY is very important.  There is something truly essential about feeling joy, and here's what I've discovered about this, and how...

Today I woke up in a slightly altered state.  I looked out of my Altadena kitchen window where I see downtown Los Angeles and expected to see Mt. Shasta out the window.  Hmmmmm....I thought, that's interesting.  Then I realized I was still feeling a dream I had where I was standing with my toes in the sand looking at a calm sea meeting the sky after swimming and saying to myself, "I need to live here--I want to swim everyday." 

And my curious mind thought, "What's up with all that?"  So I sat down after my breakfast with a cup of vanilla coffee to write.

I have been spinning lately.  That's what you ought to know about me.  I went to Mt. Shasta for the June Solstice.  Had powerful transmissions from my higher self and many other energies before during and after and my life is changing fast.  So this has all been mostly fun and exciting, but at some point I began trying to "think through" and "plan" about it all.  I also did, as we often do these days, share my recent epiphanies with a non-participant in the ascension process who naturally replied with all kinds of fear-based, over-protective questions and hypothesis.  And after these experiences I began to get confused.  (Naturally.)  So even after re-setting myself internally, I could not find the clarity I had.  Then the last eclipse came on July 1, along with the New Moon and I was personally very affected because my energetic blueprint is linked very much to the emergence of the Divine Feminine Christ energies and the full activation of the Rose Lines is engaging me energetically in a big way.

So major integration is underway and my brain is contemplating the sense that I need to move again.  That my recent move was purposeful yet temporary and the energy work here will be accomplished in the next few days and the majority of it is already done.  And I was fine with all this, until I got into thinking mode. 

Once I began planning I started to get all practical.  Like scheming how I could maximize my savings while moving yet again.  (Instead of just trusting that the financial impact of a second and much more significant geographic move--which also seems to be temporary and then will be followed by moving to an ocean somewhere far East of here--would be no biggie.)  I then started coordinating dates and related communication (to my landlord and local friends) based on my logical sense of what would be smartest.  I began to feel rushed.  I started to get anxious about finding a place after giving notice, but feeling that made the most sense financially since I've already paid in advance through the middle of August etc, etc...

This was all before my delicious morning of looking for Mt Shasta out the window and remembering the feel of water on the tops of my feet and sand on the soles.

So in this lovely altered state I much more gently approached my life and thought, "Okay--so I just pay another month and tell him I'm moving and I'll let him know when, when I know when."  Not thinking about his response, just feeling what would give me peace of mind; having a place to live while this sorts out and unfolds.  This was followed by a deep sigh.  So then I wrote the letter to my landlord explaining this, and another layer of stress fell away.  

Then I realized this new approach would eliminate the need to move my pets for a while when I go back to Mt. Shasta this month.  Another relief--less stress for my pets. 

But the real thing happened when I began from this new state of choice-induced being to contemplate BEING in Mt. Shasta and meeting in the flesh for the first time some dear people to me--Judith Moore, Julie Apolinario, Linda Roberts... I began to feel the elation of being there with my tribe.  I thought of Shawna, my new friend who owns the hotel I stay in and seeing her and suddenly I was filled with the peace I find in Shasta and JOY.  And with that, the feeling of Mt. Shasta being a "home" for me came back.  This is the place I sense I am moving next.  And I had lost the FEELING of this rightness of home, and from that much confusion ensued.  I lost the feeling because I started to work on things in my head instead of tuning into what is unfolding in my life, trusting it and acting in harmony with that.

WOW!  HUGE experiential learning!  As I tried to rush/push/organize/make happen...all of this, I got very confused.  Plus I was ignoring my own preference for a stress-free transition.  And my own need to grow into what is unfolding in JOY. 

It is, I see, important that we give ourselves the opportunities to feel joy.  I know this innately--as there is something very important about this.  About me feeling this way.  It is an essential barometer of how I am doing/being.  How, actually, I am VIEWING--really--what perspective I am choosing and orienting to...and how aligned with my source, am I?  For Source Energy, my higher self, inner being, soul, Divine I AM Presence...knows all is well and sees my experience as one of joy, ease, clarity, abundance, grace, peace, fun, love and happiness...and as I choose that which is easy, comfortable, peaceful, kind-to-me, trusting, patient--meaning NOT pushing, not rushing, not "making happen" or trying to muscle through--then I am more connected to source...I am in my vortex (so to speak!) and I have the clarity I desire.  I am peaceful.  I feel JOY.


Archangel Michael tells us this year carries the energy of JOY.  I realize now that this JOY is amplified by the emergence of the Divine Feminine within us.  The Divine Feminine is that which SEES us in love.  When source energy divided, it split into part that sleeps and is and that which is awake and sees--which mirrors the beauty of.  That mirror is the Divine Feminine.  It is the quality of compassion.  Of endless in-joyment of self in all mirrored forms.  Kryon tells us 2011 is the year of the Illumination of Polarity; the illumination of the Divine and the Human.  That this compassion is about the connection, the way we relate to ourselves as Divine and Human.

I see the emergence of the Divine Feminine as bringing forth that "All-is-Fundamentally-Well-Always," energy into our experience.  It sees all we are with the eternal love of a mother for a child.  It does not mean we are a child--it means we love ourselves in our human experience with that kind of unqualified love.  It means we allow our divinity to flow through us and learn from it; learn to be inspired, to flow in trust and to allow ourselves to experience all this in JOY.

So we may know this--I certainly do--conceptually.  Now more and more we are learning to use our new orientation to aliveness practially in flowing our existence as human beings.

I felt today (feeling is the name of the game, remember) that joy becomes a measure of how in sync I AM with all of ME.  So I see the importance of this.  Life is supposed to feel good!  This is meant to be joyous.  So doing what gives me joy leads me, puts me on the path of alignment.  Doing that which gives me the greatest peace of mind and heart-felt comfort are the markers on my path.

And today I re-learned, experientially, that joy also opens up clarity.  For as joy is able to come through me, be me, I am in harmonious alignment and this leads to a perspective of clarity and in-flow-mation.  Meaning I receive information in the flow and it forms my experience. 

If I allow it.  And why wouldn't I?  Well of course I have to let go of any ego-based enjoyment of making things hard and then figuring them out!  I would have to not get myself "busy" with making things happen, that truly are already unfolding because of my choices and vibration anyway!  I can just have fun, simply be and watch it all, and/or do other things I'm inspired by.  Letting things come to me. 

But ease is in, my dear friends, and struggle is SO passé.

Life is meant to be joyous,and the energy of this year is trying to inform us, literally, of this.  Thank you 2011.  For this awesome energetic map to happiness.


grammanet 22nd July 2011 6:34 am

Hello Meridith! Now I know why I have set up a file with your name on it! You are part of my soul family! I am also going to Mt Shasta. I was told I would move there eventually. Then I got a message to get there asap - take a mini vacation. So I started to look into where to stay, when to go, who to hook up with for a tour of the mountain. It was no easy task and it was giving me a headache trying to make it happen. Then I decided - if it is meant to be and they (my angels and ascended masters) want me to go there like yesterday then I can just relax and let it happen. No sooner did I say this to myself - did everything come together and flow easily. While having lunch with a new friend the same day, near the end of our visit I mentioned I needed to get to Mt Shasta. She said a dear friend and business partner Gene Ang was putting a group together to go there in August. And from then on... it was like magic! I hope to meet you someday Meridith my soul sister! :) Love & Light, Annette Moreland email:

zorro 22nd July 2011 6:37 am


queens4freedom 22nd July 2011 9:57 am

omg! i decided to take a break today from all of the struggles i have been in. your message is perfect. thank you and heavenly blessings! angelique

rene.fugitt 23rd July 2011 12:46 pm

I contemplated the gift of sharing and felt compelled to write to my spiritual teacher about a time when he shared a symbol he had received in a dream and wondered what it meant. This sharing and wondering about this symbol grew to an enlightened experience for me that is truely a miracle. Sharing is joy in action! Sharing is inspiring! Sharing is the creative force of miracles!!!!
Thank you so much for sharing 'gifts of joy' with all of us. I know your blessing magnifies with each of us which then comes to back to you in great resplendent love and Light!

nexagustin 23rd July 2011 3:29 pm

wow. you just summed it all up for me. thank you. :coolsmiley

it's a beautiful reminder that feelings of ease and joy are perfect barometers for true alignment to our source.

i've always been a fan of your personal posts, and i usually resonate with your experiences, well, there are probably a lot of us experiencing the same things, especially those open and awake.

cheers to you and to the rest of the folks out here --we are getting more and more connected to each other, to the divine and to ourselves. yey! :thumbs:

Rainbow Princess 24th July 2011 12:09 pm

Thank you Meredith love this message - I have found this to be true too!

Love & Peace :thumbs: