The Gifts of The Void, Collaboration and Connection

The Shift ...through 2012 and into this new space, left many us is in a the void. Big-time!

We may have sensed or received glimpses of what we may want to do or create, yet there has been a lot of incoming energy to process and not so much movement.  

The energy released in February -- within the Earth through an astonishing number of earthquakes and supported by heavy solar activity -- created even more spaciousness.  Now in March, the movement drawn forth from this time of stillness begins. We start to emerge from the void. 

Experiences in the void, help us know who we are. In a state of non-form, we can feel our own energy, we can be without expectations, we can refresh and renew. We can emerge bringing this expansiveness with us, along with new possibilities.

Experiences like this time in deep transformation, re-calibration, solitude and not-knowing, allow us to return to life having stepped out of experiences of habit and pattern. Living in new ways is hard. We encounter resistance because of old patterns and habits and much of our life is unconsciously lived and expressed out of these patterns and habits.

This long period in the void has served us by interrupting this pattern. We might realize that the meaning-void, the energy-void, the tired-void, all serve us by interrupting the busy-auto-pilot mode of our lives.

On an energetic level, amazing things are taking place. 

Each of us is bringing the fullness of our own harmonics more completely into our human system. Our Higher Self is merging more fully with us, in and as form. We are embracing our true identity as Keepers of Frequency in the New World. As keepers of frequency in this reality, by allowing ourselves to evolve and upgrade our energies, we are altering the harmonics of human consciousness.  

You, cycled out from the Great Central Sun to be here in this moment ... and the extension of your Soul into this expression of being is what is expanding. Embodying a fuller presence of our Soul Song is an innate ability of all beings, and one which will become increasingly important in the establishment of the new reality. Increasingly you are able to synchronize your being here with the Cosmic Mind, the Cosmic Rhythm, the tonality of your continuum of being, and be more fully present takes as an expanded expression of you, in form. 

When we come together with one another, to live our multidimensional understanding, to collaborate with our human presence and our non-physical Family of Light, we bulid our capacity to live the new ways at the leading edge. In these moments of shared focus, we orient to the emerging qualities of life and the newness we will feel as we tune to these subtle realms of understanding and experience with one another, helps us to live at the leading edge of our own consciousness and presence. Living in these new ways, regularly co-creating with others and in our own meditation and daily practices, supports us in letting go more fully of the old paradigms. Gradually we replace ways of living our lives, ways of being connected and in community, ways of living together on Earth, with new behaviors and methods of connecting, collaborating and creating.

Community, friendship, coming together and creating these conscious multidimensional connections and gatherings is powerful in part because in shared focus we are in a state of re-union. We experience the unity we are, more explicitly. When we're with others who are awakened to this remembering, we feel a deep sense of meaning and nourishment. The longing we have to be One with everything, is met in some ways very profoundly by our shared connections as conscious multidimensional beings.

Our coming together is also very important because there is an amplified ability to ground cosmic energies as knowing, as insight, as structure and presence and to practice and establish our lifestyle in new ways that reflect the truth we now have remembered about the nature of our human experience. Many people will feel the intensity of the energy from such connections! It's radiant and powerful. When we gather in groups, we create intensified, concentrated energies with our shared focus, and we can extend this, intentionally so that this gift of our attention and connection is amplified, creating even more benefit for everyone and everything.

Through discovering individually and then coming together and sharing, we create and find our ways of being and living in the New Paradigms of Consciousness, we grow. Exploring and co-creating, collaborating and connecting with others who are aware of the New Reality helps us to live with more clarity, more confidence, more appreciation of life and our presence here. It's a huge confirmation of our inner knowing and often there is a sense of deep belonging and relief as we get to share these fundamental knowings with one another. This deeper co-creation leads to increased self-love and joy for each of us, as we live more authentically. Incredibly, this willingness to explore and experiment in connection and community establishing the new ways of being human and living the New Consciousness, opens us to more abundance! Abundant health and well-being, abundant clarity, abundant energy, abundant resources such as money and ideas. By living more authentically we create greater alignment, which allows us to not only receive more, but to experience and nourish ourselves deeply with the love and innate sense of that are our true nature. We replenish ourselves! We gain strength and confidence in living on Earth and can share our sincere enthusiasm and joy with one another, creating greater openness and courage (heart-truth) in our world.

For more about what's happening in terms of energy and the new qualities, here are links to Archangel Michael's recent messages:

I celebrate your beauty and participation in this co-creation of our new world! It's an awesome task to carry light. We need each other to do this work, that's why we're all here.

Blessings and love to you, Family of Light!



shapeshifter 5th March 2013 10:58 am

It all comes together as it comes apart.

zorro 5th March 2013 11:55 am

The Gifts of the Void...? Souls coming into dialog with themselves en mass now! Your post itself shouts this out as a reality in motion. There is little escape in March with the over-riding Pisces influence and the retrograde Mercury in the first half of the month. It all starts in the stillness of the so-called void which in reality is limitless and vast, and the incubator for dreams and visions of a new future. These visions and dreams will overlap and combine with like and we shall create anew together. We shall see great physical movement, changes, and manifestations from this in the days ahead, there can be no doubt. Thanks for the focus on this.

pastorroxannayaeger 8th March 2013 8:16 am

who is this that darkens counsel by words without knowledge?
where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth?tell ME if you have understanding.Who set its measurements? since you know. Or who stretched the line on
it? On what were it's bases sunk? Or who laid its corner

Have you ever in your life commanded the morning and caused
the dawn to know its place?

where is the way to the dwelling of light? and darkness where is its place?

Can you bind the chains of the Pleiades or loose the cords of Orion? Can you lead forth a constellationin it season and guide the Bear with her sattelites?


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