The Great Invitation

The way you are living reflects who you think you are.

Each of you have an idea of who you are. This is informed by many different sources. The idea of who you are creates your vibration. The idea of who you are, is what you think of as you. Yet it is an idea; a though form, perpetuated through living and practiced and written down and stated to others. It feels very solid and real.

Your identity will create the opportunities in your life. It will define you. It allows you to interact with others with a sense of who you are; as a means of perpetuating the separation between you and others. This identity is largely unconscious. Although you sometimes focus upon it as you consider career options, or other ways in which stating who you are becomes front of mind, in general you do not consider, or reconsider your identity.

And yet: the way you are living reflects who you think you are.

The time that you are living in is all about opening up to a vaster sense of self. An invitation exists to experience a direct knowing of your own true being. A knowing that is felt, that is understood, that is natural and believable and which opens up your life to new experiences and profound joy. This invitation is always available and yet it is up to you to claim it. To say, “Yes,” I’m going to open up to this inner journey of remembering and reorienting to the truth of who I am. I am open to discovering who I might actually be, beyond all the ideas about who I am based on what has happened in my experience.

What if you let yourself consider that who you are is bigger than everything you’ve experienced and unchanged by it? What if you were to realize the truth of who you are? We are here to remind you that you live in a far vaster knowing than you allow to transpire in your experience. The reason for this is the filter of your identity.

If you were to let your identity soften, open, in fact, perhaps be totally up for grabs. Reconsider who you are entirely, you will make yourself available to an inner stream of light that is pure, clear, unadultered you-ness. This you-ness is filtered by your identity and so what arises from it, tends to be distorted, reshaped, winnowed down into something less. Diminshed so that you fit it and are in accord with the world you live in; the world you’ve chosen with your vibration. Your vibration which is creates by your idea of who you are.

Do you begin to feel in this telling how there is a closed loop of experience generated by your practiced idea of who you are?

Yes. This is true. You have been experiencing yourself within a realm of limitation created, generated by your vibration which simply reflects who you think you are.

WHO do you think you are? This question has been asked before, many times, and yet often it is mocking. It is derisive. It is not ask with humor and with a knowing that your magnificence is a present waiting to be discovered. Yet that is how we ask this of you — who do you feel you are? That’s how we might ask it, who do you know yourself to be?

We know that many of you may not actually be able to answer this. You may not be able to answer the question when posed this way: who do you know yourself to be?

For we are directing you to your own authority and in that authority you have access to the truth about who you are. We are acknowledging your authority.

What is it that you know about you? May we remind you? Deep within you is a sense of Self that is vast and whole and joyous and complete. Aware and present in fullness and exquisite knowing. A Self that is here and purposeful and available to you as your experience.

What if you were to honor that? What might transpire in your life if you were to fully, freely become the authority in your own life about who you are and that this sense of Self might arise from direct knowing within you?

Well, dear friends, what we want you to know is the changes that would occur if you let this path open before would be far more magnificent than you imagine. For the light within you, liberated by your claiming will itself reinstate the energy vibration of your own Divine Wholeness. The vibration of your True Being would clear out all the confusing and misunderstanding that has come from the many sources that have generated your idea of who you are.

This is the great invitation of your time. Meaning there is an opening and you have a choice.

What if, you choose to live this way? To get on this path, entirely? What if you let yourself know yourself this way? Through the light within you that is love? 


zorro 21st June 2016 8:20 pm

A Great Invitation and a SOULution.


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Ailia Mira

Ailia Mira is a channel, artist, author and inspirational speaker. An embodied member of the Council of Radiant Light she is a translator and transmitter of these energies.